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Pathway Visas uses deceptive marketing tactics to hide negative reviews. Note that they have a ton of user complaints online.

At a glance, Pathway Visas seems like a simple immigration consultancy firm. However, if you take a closer look, you’d find a lot of dirt.

These people, with the help of a group of vicious marketers, are trying to bury people’s voices. 

There are a ton of negative reviews on Pathway Visas but you won’t find them easily. Because they have used duplicate sites to hide them from you. 

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When companies start using such sketchy tactics to silence consumers, it becomes imperative to take action against them. That’s why I have written this Pathway Visas review.

The following review exposes this firm’s shady marketing and shares some of the many Pathway Visas Dubai complaint.

What are Pathway Visas?

Pathway Visas is a Visa consultant firm based in Dubai, UAE. Their address is 1202, The Prism Tower – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. 

They have MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) and ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) accreditations. And they have been operating in the industry for several years. 

Pathway Visas offers immigration from Dubai to Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, and the United States. The accepted Pathway Visas online payment methods are Visa and MasterCard. 

If they were a simple immigration consultancy firm, I wouldn’t have written a review on them. 

Actually, Pathway Visas relies on dubious marketing tactics to promote its services. They resort to lie and deceit to gain new clients. Also, there are a ton of Pathway Visas Dubai complaints online. 

I wrote this Pathway Visas review because I learned that these guys are trying to bury their customers’ complaints and resort to shady marketing techniques to promote themselves. 

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Dozens of Duplicate Domains

When you look up Pathway Visas or Pathway Visas Dubai, you’d find a ton of websites with the name of this company. 

Pathway Visas review
pathway visas duplicate

When you’d visit these websites, you’d find that they belong to Pathway Visas. This begs the question – why would a company have such duplicate websites?

The answer is simple. 

The people behind Pathway Visas want to bury their customers’ plight on the internet. 

pathway visas dubai complaint

It is a notorious marketing tactic to use duplicate websites. Marketers use this method when they want they don’t want specific web pages to appear in search results. 

As I mentioned earlier, I found a ton of customer complaints on Pathway Visas. However, when you’d search for Pathway Visas Dubai complaints, you wouldn’t find them in the first page of the search results.

That’s mainly because the marketers of this company have stuffed the internet with such duplicate websites. 

It’s not that I’m against using such websites. This thing becomes a problem when a company uses this method to bury customers’ voices. 

Instead of trying to understand why a customer is disgruntled, these people are resorting to hiding their complaints so no one would find them out. 

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This is unacceptable. And it’s highly unethical. Pathway Visas should learn more about business ethics. 

I have shared some of the complaints Pathway Visas is trying to bury with these duplicate sites. But first, let me point another dubious aspect of this company. 

False Money-Back Guarantee

When you’d visit the website of Pathway Visas, you’d be greeted with many money-back guarantees. Money-back guarantees are great. They act as an assurance for the client.

Pathway Visas guarantee

However, their money-back guarantees are false

They are only to lure you into their trap. Their terms and conditions clearly state that they don’t give refunds. 

Pathway Visas review TnC
Snippet of their terms and conditions

So, they are lying to you right from the start. 

This is a very sketchy way to lure customers in. They lie about their refunds to appear trustworthy in the eyes of new customers.

A money-back guarantee is a big claim. It means you will get a refund if you are dissatisfied with the services. Certainly, when a company offers such a guarantee, you have more reason to trust their claims. Here, Pathway Visas is blatantly lying about its offered refunds to appear reliable. 

This is another proof of their shady operations and why you should avoid working with this firm. 

Above Digital: Masterminds Behind Pathway Visas Fake Reviews

Above Digital Lead Generation Agency Dubai

I didn’t expect an immigration consultancy firm to use such sketchy methods. It really surprised me. 

So, I did a little more research. And I found out that the actual people behind these dubious marketing tactics are a digital marketing firm called Above Digital. 

Above Digital is a Dubai-based digital marketing agency. Their address is Downtown Dubai Office 1610, 48 Burj Gate office tower, next to Sofitel Downtown – Dubai – UAE. Above Digital has been operating for 15 years. 

They claim to be a sales-focused lead generation agency. But that’s a lie. 

In reality, Above Digital is a black-hat marketing company that promotes its clients by using unethical methods and strategies. 

Is it okay to bury your client’s customer reviews? To any normal person, it would seem wrong to do so. However, in the eyes of Above Digital it’s fine to bury your client’s reviews.

When a company starts silencing other people, it suggests it could be a scam. Because if they weren’t, they would have responded appropriately to their customer complaints and resolved their problems. 

It’s true that a company can’t satisfy every customer. But that doesn’t mean they should silence their dissatisfied customers’ opinions. It’s plainly wrong. 

The Faces behind Above Digital

The people behind this shady company called Above Digital are: 

Namita Ramani

above digital

Namita Ramani is the CEO of Above Digital. She founded this company in 2004 and has been running it since. 

According to her bio, she has served over 300 clients. I wonder how many voices she has buried during this period. 

Ambreen Hasan

above digital review

Ambreen Hasan is the Marketing Manager at Above Digital. The company doesn’t share much information about any other employee except the CEO. 

Sheethal Raghunath

above digital 2

Sheethal Raghunath is a Marketing Executive at Above Digital. 

Matilda Fernandes 

above digital 3

Matilda Fernandes is a Digital Marketing Executive at Above Digital.

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It’s important to know about these people. Some of their clients might not even know how Above Digital is promoting their business. 

I might have thought Pathway Visas is unaware of Above Digital’s sketchy marketing tactics, but their crooked terms and conditions say otherwise. 

In the next section of my Pathway Visas review, I have shared some of the many complaints people have shared on this firm. You’d be surprised to learn how many people are dissatisfied with Pathway Visas and their services. 

Shocking Complaints & Reviews on Pathway Visas 

If you’d look up “Pathway Visas Dubai complaints”, you wouldn’t find any negative reviews. Why? Because these people use duplicate websites to bury these complaints. 

That’s why I have shared these Pathway Visas complaints. You should know about this side of theirs, if you’re interested in their services: 

Wasted 5 Years

Pathway visas Dubai complaints

The above review was one of the main reasons why I wrote this Pathway Visas review. This person had contacted Pathway Visas for immigrating to Canada in 2016. 

They told the reviewer that they will get a 100% refund if the process failed and did the necessary evaluations. The reviewer paid them the first installment of $10,000. But after that, no one from Pathway Visas did any WES verifications. 

When the reviewer enquired about the status of their application, Pathway Visas told them they were waiting for a response from WES. 

The reviewer submitted their IELTS results in 2018 but the consultants did nothing till May 2020. Then the reviewer started requesting a refund so the consultants started citing the PNP Quebec program as an excuse.

Even after waiting for 5 years, Pathway Visas didn’t succeed in completing their process. And to resolve the issue, they claimed to issue a 50% refund ($5,000).

Moreover, the people at Pathway Visas weren’t apologetic. They acted as if they were doing  a favor to this person. 

I was saddened to read this review. Put yourself in this person’s shoes for a second. They waited for 5 years to get their visa and still didn’t get one because their immigration consultant was incompetent. 

“Gave No Updates”

Pathway visas dubai complaints 2

According to this complaint, the reviewer was in discussion with the firm for Australian and Canadian visas. 

When this person’s application got a rejection, they requested a refund as Pathway Visas had promised one. However, their case manager started delaying the payment and made excuses.

Moreover, the staff at Pathway Visas didn’t give them any updates on their refund status. 

“Con Artists”

Pathway Visas review 2

In this review, the person complains that the people at Pathway Visas don’t communicate properly. This person requested a refund but didn’t receive any response from the staff. 

The reviewer has warned the readers, “beware of these con artists,” at the end of this Pathway Visa review. 

Definitely a Scam

pathway visas dubai complaint 1

This reviewer has the same suspicion I had. They allege that the business model of Pathway Visas revolves around scamming others. This reviewer didn’t find anything honest or sincere about Pathway Visas, which is a huge red flag. 

“Never Recommend These People”

pathway visas

This person had contacted Pathway Visas for their PR requirements. However, Pathway Visas handled their procedures very poorly and lazily, causing huge delays. They point out that the consultants have no idea about the Visa proceedings. The review ends with them saying, “I would never recommend these people for any immigration services”. 

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“They are Fake”

pathway visa scam 2

This reviewer complains that Pathway Visas are fake. According to them, these people take your people and vanish. WHen this person contacted Pathway Visas for a refund, they told them to contact the accounts department. It speaks a lot about their “money-back guarantee”. 

This is why I pointed out that shady clause in their T&Cs. Pathway Visas lies about offering refunds so people would pay them happily only to face disappointment later. 

Lie about Assistance

path scam 3

The people at Pathway Visas also lie about offering assistance in PR training. This reviewer is disappointed with the way Pathway Visas handle PR training. They complain that the staff doesn’t even try to help you improve even when they claim to offer full assistance. 

“Behaviour Changes after Payment”

Pathway Visas 4

This review dates back to 2018 but it’s worth mentioning. According to the reviewer, Pathway Visas’ behaviour changes drastically once you pay them. At first, they behave very professionally and make false promises about the success of your Visa application.

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Once you have paid them, the people at Pathway Visas will change their behavior. They will start saying that many better candidates are waiting for acceptance so you’ll have to wait. 

I didn’t find it surprising that the people at Pathway Visas lie to their customers. However, it suggests that they are a proper scam. No wonder Above Digital had to buy so many duplicate sites to hide their wrongdoings. 

Pathway Visas Reviews 2021: Conclusion

Pathway Visas is a Dubai-based immigration consultant. They resort to unethical tactics to bury customer reviews and lie about offering a money-back guarantee. 

I don’t recommend working with such a shady company. 

I know it was a long read. But it was much needed. 

If you know someone who might be susceptible to the manipulation of Pathway Visas, then please share this review with them. The more people know about this scam, the better. 

If you’re a past client of Pathway Visas, do share your experience below. 

Because the people at Above Digital will start plaguing this review with their unethical marketing strategies too. Maybe they will add fake reviews or will try to bury it with their duplicate sites. 

Hence, do share it as much as possible. 

3.3 Total Score
Shameless Scam

Pathway Visas is a terrible immigration consultancy firm based in Dubai. They use duplicate sites to hide customer complaints and lie about issuing refunds to their clients.

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Verifiable Experience
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  • Several years of experience
  • Lie about issuing refunds
  • Use black-hat marketing
  • Have buried customer reviews with duplicate sites
  • Too many customer complaints
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  1. Proper research can help individuals, to identify whether a consultant is real or fake.

  2. This firm is unreliable for immigration consultancy services. It is better to stay away from them.

  3. There are various allegations were made by the customers for their poor unethical conduct.

  4. These bogus platforms are only created to deceive naive individuals. Many people have lost their hard-earned money by believing this company. Pathway is running the scam.

  5. Pathway Visas were using black hat marketing, which is illegal.

  6. How people can believe these Visa consultancy firms, and if they are actually doing scams then why is there legal authority not taking any action on it?

  7. I definitely agree with the review of S Khan, they are only here to dupe the customers and in order to make money, I visited their site but when requested a refund they refused.

  8. Why did they remove my reviews from websites? I believe regulatory authorities should take some strict actions against them.

  9. 4.8
    Customer Experience
    Honesty & Transparency
    Verifiable Experience

    I recently had a positive experience with Pathway Visas after my visa application was rejected. They promptly provided me with a full refund, which demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction. In addition to my own successful refund, I am aware of two individuals within my close contacts who also had their visas successfully processed by Pathway Visas.

    While researching the company, I came across a comment on Pathway Visas’ Google My Business page that alleged all the positive reviews were paid and fake. I found this comment to be rather amusing, as it suggested that the vast majority of positive reviews, numbering over 100, were fabricated, while only a few negative comments were genuine. It is important for readers to approach such claims with skepticism, as it is unlikely that such a high number of positive reviews would be misleading.

    I encourage anyone considering Pathway Visas’ services to conduct their own research and make an informed decision. Relying solely on potentially misleading or malicious reviews from blackmailing websites may not provide an accurate representation of the company’s performance. It is always prudent to seek multiple sources of information and gather a well-rounded understanding of a service provider before making any decisions. Thank you.

    + PROS: Very Professional Staff Transparent and clear More than 9 years in the business Physical office to visit
    - CONS: Reputation due to unreliable reviews
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  10. 0.6
    Customer Experience
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    + PROS: they say lies and attract people nd on agreement they cheat people
    - CONS: beware of these cheaters
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  11. Can someone suggest me an alternative to Pathway visas? They don’t seem so reliable now.

  12. 0.8
    Customer Experience
    Honesty & Transparency
    Verifiable Experience

    These scams are rampant in India and UAE. Such scammers are allowed to run their shady operations because the government is too lazy to do anything about it. If the government really wanted, Pathway Visas and other businesses like them would have closed shop by now. There’s nothing we can do about these scams except complaining about them.

    - CONS: Proof of corruption
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  13. 0.6
    Customer Experience
    Honesty & Transparency
    Verifiable Experience

    I remember working with a visa consultant just like Pathway Visas. Those guys took $5,000 from me in advance but when my application failed, only gave me $1,500 in refund. Not even 50%! These guys should know that if you scam people like this, you would have to pay for it eventually. Eventually, I got an additional payment of $1,000 from those people but still, it was a ripoff.

    - CONS: You can't get away with scamming clients
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