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Payam Raouf of Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments was always breaking promises Review 2024

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Payam Raouf of Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments was often difficult to get in contact with him. At the end of the management period, when I no longer needed services, they mismanaged the tenant’s security deposit, as well as the monies I paid to them for maintenance repairs. Property management and coordination with the tenant were good, but customer service to owners is terrible. Even when they did, Payam Raouf was always breaking promises.

They have now accepted funds from me for maintenance repairs and have not started any repairs or returned any phone calls.

As a property owner, your relationship with your property manager is crucial to the health of your investment. Open lines of communication between you and your property manager are essential for maintaining a well-maintained property with happy tenants and a healthy return on investment. Sadly, this is not always the case. Property managers are not always readily accessible, prompt, or dependable. Example: Property Management & Investments by Payam Raouf in Glendale, Arizona.

Lack of capability to Contact Payam Raouf

Payam Raouf, the manager of my rental property in Glendale, Arizona, was difficult to reach through Property Management & Investments. Getting in touch with Payam Raouf was difficult, whether it was to ask a simple question or check on the status of a maintenance issue. Even when he did respond, it could take days or weeks to receive a response. When urgent matters need to be addressed, this lack of responsiveness can cause great anxiety among owners.

The Security Deposit was not handled properly.

Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments’ careless handling of the security deposit I had to pay as a tenant was my primary complaint. After the tenant moved out at the end of the management period, the security deposit was not returned promptly, and the amount returned was less than what was owed. Despite repeated requests, Payam Raouf and his team were unresponsive, unhelpful, and seemed disinterested in resolving the issue.

Improper management of repairs and maintenance

I paid for maintenance repairs, but both my money and the tenant’s security deposit were lost by Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments. The cash was accepted, but no work was performed, nor were my calls returned. Unfortunately, such incidents can cost property owners a great deal of money and must be avoided at all costs. It also emphasizes the need for thoroughness when selecting a property management company.

Did You Know?

Payam Raouf claims of his experience in real estates, that counts to 16 years. He belongs to Glendale and knows various languages, like Farsi, English, Turkish etc.

Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments deserves praise for handling the property competently and communicating with the tenant. Both the landlord and the tenant were pleased with the condition of the property. However, this does not justify the shoddy customer service or carelessness of the customers’ money. Finding a property manager who is dependable, honest, and communicative is essential if you are a landlord.

Another issue I had with Payam Raouf was that he frequently broke his commitments. Frequently, Payam Raouf did not follow through on his promises to call back or fix a maintenance issue. When tenants lose trust in a property manager as a result of actions such as these, the property manager may experience a decline in business.


The success of a rental property investment relies heavily on clear lines of communication between owners and managers, as conclusion. Unfortunately, some property managers are less accessible, slower to respond, and less reliable than others. The incompetent property manager Payam Raouf of Glendale Arizona Property Management & Investments is an example of this type. However, property management and tenant coordination were excellent. As a landlord, I had difficulty contacting Payam Raouf and addressing his mismanagement of the security deposit and maintenance repairs. If you want a healthy return on your rental property investment, you should take the time to carefully select a property manager, conduct the necessary research, and establish open lines of communication with them.


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