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Patrick Ambron

Patrick Ambron ( is a heartless con-artist who operates without any morals. Read how he makes his millions on Gripeo!
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Patrick Ambron is one of those young kids who think they can get away with any crime they do. His company Brand Yourself dot com is nothing more than a scam. You must have heard of online scammers before and Patrick’s company is a fine example of the same. Many people have faced financial losses and even professional losses because of Patrick’s company’s unethical practices.

My experience with Patrick’s company provoked me to do a little digging and find out the kind of impact he has on digital businesses. To be honest, he is nothing more than a foolish kid who is running a big-level scam. The worst thing is, he is getting away with his pathetic little scam as well. It just goes to show how easy it is to deceive common people and even the media. This guy is stealing money from simple business owners and freelancers. And he hasn’t faced any repercussions for his actions.

He is a part of a major defamation racket and he is using his nefarious means and tactics to power his brand. His company Brand Yourself dot com is in the field of reputation management. It’s important to raise awareness against the unethical practices of Patrick’s company because, without that, this thief will be able to operate freely.

He is fooling everyone and he is using every marketing tactic there is, to hide his true identity. This is really a sad fact but Patrick is a huge financial scammer. His company should be shut down and he should be thrown in jail for the kind of actions he does and the level of scams these people are running.

I can only tell you to do something, the rest is in your hands. Never ever get in touch with Patrick or his company. You’ll only regret the decision later on. Read my story if you want to know how bad this guy really is.

About Patrick & His Company

Who Is Patrick Ambron and What is BrandYourself dot com?

Patrick Ambron is known mainly as the CEO of BrandYourself dot com, which is an online reputation management company that supposedly lets people “control their search results”.

He gained a lot of attention when he launched this company and he has been interviewed by many media houses.

He got his Advertising degree from Syracuse University and he doesn’t have any experience of running a business other than BrandYourself dot com. And as a result, this startup has suffered a lot.

Because of the lack of experience and knowledge, Patrick’s BrandYourself has been facing severe losses.

How Patrick ruined my career and forced me to restart everything

Patrick Ambron Review

I’m a freelance graphic designer. My biggest mistake in my entire professional career was to hire Patrick’s company. I had started out a few years ago and like any other freelancer, I’ve also had a number of dissatisfied customers. You can’t please everyone and especially those who don’t want to you pay what you’re worth.

Every freelancer comes across a client who doesn’t want to pay in the first place. And when you question the client’s intentions or ask for the payment, the client gets offended or just starts ghosting you. It has happened to me a number of times in the past. Some clients who were dissatisfied became satisfied later when I edited the product accordingly. On the other hand, some didn’t want to pay me at all. When I didn’t succumb to their demands they started posting negative reviews about me and my services.

My business was completely based on referrals and my reputation. The bad reviews of those customers didn’t help. I wanted to resolve them but it didn’t have much effect so I chose to get them suppressed, which Patrick’s company does. I contacted Patrick’s company because it had offered me fast service and fast results. They were charging me around $400 per month for hiring them. I paid them happily because reputation management was supposed to win me a lot of clients and help me get ahead in the market. It was my foolishness to think that Patrick was a legit service provider. If I hadn’t hired Patrick in the first place, I wouldn’t have lost my freelancing business. He ruined it completely. His company is not like any other white hat marketing agency. It’s, in fact, a criminal organization that is scamming businesses and robbing them.

Well, when I hired him I began to see results within 4 months. It was quite longer than I expected because the number of negative reviews wasn’t much. It was in fact, quite low (around 5 or 6). But I hadn’t seen any complaints rise up and my business was beginning to see more growth. When the complaint got removed after 5 months of me hiring them, I told them that I would like to cancel my subscription.

Now, this is where everything went wrong. The way they replied to my news was a red flag itself. They told me that I wouldn’t find any better experts of reputation management elsewhere so I shouldn’t cancel my subscription yet. They also told me that they are preventing any further complaints from coming up online, which they would no longer be able to do after I cancel my subscription.

Now if you didn’t understand that last sentence, let me clarify it for you. Those guys were threatening me that if I stopped using their services, more negative reviews will begin to pop up online against my brand. They also knew how important my business’s reputation was.

This act alone showed me that Patrick’s company is not a legit one. It is, in fact, a scamming company whose sole purpose is to deceive people and steal money from them. After paying them $2,000 for managing my reputation for five months, I canceled my subscription.

They sent me emails about follow-ups and offers on their subscriptions for a few weeks. I used to receive a number of calls from those guys about their products. But I ignored all of them because I was no longer interested in their service. You can’t guess what happened next.

A number of negative reviews got posted online against me. Some were accusing me of being a scam myself. One was saying I’m a sexist while the other one questioned my work ethic.

They didn’t stop. All of a sudden almost every complaint board had a negative complaint about me and my freelance business. Some were even using cuss words and saying the wrong things about my family. I contacted Patrick’s agency and asked them about these reviews.

They simply told me that they don’t know anything about those reviews and I’ll need to pay them $1,000 a month if I want them to get those complaints removed. THOSE GUYS WERE ASKING ME FOR RANSOM.

I had started doubting their intentions right when they had ‘blackmailed’ me with negative reviews when I told them that I no longer need their services. When I asked them why they were charging me more now, they told me that the number of negative complaints registered against me is quite high and it wouldn’t be possible for them to remove them under the previous budget.

Can you believe this??? The timing of those fake negative reviews and the cancellation of their subscription was overlapping a lot. Obviously seeing that high amount, I refused to get their services. Little did I know that it will destroy my freelance business entirely. The number of negative complaints against my brand increased soon after a few weeks of my call.

The situation worsened so much that my existing clients stopped working with me because of my poor reputation online. They started giving me excuses as to why they no longer needed my services. Desperate, I contacted a different reputation management firm, which was a little affordable ($500 per month). They did a little work but even they realized that I was being targeted.

What was my crime? I had refused to avail the services of Patrick’s reputation management company.

The company I had hired wasn’t able to generate any results in a few months as well. I contacted Patrick’s company one last time. I requested them to stop posting these negative reviews about my business. They refuted those allegations and said I was lying.

In the end, I had to shut down my freelancing business. Patrick’s company is full of pricks and goons. They are scammers who are only looking for small businesses and freelancers like me. They will eat you alive if they get the chance. You’ll hire them to manage your brand’s reputation and later they will start defaming your organization themselves. Thanks to their own software and expertise, they make sure that you don’t find anything negative about their company online.

Once you stop availing of their services, they will begin to post negative reviews about your brand and make you desperate to contact them again.

Like in my case, it couldn’t be a coincidence that as soon as I canceled my subscription to their services, a bunch of fake negative reviews started coming up online. The optimization of those complaints was so good that they used to cover the entire first page for my brand’s search result page.

I was devastated when my freelancing business shut down. Because of Patrick and his company, I had to restart everything from scratch, with a completely new brand. Thanks to some fellow freelancers, I am able to generate a decent income for myself at this moment.

But Patrick made my life hell. His company didn’t hesitate to ruin the reputation of my small freelancing business by hurling insults at me and posting fake accusations on my brand. I tried posting a few complaints against Patrick’s company online but oftentimes, they used to get suppressed or removed from the site. Glassdoor Employee Reviews

One of my friends used to work at Patrick’s company and he told me that other than the hard-working co-workers, there are no benefits to working there. He lives in New York and started working for this company as soon as he graduated from university. He took the job because he thought it has room for success and the management would be good. However, after working at BrandYourself dot com for 2 years, he realized that none of his hopes were fulfilled.

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He told me that the company lies about their big client base, and they don’t have any bigshot clients and they mainly rely on posting fake reviews of criminals. Almost all their clients are white males who have been accused of sexual assault or robbery and BrandYourself posts good articles on these criminals. The employees are forced to write fake reviews and the worst thing is that the company’s software does not work at all. The employees have to lie to the clients about the quality and delivery and there is no SEO expert in this company as well. Any real and honest clients leave this company in a couple of weeks, as they don’t see any results, or get what they were promised in the first place.

If you start working at BrandYourself dot com, expect to hear a lot of cussing from the clients, because they are going to blame you for the incompetence of the company. The company underpays its employees and it is going to be even lesser if you are a female.

You are going to be writing thousands of words every day about college students who have robbed innocent ladies and the worst thing is that you will be DEFENDING THEM.

And if you are thinking that doing such an unethical task is going to be rewarding when you are unfortunately wrong, as BrandYourself is not going to give you a raise.

Only kissass people get any benefits here and the management is extremely biased towards them as well. All the managers in the office are uneducated people who don’t have any experience in management. There is no organization in the office and the documents are messed up.

Even if you bear through the pain of unethical deeds and low pay, you will not be able to tolerate the attitude of the CEO Patrick Ambron. This guy is a complete lunatic with major ego problems. He argues with any staff member if he or she asks him a question related to the pay and he is very insecure about the company. I have had my fair share of interactions with Ambron and they have been some of the cringiest and disgusting moments of my life.

Other Victims of Patrick Ambron/BrandYourself dot com

Other Reviews & Complaints

After my horrible experience with Patrick Ambron, I got curious and searched the internet for other people’s experiences with BrandYourself dot com. And I found out that there are dozens of people who were scammed by Patrick Ambron and BrandYourself dot com.

Because Patrick’s company is a reputation management company, so it’s clear that they will get many of these complaints removed from online websites. That’s why I thought it’s important to share them here. You should know that I’m not the only victim of this vicious organization.

I have listed some of those experiences down below, so you can take a look at them yourself.

patrick ambron
patrick ambron 2
  1. I own a small online store of female accessories and jewelry. There were a number of online complaint registered against my company online so I thought I should get a reputation management company for handling those tasks. When I looked up online, I came across Patrick and his companycom. I thought it was great because the website said a lot of nice things about him and he had a lot of achievements. When I hired them they didn’t show many results quickly. But after a while, my business’s reputation was back to normal. So I canceled my subscription. But as soon as I did, my business’s reputation began to get damaged. I had to hire another reputation management company to handle those affairs. After around 5-6 months of hard work, that sudden issue of fake complaint has subsided. I’m certain that Patrick’s company is a criminal organization. They had kept calling me and telling me how my business might even get ruined if I don’t avail their services. Beware!
  2. My company had 2 critical reviews and a Ripoff Report complaint on the internet. I used the BrandYourself free app but it obviously didn’t work. Then I contacted the company itself and they told me that they can get rid of these negative pages without any problems. They said that they would use their Concierge Pro for this case and I will not face any issues. Even though their contract stated that there was no guarantee of satisfying results and/or success, I signed anyways as I was in a hurry. They charged me $5,000 for the 1-year package and they just created 2 free WordPress websites! The negative reviews and the RipOff Report complaint was still there. After the year passed, they told me that they needed 6 more months to get the reviews removed, but seeing the results I told them it wouldn’t be necessary and I asked for a refund. And instead of giving me my money back they stopped responding to my emails. These guys are total fools from which ya’ll stay away from. They don’t fulfill their promise and if you end up giving them your money, you will not get it back.
  3. I canceled my BrandYourself dot com self-service membership and the company assured me that I wouldn’t be charged any further charges. However, A few months later I noticed that they have taken $400 out of my credit card and when I contacted the company and notified them about it. I simply asked them to give me the refund, I didn’t act inappropriately and asked them nicely however, they refused to give me my money back. I called them several times and even sent them proper emails, however, they rudely denied the refund and told me to “leave them alone”. It has been a couple of weeks since this incident and I STILL HAVEN’T GOT MY MONEY BACK. This company literally stole money from my credit card! I have called my bank and told them to block this company from doing any further transactions from my credit card. The customer service staff of this company is extremely rude as well. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use any of their products and especially not do any financial transactions with them. Patrick Ambron has removed almost ALL the complaint and reviews against him. I have attached the screenshots down below for proof. He got these articles removed because they were damaging the reputation that he built and he didn’t want potential clients to know the reality of BrandYourself dot com, otherwise no one would pay him the big bucks.
patrick ambron 3
patrick ambron 5

Spread Awareness

I lost my entire business because of Patrick and his company. My years of hard work went in vain because of the unethical practices of this selfish guy’s organization. It’s clear that Patrick’s company is a major criminal organization, which is dishonest, deceiving and heartless. They didn’t hesitate in destroying the reputation of my small business. The more disgusting fact is that Patrick does such crimes intentionally.

They are an online mafia. I can’t do much but I hope this article helped. My experience might be of use for someone, be it you or somebody else. Shouldn’t Patrick’s company get exposed? Shouldn’t they be forced to pay for their crimes?

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I lost my entire business because of Patrick and his company. My years of hard work went in vain because of the unethical practices of this selfish guy’s organization. It’s clear that Patrick’s company is a major criminal organization, which is dishonest, deceiving, and heartless. They didn’t hesitate in destroying the reputation of my small business. The more disgusting fact is that Patrick does such crimes intentionally.

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