Perla Group International: Alert! Before Investing Your Money with Such Fraudsters

Here is the eye-opening tale of a fraudster named Perla Group International who has cheated many of its consumers and has taken their money for its good and has never returned it.

Briefing about Perla Group International 

perla group international

Perla Group International Inc. (PERL) claims to be a rising star in the international military, law enforcement, and security solutions industries. It was founded to be the industry’s premier developer and provider of turnkey solutions.

Perla Group shows off its success and claims that its success is based on the trust, backing, and support of top industry experts, as well as they also show off and boast about their brilliant team’s persistent commitment to service quality.

Perla Group International highlights its success in front of the media and the world by mentioning its four divisions, Perla Aviation, Perla Armored Cars, and Perla K-9 Services, Perla Group is in a unique position to provide value-added services to many of its existing clients while also attracting significant new clients.

Perla Group International claims that they provide International military, police, and security solutions. The Group provides a variety of aviation services, such as charters, sales, and leasing, as well as armored automobiles and K-9 services.

23/12/2023 Update
As of now, Perla Group International has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Perla Group International Inc. was founded by Charles D’Alberto. Charles D’Alberto claims to have a lengthy history of building start-ups into strong businesses.

People call Perla Group International a scam!!

What people think and mention on various online platforms is that Charles D’Alberto, CEO of Perla Group International is a liar he acts important but is unhappy. People went on further to mention that Charles D’Alberto who is the CEO of Perla Group International has no money and promises to pay you but does not. He poses as a businessman but does not pay.

perla group international

Some people ask the public to avoid dealing with Perla Group International as they take the money and never return it.

What the consumer says is that he asks the people to avoid engaging with this individual. By individual, the consumer certainly means Perla Group International CEO. The consumer further goes on to mention the part of his story as the CEO of Perla Group International asked him to get him $10.000 until he opened a new office for his company.

Consumer fraud is typically characterized as dishonest company tactics that result in losses for consumers, whether they be monetary or otherwise. The victims are being cheated while they think they are taking part in a legitimate and lawful business transaction.

However, the consumer later discovered that the CEO of Perla Group International is a con artist. The consumer goes on to say that the CEO of Perla Group International would lie to him, saying he couldn’t give him the money back right away, and he’d wait and wait, but the CEO of Perla Group International never called back.

Now the suffering consumer has hired a lawyer to make the CEO of Perla Group International pay his money back.

perla group international

The full view of the issue is explained below:

The customer purchased four Ku-band VSAT systems (Intellian v60G VSAT System – 60cm Reflector) from Charles D’Alberto, the chairman of Perla Group International Telecom Division in Coburg, Australia. The CEO of Perla Group International collected our $47,893 (USD) down payment and never delivered it.

The consumer requested a refund of our money, which she denied. Perla Group International’s CEO stated that the company is experiencing “cash-flow problems” and that she is unable to reimburse our $47K+. She advised me to call Charles D’Alberto, the CEO of Perla Group International. She only gave me his email address and no phone number.

The consumer addressed multiple letters to the CEO of Perla Group International, and the CEO of Perla Group International reiterated the same thing D’Alberto did concerning “cash-flow problems.”

According to the CEO of Perla Group International, I may be able to receive a partial reimbursement of my deposit in 12 months. The consumer has made numerous complaints to authorities, but he is still out about $50,000!

The consumer further requests that individuals avoid the CEO of Perla Group International and Perla Group International from Coburg, Australia.

The consumer goes on to say that after doing some investigation, he discovered that Charles D’Alberto and Perla Group International is a well-known scammer and scam. In his critique, he emphasizes: “STAY AWAY!

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Fake DMCA Case

Perla Group International has used fake DMCA to hide their true picture of being fraudsters.

What is faking a DMCA case?

Have discovered notices employ the “back-dated article” approach. The incorrect notice sender (or copier) generates a copy of a “true original” article and back-dates it, resulting in a “fake original” article (an article that is a copy of the genuine original) that looks to have been published before the true original at first glance.

The copiers then send a DMCA to the relevant online service providers, claiming that the true original is the copied or “infringing” article and that the copied article is the “original,” and requesting that the true original article be taken down. Following the DMCA request, the individual who provided the incorrect notice removes the phony original URL, most likely to ensure that the article does not remain online in any way. If the takedown notice is effective, information that is most likely legitimate speech will be removed from the internet.

image 866
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Before we proceed any further, please note the following points which may come in handy as you scroll down and read the rest of the investigation –

The original article was published legitimately on a website.

The DMCAs were filed by an imposter, as evident in the Lumen Database records (listed above), as seen on the Google Transparency Reports.

What is a Fraud?

In law, fraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Fraud can violate civil law or criminal law, or it may cause no loss of money, property, or legal right but still be an element of another civil or criminal wrong.

Concluding with some of the tips to avoid being scammed

  • Don’t provide personal or financial information in response to an unexpected request.
  • Resist the need to act right away. Honest companies will give you enough time to make your decision. Anyone who puts you under pressure to pay or provide personal information is a fraudster.
  • Understand how scammers ask you to pay. Never pay anyone who insists on receiving payment in cryptocurrencies, a wire transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram, or a gift card. Also, never deposit a check and then wire money to someone else.
  • Stop and consult with someone you trust. Tell someone — a friend, a family member, a neighbor — what happened before you do anything else. Talking about it may help you recognize that it is a fraud.

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