Poma Fertility – Lying to Clients, Poor Service, and More

Would you trust a fertility clinic that makes you go through expensive tests unnecessarily? Certainly not. But this means you can’t trust Poma Fertility as it has plenty of complaints for making its clients go through unnecessary and highly expensive tests. 

The clinic loves to take advantage of its clients and can resort to any strategy for this. 

Poma Fertility: About

Poma Fertility is a clinic specializing in infertility care. They are located in Kirkland, Washington and their address is 12039 NE 128th St, Kirkland, WA 98034, US. You can contact the clinic by calling on 425-822-7662 and set appointments by visiting pomafertility.com, although I advise against it. 

The clinic opens at 7:30 AM and closes at 4 PM from Monday to Friday. Michael Opahl, MD is the primary physician here while the CEO of this place is Patrick McCarthy. 

It’s a prominent clinic in Seattle. However, it has become notorious for offering poor services to its clients and misleading them into paying extra. 

Below, I have shared some of the numerous complaints people have posted against this clinic. They aren’t limited to Poma Fertility Yelp reviews either: 

Poma Fertility Lacks Professionalism & Gives Incorrect Information 

Poma Fertility review

Every other doctor had told this reviewer that they didn’t even need to consider IVF as an option as everything looked great. They had visited Poma Fertility to get a specialist’s opinion. 

Michael Opsahl was their doctor and he was 20 minutes late to the appointment Moreover, he was dismissive of their questions, didn’t pay attention to what they said and told them that their only option was getting an IVF. 

Michael also said that  they need to start with an IVF process right away and send them to finance. 

The reviewer shares that it felt like buying a car. Furthermore, the staff also behaved like Michael and said that the only option they had was to go through IVF. 

The reviewer says that they provided conflicting information and due to the lack of professionalism and decency at this clinic, they don’t recommend it.

Mislead Clients into Paying for the Most Expensive Treatments

Poma Fertility review

The clinic told this reviewer that their only option was to go through several expensive treatments. However, other fertility clinics told them that no one could make such a diagnosis without even performing a blood test. 

When the reviewer wanted to get Poma Fertility’s diagnosis in writing, they suggested coming to the office. Furthermore, the reviewer points out that the staff blames anyone who isn’t present in the office and says things like “your husband is the problem” or “your spouse is the reason why she isn’t getting pregnant”. 

Poma Fertility review

This reviewer had a terrible experience with Poma Fertility. They charged her for services the reviewer didn’t request. The reviewer had asked for a drug test on a potential donor before conducting full screening because they hadn’t signed any contract. 

They paid for everything that might have been confused in the email including day 3 labs. However, they hadn’t requested an ultrasound, CBC Reprosource OAR. They paid for day 3 bloodwork, venipuncture, nicotine test, and drug test. 

Poma Fertility didn’t have the permission from the agency to perform any additional tests. However, they were eager to push the cycle because their embryologist only works on odd months. 

Even when the clinic knew everything, they performed the tests without informing the client. They hadn’t informed the client until they asked for a bill for the drug test. 

The clinic couldn’t cycle the donor on odd months so the reviewer repeated the blood work and paid their clinic $800. They didn’t get the bill within the first week either. Also, the reviewer shares that they hadn’t signed any contracts and they had emailed someone named Kristin to find out the cost of the drug test. 

There, the reviewer had made it clear that they wouldn’t move forward unless the donor passed the drug test. 

The Clinic’s Rebuttal and the Client’s Response: 

Poma Fertility responded to this complaint by saying that the reviewer had requested every test they performed, they told her the costs in writing and they obtained the tests at her request. They claimed that the reviewer was lying. 

Poma Fertility review

To this, the reviewer gave a detailed reply and said that she hadn’t requested every test. She asks them to provide evidence of this and says that they couldn’t do anything other than a drug test legally. 

Poma Fertility review

Also, she points out that the clinic didn’t tell her the cost of every test. Because she had specifically asked for the cost of the drug test as she only wanted them to perform this one test. 

They informed her of the costs involved only after they had performed the tests. 

Moreover, she adds that she never requested the tests she hadn’t paid for. She had specifically asked the clinic to send the donor to a lab instead of the clinic. The clinic said that the donor couldn’t go to a lab and forced the reviewer to pay for her visit of the clinic. 

She shares that she wouldn’t have paid her NYC fertility clinic a week later for the tests Poma Fertility had already performed. The donor had admitted to using marijuana so the reviewer wanted them to perform a drug test to be certain. 

Despite knowing all this, the people at Poma Fertility did what they wanted to. The review says that she has already paid for more than the drug test. Still, the clinic can’t behave ethically and accept their fault. She asks how can a fertility clinic proceed with tests without signing contracts and then ask money for them? 

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Poma Fertility Review Conclusion

Going to Poma Fertility can be a nightmare. The staff here doesn’t seem to respect its clients and the management is too focused on money to care about you. There are plenty of clinics in Seattle and seeing how high Poma Fertility cost is, I don’t think it would be appropriate to work with these guys. 

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Poma Fertility seems to care more about its finances than its clientele. They perform tests without consent and lie to you so you’ll take unnecessary treatments just because they are expensive.

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