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Parker Brickley: Is He a Criminal? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Parker Brickley
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The former UBS Financial Services Inc. broker Parker Brickley used all his wits in making legit and illegitimate profits. Reportedly, Parker Brickley made maximum gains through foul play, where the clients were promised mythical ROI by the defrauding brokers. 

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However, the firm’s head claims differently. According to them, whatever happened, good or bad, was a curse of time. Let’s figure out who has what possibly could be the ‘true story’, but before that we must know everything worthy about, ‘Parker Brickley’ (

Parker Brickley: All You Need To Know

Parker Brickley

Rooted to New York, Parker Brickley is currently working as Associate Director & Strategic Accountant at Clockwork. Prior to this, Parker has been employed to various firms, along with the UBS Financial Services. Parker Brickley was registered with this firm for 6 years (2016-2022), until he was terminated for sharing research reports with third party outside his employment norms. 

Also, during this tenure Parker Brickley was subjected to a customer legal complaint, which highlighted the Gray shades of Parker’s corporate journey. Here is the case describing the allegations and legal proceedings against Parker Brickley.

The Case: Parker Brickley Defrauds Clients With Fallacious Claims

Ex-employee of UBS Financial Services Inc. deceives the client in the name of loan extension and surprising returns. Reportedly, Parker Brickley goofed the client in order to make immense profits, but this was not the end of the story. The client took the fraud case to US courts and fought-back against the alleged fraudster.  And eventually, this is what the CRD report asserts about the case. 

CRD Report Elucidates The Parker Brickley Case

According to the claims of a defrauded client, Parker Brickley made fallacious claims to him about loan extension. The client asserts that Parker told him to pay interest for 2 years and after this pre-requisite, the client would be able to avail loan extension.

The client also alleges that the defrauders along with Parker Brickley trapped him with an illegitimate loan. As, the loan’s agreement was mythical. All the facts and norms acclaimed by the scammers was merely a trap. Also, the parent firm had no clue about the fallacious loan services Parker Brickley and his supporters were pitching. 

In short Parker was selling a dream loan that had no links with the real world. Still the client fell for the lies because the offer was tempting and the pitching skills of Parker Brickley are tremendous.

Parker Brickley Case: The Client’s Demands

Parker Brickley fetched extra interest for 2 years from the clients. Hence, the client demanded $8,000,000 back from the scammers. However, the damages have not been paid yet, as the case has not reached a conclusion. 

Parker Brickley Case: Important Facts

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The Complaints Against Parker Brickley

  • The complaint against Parker is registered under common and preferred stocks and CEFs (Closed-end Funds)

CEFs are types of mutual funds that raise capital for initial investment by issuing fixed number of shares through IPO (Initial Public Offering).

FINRA Rules Catch-holds The Parker’s Former Firm

  • According to the rules of FINRA, no firm can shrug-off the responsibilities of the ‘at-work’ activities of their employees. Hence, UBS can not be titled entirely unaccountable for the fraud of Parker Brickley. Instead, UBS can be made liable for the activities of Parker, which will eventually mean that UBS is too accountable and answerable to the clients of Parker. 

( FINRA stands for Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. It is a Congress authorized firm, to shield the American investors. 

Erez Law: Take Help Whenever It’s Needed

  • The broker-dealer fraud is quite evident and common in the US. Therefore, the authorities impose the Erez Law all over America. So, if you too get stuck someday in a situation of monetary losses due to scamming and fraud, the authorities would represent you against the wrongdoing. 

Parker Brickley Case: Who Is Accountable?

Well! Till now we read about everything that included allegations and facts about the case, but there is something else too we must be discussing, and that’s who is responsible for the monetary losses. 

Before going further we must know that scamming is nothing new or rare all around the world. Moreover, America being one of the most acknowledged financial powers, gets even more prone to scamming.

The Scenarios Explaining The Three Aspects Of The Parker Brickley Tale

One thing that must be noted is that, no investor shall trust the fallacious tempting deals. There are various individuals who themselves ask for imaginary deals and after getting looted blame others. We must consider that no financial broker can pay you more than the possible, therefore being aware of the looters is always better than running after them for justice.

The other aspect that needs to be considered is that all the financial firms are well aware that they are dealing with the hard-earned money of the consumers. Hence, in no grounds they can be lenient with the employees who directly deal with the consumers or cash. 

In this particular case, it doesn’t matter that UBS was involved or not. In any of the scenarios, the firm is responsible for the losses people had to face. 

Last but not the least, there are brokers like Parker Brickley who come in the market, steal immense illegitimate gains and vanish. Hence, it is very important for the authorities to make strict verification before registering the candidate as an entrepreneur or businessman. Everyone who is responsible for the ill-deeds and scams must be made guilty of his activities. 

Parker Brickley Case: The Most Awful Situation

Parker Brickley has a corporate career of approximately two decades. During this time, this might not be the first fraud he is answerable to. Yet, the internet has nothing specific about personality. Now this indicates, merely, two scenarios, first this is the first time he is alleged and the second, nobody ever made a move against him. 

If we count the first scenario to be true, it gets a little difficult to understand why a professional will start cheating at his highs, when he was law-abiding in his low phases. Whereas, if we count the second situation, it unboxes the pandora box. 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Parker Brickley but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Well, after in-depth research it could be claimed that both scenarios give rise to a third scenario where possibly the rich shut down the mouths of others, either with money or with exaggerating PR teams. Anyways, as now we have discussed all the possible scenarios, let’s try to reach the conclusion with the paved path. 


  • Parker Brickley is accused of fraud
  • Parker Brickley denies the claims 
  • The case involves fraud in stocks, mutual funds and loans.
  • The client claims of false loan agreements 
  • The client demands $8,000,000 from the scammer
  • FINRA blames the firm, to be equally answerable
  • The justice is still awaited

The above points explain the crispness of the case. Where everyone has their story. The firm claims that they were unaware of the fraud, the alleged fraudster claims that he did nothing wrong and he did nothing intentionally or unintentionally, and the client claims that he got defrauded by the pitching skills of Parker Brickley. 

In the midst of all the claims and counterclaims, one thing that is worth noting is the fact that greed turns the world up-side down for each and every one of us. Also, the end of fallacious traps is always not in favor of the trap-designer. 

Nevertheless, Parker Brickley & the client are still in the war arena. Let’s hope for justice to be served, as soon as possible. Because all the world desires is ‘a closure’. A closure to the scam, a closure to the traps and a closure to the waiting time period for justice. 

#Fightforright #Scammingneedstoend #Justiceawaited

Parker Brickley: Is He a Criminal? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Parker Brickley: Is He a Criminal? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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