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Is Patokh Chodiev Involved Murders, Embezzlement & Corruption? (Update 2024)

Patokh Chodiev, the Belgian-Uzbek oligarch, has a horrifying past of ordering murders, corruption, and violence. 

The billionaire made himself rich when the Soviet Union was collapsing. Patokh Chodiev, along with Alijan Ibragimov and Alexander Mashkevich had obtained the privatized mineral and gas operations in Kazakhstan. 

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The three men founded Eurasian Natural Resources Corp, a company that recently lost a defamation lawsuit against a journalist because he mentioned how Patokh had ordered murders before. 

On paper, Patokh Chodiev tries to maintain a clean and proper image. However, reports indicate that he had ordered the murder of multiple British citizens to hide evidence against him. 

Currently, the 69-year-old billionaire enjoys Belgian citizenship and lives in the lap of luxury. 

The following article will shed some light on the criminal activities and past of Patokh Chodiev. This way, you would be able to formulate a better-informed opinion of him and understand how dangerous he truly is: 

The Shady Past of Patokh Chodiev: 

A while ago, French newspapers, Liberacion and Le Monde shared a story about how the presidents of Kazakhstan and France had rescued an Uzbek businessman from prison in 2009. 

The Uzbek businessman was none other than Patokh Chodiev.

According to the reports, Nicolas Sarkozy had even traveled to Astana for this. Apparently, the Belgian government made some changes to the legislation so Patokh could remain at large. 

That’s not all.

The media reports on Patokh reveal a lot of incriminating details about him. 

He began his career by working at a newspaper called Syrdarya Pravda. There, he was a proofreader. Patokh is a graduate of MGIMO and used to work at the USSR trade mission in Japan.

When the USSR collapsed, he went to Kazakhstan and launched a venture with Alijan Ibragimov and Alexander Mashkevich. This was the Eurasian National Resource Corporation (ENRC).

Patokh Chodiev and his business partners collaborated with Tractebel, a Belgian firm. 

Tractebel was able to receive plenty of state assets at a highly discounted price. Patokh and his partners were contributing actively to the embezzlement of public funds. 

In the 1990s, the Kazak Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry entered into an agreement with Tractebel to establish several joint ventures. But these companies never came into existence.

Still, Tractebel was able to acquire Almaty Energo for a measly $5 million. 

5/12/2023 Update
As of now, Patokh Chodiev has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

When Patokh Faced a Lawsuit for Money Laundering in Belgium

With Patokh Chodiev’s help, the Belgian firm was able to get Kazakhstan’s primary gas pipelines at discounted rates as well. For helping the firm secure this deal, Tractebel had given Patokh, Ibragimov, and Mashkevich $55 million as a ‘kickback’. Documentation reveals that they made this payment for ‘consulting services’.

The year Patokh received this payment, he became a Belgian citizen. 

He became a defendant in a money laundering case as Tractebel announced that it had to bribe the defendants.

The investigation went on for over a decade. In the early 2000s, the judge added the acquisition of real estate in Belgium obtained through illegal funds as a charge.

Furthermore, the investigation found that Patokh and his partners had offshore bank accounts. 

Then, the Belgian authorities changed the legislation which allowed criminal prosecution to get replaced with financial compensation. 

Hence, Patokh Chodiev only paid EUR 23 million to the Belgian prosecutor’s office and the court closed the case. 

Media reports reveal that Nicolas Sarkozy, the then-French President had intervened to save Patokh Chodiev. Le Monde revealed that the Paris prosecutor’s office had been investigating corruption in Nicolas Sarkozy’s inner circle since 2013. 

This included bribing the official for special assignments with over EUR 300,000. Investigations revealed that Patokh had sent this sum as a token of gratitude for helping him with the Belgian court. 

Also, French media revealed that during Sarkozy’s visit to Kazakhstan, he was asked to protect the interests of their entrepreneurs in Belgium. In other words, Nazarbayev had asked him to protect Patokh Chodiev.

Allegedly, Patokh actively engaged with the representatives of prominent European businesses to discuss future deals between France and Kazakhstan. 

What the Newspapers Said on Patokh Chodiev’s Corruption:

Liberacion said Eurocopter was trying to get an initial contract with Russia for 50 attack helicopters and Patokh helped them with this. The French publication claimed that Elysee Palace had created a special team to rescue Patokh in Belgium.

Then, she began lobbying for legislative changes to rescue him. 

When Patokh succeeded in avoiding any jail time, he sent some ‘gifts’ to the people who helped him in this process. 

Also, the newspaper alleges that he assured Etienne de Rose of his gratitude and promised to help Eurocopter get the desired contracts in Russia. 

Later, Kazakhstan signed contracts in 2010 for assembling EC145 helicopters with Eurocopter which has now become Airbus Helicopters. 

The rich status and history of Patokh Chodiev might have helped him get access to a few Russian ministers. However, it is possible that he might have played a very small role in this deal. 

Still, there’s no denying that his escape from the Belgian prison was born out of multiple corrupt deals. 

Furthermore, Patokh Chodiev benefited a lot when the media started mentioning his name alongside Sarkozy. 

For starters, it helped him distract everyone from the discussions by mentioning his budget-embezzling activities. 

Patokh Chodiev Relies on His Titles to Clear His Reputation

Sources reveal that Patokh Chodiev has received plenty of honorary titles. Now, for a man whose past is laden with criminal activities and allegations, it is one of the very few ways he can maintain a positive reputation. 

That’s why it’s very difficult to figure out if the titles he received were because of his greatness or some other shady deals. 

For example, Patokh has received the Order of Honor for services to the state and for making substantial contributions to Kazakhstan’s socioeconomic development. Also, his online profits claim he has received the Order of Barys III degree on the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. 

Furthermore, his online profiles claim that he has published over 30 scientific papers and iis a doctor of science at the Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences. 

These titles only indicate one thing – Patokh Chodiev is an extremely corrupt man who abuses his power and wealth.

Also, these titles don’t help him hide his fraudulent history. 

International Bribery, London Stock Exchange, and ENRC:

For example, his company, ENRC, had to leave the London Stock Exchange. That’s because their documentation revealed that they were violating multiple terms of the LSE. These violations were present when the company had registered at the LSE but the revelations were made much later. 

Also, Global Witness submitted a report highlighting that a certain Kazakh company had bribed the leaders of a few African countries. 

It said that the company paid millions of dollars to the African leaders through offshore firms. For example, they had paid a confidant of President Joseph Kabila to buy the required assets. 

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Patokh Chodiev’s Company Lost a Libel Lawsuit Against a Journalist

While looking into Patokh Chodiev, I found a news article stating how Patokh’s company, ENRC, had tried to sue a British journalist. Allegedly, the journalist claimed in his book that the company had ordered the murder of three men. 

patokh chodiev

However, the judge dismissed the claim. The lawyers of ENRC claimed that an ordinary reader might understand a few parts of the book as claiming that the company had three men murdered to protect its interests. 

However, the judge dismissed the claim saying that those parts of the book didn’t refer to the company. 

2 of the dead men were former ENRC staff members. Also, they were potential witnesses in an ongoing UK Serious Fraud Office corruption investigation into the mining giant. 

patokh chodiev

Police found their bodies in separate motel rooms and the cause of their death was recorded as malaria. Similarly, they found the body of the third victim in his burnt-out Audi. 

Reports also suggest that Patokh Chodiev fled Kazakhstan this year by using a fake passport. 

patokh chodiev


French authorities have charged him with money laundering. Also, he is suspected to be the leader of the Kazakh mafia Fattah Chodiev. 

Media reports state that Patokh had sent EUR 5.8 million to his former lawyer and an unknown ‘porter’. 

The investigations are still ongoing and Patokh is confident that he will prove that the payments never occurred. 

Using Illegal Tactics To Bury News Articles: 

As you must have seen above, there are plenty of media reports exposing the shady operations of Patokh Chodiev and his business partners. 

When I was looking into the Uzbek oligarch, I found that someone representing him was posting fake DMCA notices against these articles. 

A fake DMCA notice is when someone copies the original content, posts it on their website, and claims they were the original creator of the same. 

i2xw5aZKZaOuQ5eiNV4ZjCN8IaVZsLOas0Cutqy1EcRMlDh72YxU60MmuOac7icDUbJQZ4D3FqmbonbQ6Q0B nRb5L91EvAoqt kIF6NanBkqgAqBz29Z6WlCuKPWReNO4t1NtJaWYLjgsNw6K53Y4lffJcpG3rcLRUSlZRk pmMw mwubBFvfS95w

It’s an illegal tactic prevalent among online scammers and criminals. That’s because it allows them to remove evidence and negative content from the internet. 

For example, MargeX is a crypto exchange that used this tactic to hide negative reviews from its potential clients. Similarly, Snir Moshe Hananya is a fraudster who employs the same tactic to hide the news articles mentioning his illegal activities. 

The representatives of Patokh Chodiev might post a fake DMCA notice against this article too. However, if they do, I’ll rebut it and post an update here. 

Verdict: Beware of Patokh Chodiev

After going through the above points, it’s clear that Patokh Chodiev is not a reliable businessman. 

He has a history of corrupt dealings and shady activities including suspected murder

Furthermore, it seems to me, his representatives are using fraudulent tactics to hide any news articles criticizing his history. 

Due to these reasons, I don’t think anyone should trust this man. Beware of Patokh Chodiev.

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Patokh Chodiev is an oligarch notorious for abusing his wealth and influence. He has received allegations of ordering murders of potentially incriminating witnesses. Moreover, he has received allegations of bribing French politicians and bureaucrats.

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  1. Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and exposure! Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to my blogroll.|

  2. 0.75

    All the Honor that Patokh had received from Kazakhstan’s government is only a ploy to hide his dirty and shady past because people with immense darkness require a big amount of light to hide their shady past. This is what Patokh Chodiev is practicing for his life and making fools of everyone while enjoying his luxurious life.

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  3. These crooks should not be left like this because they are a threat to humanity. They always try to use the powers of their money and get out of any problems, taking the example of killing they perform with getting their name involved and making other’s life devastated.

  4. This article is completely false and misleading, as people like Patokh Chodiev take birth once in a decade, and these articles are defaming his valor and the position he holds for the current period.

  5. This guy Patokh Chodiev has a similar story to some of these mafia movies where they use to bribe the officials and never get indulged in court hearings which is a shame on the officials.

  6. If you are reading this article and are young and was trying to join the life of crime to become a millionaire then, please read books of revolutionaries and people who tried to be a change for the world. Don’t take inspiration from these crooks.

  7. 0.75

    This criminal Patokh Chodiev is moving freely even after bribing French officials and having cases for killing on his head, the only reason for this braveness is his money, he will buy the people who are trying to suppress him through legal ways otherwise his professional killers will be on the way for you

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  8. Reply
    Patokh Chodiev is a criminal
    November 15, 2022 at 2:27 pm

    Everybody knows what kind of a crook Patokh is. His company needs to be probed for the numerous illegal activities it has performed internationally. Sadly, nobody will take any action against him because he is just too powerful.

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    • These businessmen are not at all worried about the consequences they would have to face after committing such heinous crimes because of the power of money and also the connections they are having with the higher officials.

  9. 0.6

    Patokh Chodiev can spread as many lies as he wants but it won’t change the truth. He is an international criminal. I’m sure he is on the INTERPOL’s radar and the only reason why he hasn’t been arrested is because he has everyone in his pockets. Chodiev is one of those guys who use everything in their power to avoid prison and people like him aren’t afraid to spend millions on bribes either.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Corrupt Criminal
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    • I experienced these vibes once in my life when my boyfriend use to work for some crooks where he was being taken advantage of and needed to attend meetings every day. At some event, every one of the group was invited to attend the party where I saw the powers of the mafia and the luxury which they are living with. But the loss we paid was he was caught by the police while supplying the weed and he was sentenced to imprisonment.

    • People like PATOKH CHODIEV lie in the category of those who are killing the true meaning of humanity as if holy god has provided you immense wealth and power don’t misuse it for getting people killed and abusing others.

  10. 0.6

    Some criminals try everything in their powerto clean up their reputation. Patokh Chodiev seems like the kind of those criminals. He is extremely corrupt and if you ask any locals, they will tell you the same thing.

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    • Killing people is a professional profession, and these killers don’t even think of the people’s families who will also suffer after their death, may god bless them with some integrity and humanity.

      I feel sorry for everyone who crossed the path of Patokh Chodiev.

      For example, we watch movies where it is shown that some billionaire is swinging in the dreams of his luxury and killing all his enemies if they try to oppose him, and after all, he never gets caught by the police. This mentality is nothing but the reality of humans where they want to live the same life but due to lack of money, not everyone is indulged in it.

    • My brother was a reporter where he used to cover stories and news about these multi-billionaires who committed crimes without into the light, a couple of years back he was publishing articles about a gangster who was indulged in the killing of innocents, where he got warnings on calls and messages were sent late night. We tried to ask for help from the police but they didn’t support us and now we miss him very much after he was shot.

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