Phillip W. Knight – International Scammer – London Toronto Canada

WARNING: Phillip W Knight, Phillip Knight, Gordon R Baker, QC, Innasmatt Lynx Top Hat Investments, Zurich, Toronto

This is a WARNING to anyone who is considering business transactions with Phillip W. Knight of Canada.

An Overview of Phillip W. Knight’s Scam

Phillip W. Knight and Gordon R Baker QC Attorney Trust Account ( was on the receiving end of a wire transfer of US$75,000 initiated around March 30, 2019, that was part of the transaction for ‘supposedly’ securing a financial product that would become the equity piece for a funding facility that would finance our oil and gas project in the USA.

The US$75,000 was sent through a Trustee named Gordon R Baker QC (Queens Counsel) who was supposed to hold the funds in trust for the transaction. The transaction did not complete, all deadlines passed, and our US$75,000 has not been returned back to us.

Did You Know?

In the United kingdom and few other commonwealth countries, a Counsel is a senior trial lawyer, who is always appointed by a monarch. This Counsel is known as King’s Counsel when the lawyer is a male and Queen’s Counsel when the lawyer is a lady.

We have been pursuing these funds since 2019 after all deadlines in the Agreement passed and we became aware of a website (, Skype: harbourmaster13) and postings related to Phillip W Knight and his past attorneys for transacting shady and unethical business transactions that victimized innocent people to the benefit of Phillip and his associates, but to the detriment of a numerous amount of victims.

We remained in contact with Phillip W. Knight until he stopped taking and returning our calls and have since stayed in touch with his attorney, Gordon R Baker QC. We have routinely been told by both Knight and Baker that the US$75,000 will be returned. Phillip W. Knight is currently hiding out at 25 Southerland Drive in London, Ontario N6P1C2 (reconfirmed January 2023) in case anyone is trying to track him down to serve him papers.

This is his girlfriend Allison’s house. Why is she associating with a lying psychopath loser like this guy? Is she that desperate? Geez! His cell phone is still 416-716-7444, as well. Please contact us with any helpful information at pa***@ph************.com. And please post your comments on this Gripeo website, as well.

Phillip W Knight
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