Phoenix Hope Involuntary Outpatient Commitment IOC

Phoenix Hope Involuntary Outpatient Commitment (IOC) of Phoenix AZ owners are Eric Ryan Meza and Edward Sayegh. Dr Sayegh of Phoenix Hope IOP LLC in Phoenix, AZ pleaded guilty last month to fraudulent schemes and artifices, conspiracy, forgery, administration of narcotic drugs and administration of dangerous drugs. He was accused of billing the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System for phantom medical services, prescribing pills for drug diversion purposes and falsification of his patient medical records. Prosecutors say Sayegh also required certain patients to share their medications with him and prescribed pills to drug dealers in exchange for cocaine.

 Eric Ryan Meza
Eric Ryan Meza

PHX doctor gets prison term for forgery, fraud

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He received a prison term for fraud, conspiracy and administration of narcotics drugs and dangerous drugs. Don’t trust him.

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