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Piercings by Ravana – Rude, Unhygienic and Unreachable : Review 2024

Piercings by Ravana is a Laguna-based piercing studio notorious for its poor services, according to its client reviews. 

You can only book appointments with them through their instagram handle @piercings.ravana. Apart from that, they also run an online jewelry store called juicy.jewelries and sell merchandise through 

Piercings by Ravana instagram
A picture of Rachel Ravana, owner of Piercings by Ravana

Did You Know?

Rachel Ravana is also famous for Juicy Jewelries, an online store to sell body jewelry, and Susej Mom, a clothing brand featuring her designs. She has been piercing since 2015 but gained most popularity recently, when her Instagram handle uplifted over 300k followers. 

I found several posts about her online and I’m sharing them here. If you’re interested in getting her services, be sure to check out these Piercings by Ravana review: 

“It is Very Stressful to Book Appointments with Piercings by Ravana”

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The above reviewer availed Rachel’s services for piercing. She points out that the healing process was smooth and it didn’t take long for it to heal. There was a little discharge and swelling but that’s it. 

Also, the reviewer points out that Rachel responded to her questions very quickly. 

However, there were several issues. 

First, it’s very stressful to book an appointment with Piercings by Ravana. She doesn’t have many slots open. And they go by very fast. 

Also, the reviewer highlights that she is very cold. In fact, the reviewer felt as if Rachel was rude that day. 

At first, she thought it was just her mood but after reading other reviews, she realized that’s just how Rachel is. 

So, if you’re looking for good customer service, don’t go to Piercings by Ravana. 

Instead, the reviewer recommends going to Vimana. She also points out that her location is way out of the way so you will need to spend a significant amount of time to get to your appointment.

“She Doesn’t Answer Your Questions”

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Here, the reviewer had an appointment with Piercings by Ravan when she was not as popular. 

She got there an hour before her appointment. However, there were no clients, so Rachel performed the procedure immediately. 

It didn’t take long and the procedure was quick. 

But even then, her behavior was rather rude and it made things uncomfortable. 

Later, when the reviewer asked her a few questions about her piercings, she didn’t respond. Hence, the reviewer doesn’t recommend going to her. 

Another Piercings by Ravana Reviewer Highlighting Her Rude Behavior:

This reviewer wasn’t able to get an accessory of her choice. Also, the place where Rachel was performing all the procedures smelled horrible. 

In fact, the reviewer’s mother started sneezing as soon as they entered. 

She highlights that Rachel is not very friendly. However, she suspects it is because of the number of clients she deals with everyday. 

Also, the reviewer wanted a bigger accessory but Rachel didn’t give any choice. She had to stick with the horseshoe accessory. 

The reviewer is just glad that she didn’t experience any problems while healing. 

“Piercings by Ravana is Too Hard to Reach”

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This reviewer doesn’t recommend going to Piercings by Ravana. She wanted to give her a try after finding out that she pierced Rei Germar. 

But she realized that traveling to Laguna and waiting for her available timings was just not feasible. 

Also, all of her accounts are locked, making it very difficult to trust the service provider. 

She says that her lower prices are no justification for her poor services. Furthermore, it takes too long and too much effort to get to Rachel. You can get better services with less effort by looking for someone else. 

The reviewer recommends saving up funds to get a different piercer. Through her personal experience, she recommends going to Zack from Vimana. 

You should keep in mind that Piercings by Ravana is a home-based piercer. 

Rachel Ravan Caused the Client to Develop an Infection after Bleeding

rachel ravana
Piercings by Ravana owner

This reviewer shares that Piercings by Ravana is nothing special. At first, the reviewer thought she would like her services. 

But after trying her out, she realized that she wasn’t worth it. 

The procedure was fast. According to the reviewer, when she started sterilizing the needle, she asked her if she wanted to upgrade to gold jewelry. 

At that time, the reviewer didn’t know that it’s a big no-no for initial piercings. But she went ahead with it anyway. 

According to the reviewer, Rachel didn’t even show the earrings she had picked. She simply sanitized it, cleaned the area and performed the piercing procedure. 

That’s all. 

The reviewer says she didn’t even chat about what she should do next. There was no discussion on aftercare whatsoever. 

Rachel told her to go and pay. Then, another client entered and she noticed that Rachel began the procedure without even changing her gloves. 

The reviewer’s tragus bled heavily. She developed an infection a week later and had to see a different piercer to get a second opinion. 

The second piercer recognized that it was Ravana’s work immediately. They told her that she shouldn’t have used gold jewelry. 

Also, the reviewer says that she didn’t find Piercings by Ravana to be very sanitary. Her apartment smelled horrible. 

It was a big red flag for the reviewer. 

Also, Rachel keeps her pets nearby and doesn’t clean the premises properly. That’s probably why the reviewer developed an infection. 

She says that although her rates are low, she wasn’t worth it. It would be better for you to go to a more expensive but cleaner and skilled piercer. 

Due to such a terrible experience, the reviewer doesn’t recommend Rachel Ravana at all. 

Additional Piercings by Ravana Reviews:

Piercings by Ravana
Piercings by Ravana reviews
Piercings by Ravana review
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I hope you found the above reviews helpful. Clearly, Piercings by Ravana is not what it claims to be.

She has received too many clients for keeping her place dirty. One of her clients even suffered from an infection. 

Also, it seems she doesn’t care about customer care much. 

I don’t think it would be a good idea to visit this piercer.

3.1Expert Score
Not recommended

The multiple complaints against Piercings by Ravana suggests it is not a good place. You will be better off someplace else.

Customer Service
  • Experienced
  • Poor customer service
  • No aftercare
  • Hard to reach
  • Rushes appointments

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