Pillar Technology – How Bob Myers Abuses His Employees

Pillar Technology used to be a spectacular firm which cared about its employees as well as its clients. Now, the company has removed its employees from its focus altogether. 

Bob Myers, the CEO of this company, has received a ton of complaints for his hotheadedness and threatening behavior. A lot of the staff here feels uncomfortable and afraid. 

Furthermore, the company has cut off a ton of benefits to spend more money on Bob’s private jet trips. Certainly, it doesn’t send a good message. 

The following review explains how Bob Myers is growing his company by taking advantage of his own staff members. If you’re interested in Pillar Technology careers, this might be the perfect read for you: 

About Pillar Technology Columbus, Ohio: CEO, Accenture and More

Pillar Technology is a UX design, content and technology company which was acquitted by Accenture in 2018. The company claims to offer all the necessary technical capabilities to its clients, including: 

  • Strategy
  • Hardware engineering
  • Product design
  • Software engineering
  • UX

The company is based in Columbus, Ohio. Their contact number is 800-374-5527 and the contact email is cmh{at}pillartechnology.com.

Now, Pillar Technology is a part of Accenture Industry X.

Did You Know?

‘Accenture Industry X’ refers to Accenture’s Digital Transformation Services, that claims to aid the clients in reimaging the procedures used in their production.

The CEO of Pillar Technology is Bob Myers. Certainly, it looks like a promising firm with a bright future. But its employees tell a completely different story. 

According to numerous Pillar Technology reviews by its employees, Bob Myers is a horrible CEO who doesn’t care about the well-being of his staff.

The company has racked up a ton of negative employee reviews within the last couple of years. No matter how much funding a company secures, if it doesn’t look after its employees, all of it goes into waste.

In the next section of this review, I have shared some of the numerous complaints this company has received: 

Pillar Technology Reviews by Employees: Are Pillar Technology Careers Worth It?

Pillar Technology Does Not Care About Its Employees Anymore

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The above reviewer is a Senior Software Artisan at Pillar Technology. Initially, his experience was great. But ever since the acquisition, the company has degraded significantly. 

The reviewer points out that the company chewed up its employees and spit them out. 

Now, they use parts of their once well-written Artisanship career job descriptions. However, the company no longer cares about the craftsmanship of software engineering. 

No, they are only interested in filling seats now. 

The reviewer says that most of the original employees of the design firm are gone.

Pillar Technology is Not a Place for Female Developers

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Here, the reviewer points out that Bob Myers’ Pillar Technology is unsuitable for female developers or independent thinkers. 

They point out that the company culture is similar to that of a “dogmatic frat of Agile evangelists”. Furthermore, there is no diversity in the firm. 

If somebody decides to push back on using TDD as a solution for every problem, the management treats them with contempt. They highlight that if a female developer is looking for a place which makes them completely aware of being a woman in the tech sector, Pillar Technology is the right place for them. 

The reviewer clarifies that they didn’t mean it in a positive way. 

“CEO is Threatening, Unstable and Frightening”

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The reviewer says the developers at this design firm are brilliant. However, the CEO is unstable and threatening. 

He highlights that the company has had considerable turnover in all sales-related positions. Why? Because the CEO is a loose cannon. He is very frightening and threatening. 

However, because he is charismatic, he is able to deceive people into trusting him at first. 

The reviewer recommends the CEO to get some coaching and counseling.

Bob Myers Pillar Technology is a Hotheaded Mess Who Tries to Ruin Your Career if You Complain


In this review, the person points out that the company looks attractive but that’s just an illusion. 

They highlight that Pillar Technology is a cult. It is filled with toxic politics and toxic people. 

They don’t always do agile nor do they always write tests. 

Moreover, the company sells an ideology it doesn’t follow. The reviewer highlights that the company doesn’t really care about developers and barns former employees of the tech community from attending meetups. 

They ban former employees of the tech community from attending meetups and silences any negative criticism with lawsuits. 

The reviewer highlights that Bob Myers is a hotheaded bully. He fires anyone who poses a threat to him. Furthermore, other developers cheat, lie and extort other employees to look better in Bob’s eyes. 

The reviewer points out that Pillar does anything it can to prevent you from saying anything negative about the company. This includes filing a lawsuit or threatening you with false criminal charges. 

Also, the company will defame and discredit anyone who complains about its terrible management. The company may even lie to prevent you from getting a job elsewhere. 

What’s worse is that the company tries to avoid paying its employees for as long as it can. Here, the reviewer waited for 3 months to get their pay. 

The reviewer points out that Pillar Technology bans people from the tech industry from attending conferences and meetups. They actively try to destroy people’s careers if they say anything negative about the firm. 

Hence, the reviewer suggests avoiding the firm altogether. 

Also, the reviewer says that the management knows exactly what they are doing so they are not going to change anywhere in the near future.

Pillar Technology Lays Off People Randomly, Offers No Work Life Balance

Here, the reviewer says that the company used to be incredible in the past. But now, it has become a sinking ship. 

Accenture’s acquisition has ruined the company, according to this reviewer. 

The reviewer highlights that Accenture projects have inexperienced managers and developers. They spend over 5 hours every day on meetings and expect you to work on weekends. 

Furthermore, the new culture of this company is extremely toxic. Bob Myers Pillar Technology doesn’t want you to have a proper work life balance. 

They schedule meetings at 8 AM and 8 PM regardless of your working hours. 

That’s not all. 

Employees live in constant fear because the company laid off 50+ people instantly through Accenture Algorithm. Most employees realized that it was done only to pad the stock prices for shareholders. 

“They Took Away Most of Our Perks, Have Put Employees in a State of Constant Fear”

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In the above review, the reviewer highlights that the people at Pillar Technology are amazing. It has some of the best developers and designers. However, that’s the only benefit of working here. 

He highlights that shortly after he started working here, the management took away all the perks. First they took away around $500 a year for training, a Tesla Model 3 which traveled to each location so the employees could borrow it for a day or a weekend. 

Then, they took away a conference at a waterpark where the staff’s families were flown out every year. 

Initially, they had told the reviewer that Pillar Technology was a flat organization, everything was visible. 

They even told him that it’s a reliable company as they didn’t lay off anyone during the 2008 recession. However, it was all a lie. 

The reviewer quickly figured out that the company had a hierarchy and the team leads and delivery leads were not transparent at all. He highlights that transparency is a big issue in this company. The acquisition only made it worse. 

Also, there has been a hiring freeze. But the company acts like there isn’t by dragging along potential hires with the promise of a job. 

Moreover, the company fired 54 employees and the communication was horrible during that period. Now, most of the people working here are looking for a new job on the side. 

“Bob Myers Sold Out”

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The above reviewer says that Bob Myers Pillar Technology sold his people out. 

After the Accenture acquisition, people are leaving the company left and right. There has been a significant dip in quality across the board. 

The reviewer says that Bob shouldn’t have sold the company. Many people joined this firm because he said they wouldn’t sell. 

Pillar Technology Doesn’t Spend Money on Offering Decent Benefits to its Employees But Wastes it on Private Jets for the CEO

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Here, the reviewer says that Pillar Technology has questionable values. 

According to the reviewer, the people who work at this company have good intentions. However, the company does not uphold the values it sells to clients. 

It has grown too fast at the expense of its employees. Now, nobody knows who does what or who has what authority at this firm as Bob has made it a complex organization of self-formed cults. 

These cults are responsible for running the different sections of the company. 

Furthermore, it seems like the management is under immense pressure to deliver results. That’s why they have abandoned their values. 

The reviewer says that in his personal experience, Pillar Technology claims its employees, their families and careers are all highly valued. But instead of offering decent benefits for such a career (maternal leave, proper health care plans, sick leave, retirement savings, etc.), the company spends money on private jets and private chefs for Bob Myers (the CEO) and office buildings with retractable roofs.

Every office location is managed differently. The reviewer says it’s important to know this because if you ever opt to work in a different location, you’ll experience a completely different work culture. 

Also, the reviewer recommends the management to create the company they have claimed to have already built. Furthermore, the company should stop wasting time and money on wasteful flashy things. 

“Bob Myers of Pillar Technology is Extremely Cheap”

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The reviewer worked as a sales manager at Pillar Technology. In his experience, there weren’t many pros to working here. 

He says the biggest problem here is the owner as he is extremely cheap.

According to the reviewer, Bob expects his sales professionals to stay at fleabag hotels. Furthermore, the employees didn’t care for him and many were afraid of him. 

Also, you have to turn in your call reports before the expenses get the reimbursement. It sounds okay on paper but the problem is, nobody reads them. 

He tested it by writing a stupid comment which should have caused a response. 

The reviewer recommends the management to trust its staff and give them some latitude.  

Additional Pillar Technology Reviews You Should Read:

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Conclusion: Bob Myers is Ruining Lives

It’s obvious. Bob is focused on growing his company at the expense of his employees. He should realize that no company functions effectively if the working conditions of its staff are terrible. 

According to the numerous employee reviews, the company has removed many employee benefits and is spending that money on private jets and private chefs for the CEO. This is purely tyrannical. 

The overworked staff at Pillar Technology deserves decent perks and benefits. Maybe Accenture should look into this matter and reprimand Bob. 

1.8 Total Score
Toxic Leadership

Pillar Technology is abusing its employees, according to the numerous complaints it has received online. So many staff members have highlighted the frightening environment it offers and how the CEO is extremely cheap. The upper management at Accenture needs to look into these matters immediately.

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Concern for Employees
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Concern for Employees
  • Has been in the industry for decades
  • Fires employees at random
  • Reduces employee benefits to spend more on the CEO’s private jet
  • Doesn’t listen to criticism
  • Has created an extremely toxic work environment
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