Paul Delacourt – Abuse of Taxpayers’ Funds at FBI

Paul Delacourt is the former FBI LA Chief who lost that job because of his abuse of power. 

Now, he is a Director of Programs at Red River Technology in Chantilly, VA. 

Although he has served 25 years in the FBI, his last stint caused him to leave the bureau in disgrace. 

The FBI handled his shuffle quite silently. 

In 2020, a Justice Department report had exposed how Paul Delacourt was misusing his position and holding a weekly meeting at the Major League Baseball playoff game at Dodgers Stadium. 

There were 8 FBI officials in the meeting. 

Paul Delacourt

Moreover, they were sitting in the exclusive Stadium Club, having an “unobstructed view of the field”. The game was between the Dodgers and the Milwaukee Brewers. 

While Paul Delacourt and the other FBI officials were sitting in public, they were discussing “takedowns” of criminals and making plans. 

Moreover, the report reveals Paul Delacourt was discussing extremely sensitive information related to counterintelligence during that meeting as well. 

Also, all but one of the FBI officials ate from the Dodger’s buffet for VIP accounts. 

The bureau silently reassigned Paul Delacourt to Washington from overseeing the LA office which had over 1400 employees. 

However, it’s worth noting that it was not a punishment. 

Initially, the FBI didn’t take any action against Paul for such unprofessionalism and violation of their code of conduct. 

Why Paul Delacourt Had to Leave the FBI:

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The Inspector General said it was troubling how Paul didn’t recognize the failing. 

Also, the report discovered that bureau personnel had raised concerns about the meeting during its planning. The FBI’s special events coordinator had given a verbal warning to Paul Delacourt and others not to eat at the Stadium Club. 

Moreover, when the office’s lawyer told Paul that the people attending the meeting would need to pay around $500 each to the Dodgers, Paul disagreed. He emphasized on the hours they had spent in briefings before the game’s start. 

The lawyer added that it was a day at the office but Paul was talking about fair market value of NLCS tickets. 

Also, sources reveal that the FBI officials’ discussions had become more acrimonious. 

According to the inspector general’s office, an unnamed senior official had taken action against an unnamed supervisory special agent because they reported their ethics violations. 

Moreover, the place where Paul Delacourt held the meeting is a “luxurious spot for the well-heeled” to enjoy the game, according to the Dodgers website. 

It says the Stadium Club allows its members to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet from their chef’s table. Also, it includes various salad bars, Dodger Dog and multiple desserts. 

However, the report doesn’t give any details on the buffet Paul enjoyed that day. 

It only called the buffet ‘extensive’. Later, the agents paid $20 per person to a Dodgers charity to cover the meal’s costs. 

Also, they had told the lawyer that the total cost was $87 for the entire group which was a lie. 

The report reveals that the actual cost was $62.95 per person and listed the FBI professionals as “full comp”. 

“Tried to Hide the Facts” – What the IG Report Said About Paul Delacourt

Although the agents told the inspector general that they had modified the meeting’s presentations due to the public nature of the venue, they also asked the IG to delete some of the contents as they were “law enforcement sensitive” from the report. 

This prompted the IG to note that Paul Delacourt and other FBI officials had discussed several inappropriate topics during the meeting. 

Surely, they should have discussed those matters in a private setting. 

Also, a day later, Paul contacted Bowdich to offer him a heads-up about the complaint. 

While the report doesn’t call Paul dishonest, it points out that he didn’t give a complete account of the events to Bowdich. 

Moreover, he “deprived Bowdich of the ability to make an informed judgment about the events”. 

The report says Paul told his FBI superior that the meeting only had a sandwich lunch available which all ended up in a box. 

However, he did not tell Bowdich about the restaurant where they ate lunch. The report states he didn’t tell him about the Stadium Club, how their table was surrounded by tables of other Dodgers fans and how their meal was from an exclusive buffet. 


After the story became public, Paul Delacourt left the FBI and began his career in the tech industry. 

Currently, he is a Director of Programs at Red River. 

However, it’s clear that he didn’t follow the ethics and violated the FBI’s code of conduct. 

Recently, several people have been in the headlines for their abuse of power. Roger Schaffner recently had to close down his ad agency as his embezzlement was getting caught. 

Similarly, Juan Monteverde of Monteverde Law and Associates was in the news for sexually harassing a female subordinate for months. 

Hence, beware of Paul Delacourt.

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