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Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago – A risky affair financially, and…

If you’re looking for someone to perform cosmetic procedures, you might come across the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago. 

Operated by Dr. Parit Patel, this clinic seems like any normal clinic at first. But this place has a ton of red flags and issues.

In the following points, I have highlighted some of the problems present in this clinic to help you determine if they are worth your money and time: 

Dr. Parit Patel (MD, MBA, FACS): Mastermind Behind Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago

The Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago is located at 737 N Michigan Ave #1820, Chicago, IL 60611, US. Its contact number is 312-819-5338. The clinic opens from 8 AM to 5 PM. 

Dr. Parit Patel is the plastic surgeon at this clinic. He specializes in craniofacial, aesthetic, and reconstructive plastic surgery. His clinic offers various procedures including breast lift, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, neck lift, rhinoplasty, and plenty of others. 

He also offers non-surgical services such as botox, dermal fillers, etc. 

Do you know the difference between Botox and dermal fillers?

Botox is used to cease the aging signs as wrinkles and loose skin, by medically reducing the activities of the facial muscles. Whereas hyaluronic acid, plumping and lifting are used in dermal filling to replace the collagen loss. In simple terms, Botox ceases the onset of wrinkles by stopping the muscular movement of the face, and the dermal fillers aid in removal of wrinkles visible on face, when muscles are still.

Dr. Patel claims to be a seasoned expert in plastic surgery. He also claims that he is committed to offer specialized and compassionate care to all of his patients. But his reviews tell a different story. 

According to his patient reviews, his staff is rude and he is inexperienced in giving injections or fillers. 

Chances are, you wouldn’t hear about these reviews. Because he puts a lot of focus on his social media presence. Dr. Parit Patel doesn’t want you to find out about his patients’ complaints. 

To some extent, you can compare him to Dr. Robert Kaplinsky MD, an infamous urologist in Illinois. Dr. Kaplinsky is a careless misogynist, according to his patients. Let’s see what the disgruntled patients of the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago say: 

Dr. Parit Patel is Inexperienced in Giving Injections

Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago review

According to the above reviewer, Dr. Patel doesn’t know how to inject fillers. Because of his botched procedure, one of the reviewer’s eyebrows stays up most of the time. On top of that, the reviewer suspects that Dr. Patel injected them with something else.

They have this suspicion because they had a Groupon. The reviewer also adds that they have had botox before and it was never as painful as Dr. Patel’s procedure. 

Staff at the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago is Extremely Rude

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Angel here complains that the staff at the front desk is very rude and might be racist. The staff member didn’t even bother to introduce herself and her behavior was nowhere near to what you’d expect a professional to behave like. 

Read More About: Sharvil Patel

They tell others to take their business elsewhere. 

Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago Review: Conclusion

Dr. Patel and the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago are definitely not the best service providers in the region. The Illinois plastic surgery market is very competitive and for them to offer such poor services suggests that they don’t care much about their clients. 

That’s not a good sign. 

Hence, it would be better to find a plastic surgeon who has more care towards their patients and more professional experience. Dr. Parit Patel is someone you should avoid at best. 

2.9Expert Score
Not worth it

Dr. Patel lacks the experience and expertise you’d expect to see in a skilled plastic surgeon. Chicago is home to some of the best plastic surgeons but he isn’t one of them. Hence, avoid.

  • None
  • Inexperienced in injections
  • Rude staff
  • Deceptive

Michael Whitaker
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  1. Working for money, after promoting fake claims, none of their services are the same as told before the treatment, we have wasted our money with them.

  2. Most of these clinics are running a form of business, no matter how the treatment and facilities are provided, they want only one thing money.

  3. The review of Angel in the article is correct, I have seen her talking rubbish to their patients and trying to be racist several times, I will recommend you not to take any sought of treatment from the clinic and search for some other clinic with better staff members.

  4. They are fooling their patients, mainly by taking money from their clients.

  5. Get the accurate amount to be spent and also go through some reviews and try to contact someone who has taken treatment from the clinic.

  6. Make sure you aren’t taken up mistakenly by the fake advertisement of the clinic, it is part of their business to attract new customers with several promotional schemes, and later scamming them is the real task.

  7. I would be supporting the author’s views completely, several family members of mine have taken treatment from this clinic which was 100% satisfactory also the staff members behaved well, and the doctors were excellent at their work.

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