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Pete Vargas has paid affiliate websites to post fake & biased reviews. His seminars are a waste of time. Read more here on Gripeo.
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Pete Vargas runs Advance Your Reach, one of the filthiest organizations in the current digital learning industry. The guy is lying to people’s faces about his courses and events but because of his successful deception, very few voice their opinions. He has filled the internet with fake reviews about his course and is using those reviews to fill his pockets. I have bought his Stage To Scale course and I gotta be honest, it was horrible.

After I took the course, I did some research on Vargas and I found out that he is nothing more than a big scammer. He isn’t what he claims he is. From fake reviews to artificial stories, his scam has done everything possible to increase the list of their victims.

Pete has become a big name in the industry. With his money and influence he is able to get rid of any negative stuff about his products.

When you search for reviews about something you expect to get honest opinions, not some paid ones, right? That’s why I’m posting my honest review on Pete’s courses here so you can make an informed decision in this regard. I’ve already made a major mistake by visiting his event but I don’t want you to do the same. I hope my review will help you and others like you.

Pete Vargas Claims & Background

Who is Pete Vargas?

I don’t know how to define Pete Vargas and his profession. According to his bio, he is the CEO of Advance Your Reach, a company that teaches you how to use shows and events to enhance your business reach. That’s what his bio says, not me. He also claims that he and his team are responsible for booking over 25,000 stages all around the globe. That’s a big statement but there’s no proof of that.

Pete uses multiple vicious marketing strategies to solidify his position as an entrepreneur. He wants to make sure that you don’t see through his illusion and uncover his reality. According to the bio, he has been educating people about using stages for promotion for 10 years.

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The interesting this is, you won’t find anything useful about his background in his bio like where he studied or where he was born. You will only get to read about motivational things and things that helped him build a better image.

For example, his bio forgets to mention his alma mater but points out the fact that his father left him when he was a child. It’s a common tendency among these online scammers to paint themselves as simpletons. They want to get your sympathy so you trust them easily. Apart from these vague details, you can’t find something else about him online, which is strange and creates suspicion.

But Pete doesn’t care about all that because he has created a powerful online persona. Let me clarify how Pete is able to run a major online scam and remain unscathed:

Fake Pete Vargas Reviews: How Pete Manipulates His Victims

Fake Reviews (The Secret Behind Pete’s Success)

No one doubts what he says because there are way too many people who claim Pete is reliable. Pete has ensured that his online reputation remains pristine. And so, he has paid off multiple websites and bloggers to write fake reviews for his courses.

Whenever you’d visit a website that claims it’s giving you an honest review of Pete’s course, you’ll notice a lot of positive talks. The entire review would be filled with a ton of positivity and you’d feel like you’re reading a speech written to praise Pete and his companies.

And when you’re halfway through the review, you’ll see an affiliate link and a few bonuses which you will get if you sign up on the course.

If this is not misleading marketing then I don’t know what is.

Pete has paid off a ton of reviewers and bloggers to maintain a crisp reputation. He wants to ensure that you get overwhelmed with his positive reviews. When you read so many positive reviews on different websites about a single thing, you’ll easily believe that it’s great and you should buy it.

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I have never seen anyone stoop to such a low level just to make some bucks. All of these websites are posing as legitimate reviewers while giving you affiliate links in the end.

What are these affiliate links?

When you click on one of those links and buy the course through it, the website which posted that link gets a certain commission. So those websites aim to earn a hefty commission from that affiliate link.

They know that if they will post a negative review with the affiliate link, no one will buy the course. And when no one would buy the course, they won’t get that juicy commission. So they leave out all the ugly details and write a positive review, even when it’s not true.

I read these reviews and fell into Pete’s trap too. I thought the reviews were honest when they were certainly not and ended up losing money to that bastard.

Pete Vargas
Pete Vargas

Stage To Scale Review: Not Worth It!

Stage To Scale: An Honest Review

I bought Stage to Scale because I was dazzled by Pete Vargas and his words. It seemed like an innovative way to grow my business and I was really interested in finding that out. What I didn’t know was that it was all a big sham and nothing else. The reviews I read online praised the course substantially and it seemed like the perfect course for me to take. I can’t even blame my research because all the reviews of the course just kept going on about how awesome it was. And who reads more than 2 reviews about something before making a purchase, am I right?

I had found about Pete through a blog article mentioning him as an innovator and something. I was intrigued by his Stage to Scale methodology and I thought it can help my business in growing too. I was really foolish back then for sure. Now I know that I should avoid guys like Pete at all costs otherwise it would ruin my financial health.

The course is expensive. It’s not like the courses you see on Lynda and Udemy, it’s way more expensive than those. When you’re paying such a huge amount for a course, you’d expect it to give you valuable knowledge, wouldn’t you?

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The course’s curriculum is filled with exclusive and elusive terms like ‘3 Cs’ and all. Such stuff makes you feel like you’re reading something unique which you will not find somewhere else. This is nothing but manipulative marketing. Pete wants you to think like you’ve gotten something exclusive but that’s not the case. You’re getting generic advice and content but in shiny packaging. This is unethical but why would Pete care, he’s making money and that’s all that matters to him.

The course starts with why you should use stages for promoting your brand. This section is good, I won’t deny that but it’s very lengthy. Then comes the next section which is supposed to give you the basics of how you should start using stages for promoting your business. This is the section that sucks the most. All the content succeeding this part is of low quality. Pete is telling you vague stuff. If you want to hear about his past successes then it’s a great thing to spend your money on but if you wanted to learn how to use stages for promoting your business, you’ll be disappointed.

He gives you generic advice which you can’t use. Near the end of the course, he gives you a few valuable tips but they are not meant for small entrepreneurs. This section is reserved for those who have huge marketing budgets and don’t care much about the ROI. When you buy the course, you get to read something like this, multiple times –

‘Results may vary. Pete is an experienced mentor but he doesn’t take any responsibility whether his tips will help you or not.’

And after taking the course, I can tell you that the advice doesn’t help. You end up regretting your buying decision because in your mind, you had spent money on a valuable course.

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That’s why I hate Pete the most. He claims to be an expert, he uses big names in promoting his course, and makes big promises but all of that is only to get you to buy that thing. As soon as you click that button, you’re nothing for Pete. You’re trash for him.

The numerous fake reviews available online also deceive people into thinking his Stage to Scale course is great. It’s not great. It’s not. But no one gets the idea because the truth isn’t anywhere. I scanned the internet but I didn’t find any reviews of his courses and website on a reviewing platform. Why is that? Because on those places you get organic aka real reviews. On blogs, you get paid reviews or reviews from your affiliates.

Overall, his course is trash and I don’t recommend anyone to buy it. You’d be better off spending those dollars on something else. The course doesn’t give you any helpful knowledge. And if you’re a small business entrepreneur, you’ll be far more disappointed because then, the value of the course becomes nil.

Pete Vargas Speaking Events

Don’t Waste Your Time Or Money

After my painful experience with Pete’s course, I thought I should attend one of his events. I hoped that the talk would be of little value because the course had at least 1% value. I don’t know what came over me. I was also hoping to talk to Pete personally and ask him about the course. I was wondering if I got some outdated version of it because it was pathetic.

Anyway, I went to one of his talks, which cost a lot of money. And it was nothing like I had expected. It was trash. The talk was mostly filled with why Pete became an entrepreneur and what kind of results people have gotten from his courses and workshops.

As you can understand, the talk was mostly filled with motivational fluff and nothing specific. Just like in his course, Pete didn’t share anything of value in his talk as well. One of his other friends was also speaking on this event, Pat Quinn. All the guys did was praise Pete and promote their courses.

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I felt like I had visited some cheap promotional event and not some pricey speaking event. It was a nightmare to be honest and I wouldn’t want anyone to waste their time going there. I didn’t get a chance to meet with Pete too because he left right after the event. I wasn’t the only person there who was frustrated with his speech, however. There were many people who disliked his speech. Some people complained that the speech was too vague, and others complained that it was a waste of money.

Some people even demanded a refund but their request was denied. There was a handful of people there who were defending Pete. I pity those fools. They don’t know that the guy they are defending is in reality, a big-time scammer and not some marketing guru.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to visit his talks. Pete and his entire gang is scamming people by holding wasteful events and marketing them like some informational events. Avoid those guys.

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Pete and his companies are a major threat. They are the reason people stop believing in digital products and online companies. I hope you’ll spread the word about Pete and his reality so others don’t fall prey to his scam. I don’t know if my review will be effective or not but if it saves even one person from falling into his trap, it’s worth the effort. Please share it in your circle so your loved ones don’t make the same mistakes I made.

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    I did not know that it was group coaching and the the coaching was going to be with other students. What a disappointment. $3000 for a $500 program as far as I am concerned.

    + PROS: There is a video that gets you started. Then they teach it. But there is no one on one with a professional just volunteers.
    - CONS: There is little professional help.
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    Knowing someone who’s been brainwashed by him plus I don’t have the followers on Twitter or any social media I’d enjoy to see this trending with their stores

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