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Paxon Energy & Infrastructure – Guilty of Discriminatory Practices?

If you’re in the energy sector, you might hear the name Paxon Energy & Infrastructure pop up frequently. It’s a utility company that claims to help its clients from the conception to completion of civil engineering projects. 

However, this company has received complaints for discriminating against its employees and failing to communicate effectively. Hence, before you associate yourself with such a tainted firm, it would be best to know about them in detail.

The following review will take a deeper look at how Paxon Energy runs its unethical operation: 

What is Paxon Energy?

Paxon Energy & Infrastructure is a professional services firm based in California. Its office is located at 4695 Chabot Dr, Pleasanton, CA 94588, US, and the contact email is in**@pa*****.com. Similarly, the contact number of Paxon Energy is 925-699-3108. 

It has received significant recognition as a Women’s Business Enterprise in the oil, gas, and utilities industry. The company specializes in heavy civil engineering projects including construction management, utility transmission, pipeline integrity management, project and program management, and field quality control services. 

Paxon Energy offers solutions for the entire lifespan of a project. 

However, all of these claims fall flat when you look at the reviews of Paxon Energy & Infrastructure. The firm doesn’t know how to treat employees with respect and has received complaints for discriminating against its contractual staff. 

Also, the firm has faced significant legal trouble over the years. Before we discuss these aspects of Paxon Energy, it’s vital to know the person running this entire operation: 

Nooshin Behroyan: The Face of This Company

Nooshin Behroyan is the CEO of Paxon Energy & Infrastructure. She claims to emphasize keeping her company diverse and hiring veterans. Nothing says that veterans have the right mindset to get the job done and they make up 20% of her staff. 

However, her staff disagrees. According to her employees, there’s rampant discrimination at her company and the company is particularly unsuitable for male professionals. 

Apart from Nooshin, other prominent people at this company are:

  • Blake Braswell (President)
  • Lee Shouse (Director of Engineering)
  • Tanner Tibbets (Manager of Integrity Management)
  • David Ramil (Client Relations Manager)
  • Athena Dunn (Human Resources Manager)

Now that you’re familiar with the faces running this enterprise, let’s look at the complaints people have about it: 

Paxon Energy Discriminates Against Employees

paxon energy review

According to the above reviewer, Paxon Energy entices people with high pay and puts them anywhere in the country. 

They highlight that the company kicks the contractors to the curb and doesn’t care about them. Also, the firm doesn’t give any feedback to the contractors. 

Furthermore, the firm is heavily gender biased and gives lower positions to male employees even if they have the necessary qualifications. The reviewer highlights that there is rampant discrimination at Paxon Energy & Infrastructure. 

They end the review by saying that the firm should treat its staff members like human beings with the respect they deserve. Discrimination is a major problem in our country and it’s not limited to the utility sector. 

Allure Esthetic is a clinic that is notorious for discriminating against its patients. For someone who claims to be a champion of inclusivity, Nooshin Behroyan has a lot of explaining to do. 

It Has Horrible Management

paxon energy review

The above reviewer shares that the firm didn’t provide them with the required paperwork guidance. Additionally, Paxon Energy told this person that they were being transferred because they made a mistake in their paperwork. 

When the reviewer tried to get an explanation, the manager kept dodging them and failed to resolve the issue. 

The above reviews of Paxon Energy & Infrastructure are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of complaints against this company. 

The above complaints are proof that something’s wrong with Paxon Energy. As a service provider, it needs to work on a lot of things. However, it’s highly unlikely that Paxon Energy would improve because most of the issues are ingrained in the company’s leadership. 

Such companies rarely improve themselves. A great example is the Butterfly. The company is the brainchild of a serial scammer and has received a ton of complaints from its employees and clients alike. It seems Paxon Energy & Infrastructure is on the same path as Budderfly. 

Controversial Lawsuit Of Paxon Energy: Paxon Energy vs. E2 Consulting Engineers Inc

Paxon Energy & Infrastructure will tell you about the recognition it has received for its rapid growth. But, the company wouldn’t share any details about the legal trouble it has been facing for the last 3-4 years. 

Nooshin Behroyan’s company has been in a legal battle with E2 Consulting since 2018. It’s a breach of warranty lawsuit and is still in court. A breach of warranty is the violation of an implied contract of warranty. It’s a breach of contract. 

paxon energy lawsuit
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Seeing the terrible reviews of Paxon Energy & Engineering and this lawsuit, it’s obvious that the company isn’t as clean as it claims to be. The firm hides a lot of crucial information so people would be gullible enough to trust them. Certainly, Nooshin Behroyan is not an ethical professional. 

Is Paxon Energy & Infrastructure a Reliable Company? 

After going through the numerous negative reviews of this firm and its legal history, it’s obvious that Paxon Energy & Infrastructure is not as reliable as it claims to be. 

Nooshin Behroyan is running a company that discriminates against its employees and fails to address its issues properly. No matter how much it markets itself as a caring firm, it would remain an unethical enterprise.

Due to these reasons, it would be best for you to avoid this firm at all costs

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A Sham

Paxon Energy & Infrastructure claims to be an inclusive company while receiving complaints for discriminating against its employees at the same time. The company has been facing legal trouble for a while as well. Due to these reasons, it would be best to avoid dealing with this company.

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  • Discriminates against employees
  • Poor management
  • Involved in a major legal battle

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  1. I’m currently working for the company, pipeline inspector, and everything mentioned above is true. They absolutely do not care for their employees. In times of rapid inflation they look to cut your pay at every turn with no raises and cutting out mileage and per diem. They completely violate the contract with you and constantly make idle threats such as if you don’t fill out your time sheet correctly you’ll not be paid. Yet they can’t decide how they want you to fill it out. Get constant emails of things will be this way then disregard that email with another. They can’t make up their mind how to run a business and often unethical and not legal in their doings. They are a class action lawsuit waiting to happen

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