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Has Peter Fetherston been accused of assault, battery, and involvement in an $89,000 fraud? (Update 2024)

Peter Fetherston is a New York-based financial consultant who was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman. According to police reports, witnesses saw a bleeding and naked woman running from his hotel room in May 2017. 

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He had to post a bail of $1,000. 

At the time, Peter was 52 years old. The authorities arraigned him on two charges for allegedly assaulting a woman when he was on a business trip to Springfield. 

Peter spent 8 nights in jail for that crime

The violent financial consultant used to be a registered broker. But has lost his license after facing multiple regulatory actions from FINRA. 

Peter Fetherston
A photo of Peter Fetherston

He was able to get a bail only because the prosecutors withdrew a motion denying him bail on the grounds that he posed too great a danger to the victim and the public. 

His hearing was before Judge Patricia Poehler. However, Peter Fetherston pleaded not guilty to domestic assault, intimidation of a witness and battery. 

According to the arrest report, the charges were filed on Peter Fetherston on October 16.

More Details on the Assault Case:

Peter Fetherston news
1/12/2023 Update
As of now, Peter Fetherston has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

A security guard of the Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel knocked on a door after getting multiple noise complaints from other residents. 

When he knocked, he heard a woman calling for help. Then, a man started assuring the guard from inside the room saying everything was alright. 

Suddenly, a woman ran from the room “naked and covered with blood”, according to the guard. 

She was crying. Her nose and eyes were swollen as well. 

The victim told the police that she had been involved in a sexual relationship with Peter Fetherston for around 2 years. Both of them were in Springfield on a business trip. They drank for several hours and returned to their hotel room. 

There, she started talking about her successes at work and this infuriated Peter. Allegedly, he banged her head into the floor. 

Whenever the victim tried to call 911, Peter began to punch and kick her. The report also shares that Peter kept asking the victim “Are you scared?”

Later, the woman invoked her right not to testify. This is probably why the prosecution wanted to charge Peter for intimidation of a witness. However, they didn’t. 

Certainly, this is not normal behavior. 

What’s worse is this isn’t the only time when Peter Fetherston has been in the headlines for committing a crime. He used to be a financial advisor and the next section of this review shares why he became a “consultant” from a “registered broker”:

When Peter Fetherston Stole From His Investors:

In March 2022, FINRA began an investigation into Peter Fetherston for alleged misappropriation of investor funds. 

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According to the allegations, Peter had stolen $89,000 from his clients and deposited them into his personal account. FINRA alleged that Peter forged a note stating his investors gave him the funds to pay for his medical expenses. 

Also, the regulator shares that Peter refused to identify the medical expenses. 

The regulatory action is still pending. 

According to Peter’s BrokerCheck disclosures, there’s a dispute listed for $89,000 on February 2, 2020. 


Here, the investor alleged that Peter told him the funds go in commissions and investments. 

Peter settled the case for $89,000. 

It’s common among shady financial advisors to settle their cases after scamming their client. They hope their client wouldn’t find out about their scam but sometimes, people catch on. 

For example, Justin Goodbread is a financial advisor who caused his clients losses of $725,000 through negligence and unsuitable investment recommendations. Later, he settled the case for $400,000.

Prior to this case, Peter Fetherston lost his job at Principal Securities after receiving allegations for not following their policies regarding switch and replacement transactions. 

In 2017, Peter Fetherston had lost his job at MML Investors Services because of the criminal charges I discussed before. 

Apart from these two firms, Peter had worked with Aegis Capital Corp, MSI Financial Services and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. 

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What Peter Fetherston Claims to Be:

Although Peter is facing stringent regulatory action from the financial watchdog, it seems as if he doesn’t care. 

Peter Fetherston has started promoting himself as the founder of PJF Consulting Group, a financial consultancy firm in New York. However, when you look up PJF Consulting Group on Google, you don’t find any information on this firm. 

Instead, you will come across another firm of the name “PJF Consulting” which has no relation with him. 

Clearly, he is trying to deceive consumers into thinking he has some affiliation with the renowned and regulated firm. 

Obviously, Peter has started spreading lies online to improve his image. He doesn’t want people to learn about his criminal past. 


After seeing his past, it’s obvious that Peter Fetherston is not a reliable professional. He allegedly assaulted a woman, forcing her to escape naked. 

Then, he lost his job after he stole $89,000 from his clients. Now, he is facing regulatory action from FINRA for using forged documentation in this case. 

You should avoid dealing with such a crooked advisor. 

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Peter Fetherston has a past of criminal behavior. He went to jail in 2017 for assaulting a woman, bashing her head against the floor. Currently, he is facing regulatory action by FINRA for defrauding his clients.

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  • Arrested for assaulting a woman in 2017
  • Facing action by FINRA for $89,000 fraud
  • Fired from Principal Securities for violating their policies
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  1. I would recommend that the government should also spread the reality of these criminals through some media houses, for keeping their people aware of these fraudsters and criminals.

  2. Get your money be safe with you, no need to invest with this criminal, a woman assaulter and scammer too.

  3. Not a trustable man for having a conversation also, I would never feel comfortable with this man, his involvement was more than enough to avoid this man.

  4. May the woman be safe where ever she is, nowadays you can’t trust anyone with his current behavior and personality, the past can have the worst things which aren’t been exposed yet.

  5. Not a legitimate firm for investing and the man is having such heinous crime history, so avoid him for any deals.

  6. Not at all trustable for investing in and having any sort of business, many people are not getting punished even after committing the crime, so there should be changes in the law and order for providing these people the strict punishments.

  7. This man should be punished for ruining her life and adding the worst thing to her life, there are thousands of cases found where a woman is being seen as a sex object, and nothing more than that, people with this cheap mentality should be arrested.

  8. Their several other cases are found woman’s assassination, it is the responsibility of society to make sure every single person is safe and not getting affected by any sort of negative aspects.

  9. I got horrified after reading the first paragraph, this man could a real monster, making women suffer for their life.

  10. 1.1

    You are telling me this man beat up a woman and is allowed to offer financial advice to people? There should be some law to prevent crooks like him to face actual consequences. What this man faced for his violent acts is peanuts. It’s like fining Bill Gates $100 for cheating on his wife. Peter Fetherston’s case is a prime example of corruption.

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    • Yeah it’s terrible. But what can we even do about it. The man is obviously rich enough to pay off others. Otherwise he would be in jail rn.

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