Petrungaro Plastic Surgery – A Selfish and Greedy Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jason Petrungaro runs Petrungaro Plastic Surgery in Indiana. He claims to be a specialist who cares about his patients. However, his clients say that he doesn’t care about them and his staff behaves very rudely. 

There are multiple reviews on Dr. Petrungaro that highlight his lack of professionalism. That’s why it’s vital to perform proper research on a surgeon before you hire them. 

The following Petrungaro review will shed more light on how this surgeon operates and whether you should trust him with your face, breast, or body. 

Important Details About Petrungaro Plastic Surgery: Prices, Timings, Website, Location, Phone, Etc.

Petrungaro Plastic Surgery review

Petrungaro Plastic Surgery is a clinic located in Munster, Indiana. Their address is 800 Macarthur Blvd #21, Munster, IN 46321, US. You can contact them by calling on 219-836-1163 and the opening hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 1 PM on Friday. The clinic remains closed on weekends. 

Jason M. Petrungaro, MD, FACS runs this clinic. He offers multiple cosmetic procedures including mommy makeover, eyelid surgery, brazilian butt lift, eyelid surgery, arm lift, liposuction, breast augmentation, body lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, and breast lift. 

To book an appointment here, you will have to visit their website ( 

About Dr. Jason Petrungaro: 

At first, Dr. Jason Petrungaro seems like a genuine professional. However he has plenty of issues. 

For example, he has a RealSelf profile where he has a stellar 5 out of 5 stars rating. You might think he has such an exceptional rating because he’s a great surgeon. However, that’s half the truth. 

Petrungaro Plastic Surgery review

Dr. Jason has a verified profile on RealSelf. Doctors with a verified profile pay a monthly fee to the review platform that allows them to get more control on their review page. It also lets them add various details on their 

Having a biased profile allows him to mislead consumers easily. It’s a common tactic among shady businesses to have paid profiles on review platforms so they can manipulate others. Oro House Recovery Centers use this exact tactic too. 

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Dr. Petrungaro has a small disclaimer in the footer of his website which says “Your Results Will Vary “ in bold font. It might not seem like a big thing but this small disclaimer frees him of any responsibility. You can’t hold him liable for botching your procedure and damaging your appearance because of this small disclaimer. Beware of surgeons that use this strategy. 

Petrungaro Plastic Surgery review

Below are some of the many Petrungaro Plastic Surgery reviews to help you determine if this place is worth the trip: 

Don’t Disclose Basic Details Unless You Pay 

Petrungaro Plastic Surgery review

This reviewer had contacted this clinic to find out the starting range for Petrungaro Plastic Surgery prices. They live 5 hours away from the clinic and didn’t want to drive all the way just to find out the prices for tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift. However, the staff declined their request and demanded that they get a paid appointment if they want to find out anything. 

The reviewer says that finding out Petrungaro plastic surgery prices isn’t worth that much effort.

Petrungaro Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Take Insurance Patients or Medicare

Petrungaro Plastic Surgery review

This patient had contacted the clinic to find out if they take insurance patients. However, they found that Petrungaro Plastic Surgery no longer takes patients with insurance or medicare. I believe Dr. Petrungaro should share this information on his website but he doesn’t. Isn’t that misleading? 

Ignored What the Patient Wanted, Gave Injections on the Wrong Place

Petrungaro Plastic Surgery review

This patient wanted Dr. Petrungaro to inject Dysport on their forehead. They had mentioned it multiple times in meetings and had even written it specifically in their note. 

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However, Dr. Jason didn’t care enough about the patient to read the note. He injected Dysport on the patient’s eyebrows. When the reviewer complained, he shrugged it off by saying it’s the same thing when it’s clearly not. 

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Dr. Jason Petrungaro is a selfish doctor who doesn’t care much about his patients. He focuses more on how much he can squeeze out of his patients rather that providing them with the desired results. 

The various reviews on Petrungaro Plastic Surgery indicate that it’s not a good practice. There are a ton of surgeons in Indiana, you don’t have to pick this one. 

2.8Expert Score

Dr. Jason Petrungaro is a selfish doctor who doesn’t care much about his patients. He focuses more on how much he can squeeze out of his patients rather that providing them with the desired results. 

Concern for Clients
  • None
  • Doesn't listen to the client
  • Doesn't take insurance patients
  • Doesn't value the patient's time
  • Tries to mislead clients

1 Comment
  1. My wife had visited a clinic that was just like Petrungaro Plastic Surgery. They made her sign all kinds of waivers for her rhinoplasty before the procedure and we thought it was the usual protocol. But the doctor gave her a deviated septum and she started facing some breathing issues after the procedure.

    She had several follow up meetings with her doctor and he always told her that she should give it some time to expect any positive results. A year passed and her issues were still there.

    We went to 2 other surgeons to discuss the case and they both told us that she’ll need a revision procedure otherwise the issues will only worsen. Imagine the horror. My wife was looking forward to her rhinoplasty for months and this is what she got.

    I remember setting up my appointment with that place and taking a short-leave from the office to take my wife there. The doctor made us wait 30 minutes even though we had arrived at the appointment’s time.

    When we met with the doctor and told him about her breathing issues and everything else, he told us the same thing those 2 other surgeons had told us a while ago. But he didn’t ACCEPT HIS FAULT. He told us that he will need to perform another rhinoplasty at nearly the same cost.

    My wife and I expected that he will at least give us a refund or perform a free revision. To be honest, even a discount on the revision procedure would have made sense but he never accepted his fault to begin with.

    We learned a hard lesson that day. Don’t go to surgeons who don’t take responsibility for their work and it seems Petrungaro Plastic Surgery is exactly one of those places. I was simply browsing this website when I saw this complaint and my wife’s experience compelled me to write this comment. Some plastic surgeons are great but many of these guys are heartless scum. Avoid such clinics.

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