Is Peng Joon a Scammer?

Preliminary Investigation

A community member has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a comprehensive dossier on Peng Joon. This webpage will, therefore, help in consolidating all information with which you can draw logical and valid inferences and conclusions.

Who is Peng Joon?

FYI, Peng Joon is based at Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.

Scope of Investigation

In previous investigative reports on similar entities/individuals, the community unearthed serious issues related to –

  • Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Litigations and Lawsuits
  • Sexual Harassment Allegations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal Conspiracy

Whenever our esteemed contributors alert us of a serious allegation against a subject, we strongly suggest investigating the claims thoroughly before publishing the report. Once published, we do NOT allow any sort of editing, tampering, or removal of the report.

Submit Anonymous Tip

To facilitate our community members, we have designated this space for the (upcoming) report and discussion on Peng Joon and encourage you to contribute by submitting vital information or sharing this page.

If you would like to share your experience with Peng Joon, submit an anonymous tip or add any document related to this investigation, you can do it by adding your comments below. Alternatively, you can communicate with the author(s) of the (upcoming) report by sending a direct message to the Moderators. If you rather contact the researchers via email, please message us at [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with them.

All communication is encrypted and kept secure, and identities are protected. We do NOT share your details with anyone under any circumstances. 

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  1. It’s not a scam. He teaches you digital marketing but compared to others he helped more on areas of public speaking ( virtual and messaging to get your point across for those selling online. It’s more like say good copyrighting if u are doing it without reading a script. He also studies marketing trends and has a network if people who are big in the online world or selling stuff so he is able to share what worked for them and as well as test it in his own business and then share with others what he is doing so people can model the same thing and make the same results. What I find with his is he has a really good analytical brain to see what’s really happening and then be able to come up with a clear model so that his students can understand like say spoon feeing.
    To be a scam there is no money laundering or pyramid scheme. Some online gurus have referral programs where u get free monthly membership fee taken off for each member u sign up. (Chalene Johnson’s insta club hub) which to me is a pyramid scheme. However Pengjoon has none of that.
    His course’s paid courses are just for mentoring and if u want his team to help u create your material or to get to know what they are doing inside their business. He gives everything out for free. So it’s just to have that hand holding really or paying for a service as one would if they were going with an agency.
    Good thing no hard selling.
    I’ve done most of his free ones and bought a few small ones but that’s for the extra training materials and more inside information that is fair cos it’s their inside information on what they do and what’s working you already know it is, but an inside look on how the process is done in more insider information and some easy to follow handouts if I’m doing it my self. Again that’s fair cos it’s processes and time. Not cheap or useless stuff. A well working one with things u don’t think

    Price wise it’s very “reasonable” for entry but in that space it’s actually shockingly cheap for what you are getting cos for a fraction of that others sell less stuff. So value for money is extremely high and no brainier.

    Personally I think the price is so the Asian market can get it too, but at the same time still keeping its value.

    His story is that his parents were lower working class and he wants to help others to be able to achieve what he has. With that said it think his pricing and content defects this.
    I’d be scared if he locked his current prices for the less privileged and raised it to higher for the wealthy or privileged cos of the value he gives. But that discrimination. however there are rich gurus out there who are charging x3 for what he’s selling with mentoring while others are not including mentoring but some videos to watch, while Peng gives it for free.

  2. i joined his seminar -rm2k malaysia.didnt learn anything. have to subscribed his online clickfunnel before see his video. have to buy domain,hosting and paypay account.i regret it

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