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Beware of Power Home Remodeling – Review 2024

Beware of Power Home Remodeling – Review 2024
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Wrong windows
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I agreed with power home remodeling and signed for installing nine Pella double-hung two-windier panes embedded in Stella-reinforced vinyl-framed windows.

I found out the day after installation when they started breaking weather stripping falling off and saw that they are cut glass inserted into cheap vinyl frames and the glass is shimmed. The cleaning works also got worsened.

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The vinyl is warping/lifting, weather stripping is falling off, locks are broken -this was pointed out on insertion date (“it’ll be fixed”) the windows were not installed flush to the inner stops (gaps/looks like poor calking in photos). I learned about this from another contractor company who inspected the job on 4/16.

I would never agree with nonstructural sound glass independent of the vinyl frame!! This was not was I was sold/told would be inserted and I did not agree to these windows!!!! 4/10 QI manager refused to provide me with what I signed for!! They are just willing to fix the broken panes of glass and locks.

They are not addressing the non level windows or screen gaps, warping vinyl, lifting weather stripping. I envision years of water damage, breaking glass, bugs getting in from the non level screens. This is a scam!!

It’s horrible of Amy’s company to do this to anyone!!! If you see a sakes pitch take multiple photos of item shown, record the pitch, bring the contract to your lawyer before signing!! Do not do business with the company ever!!!!


0.8 Total Score
Do not use Power Home Remodeling

  • None
  • Broken glass
  • substitute window
  • scammed
  • not level, poor installation
  • not flush
  • broken locks,
  • refusal to make things right
  • Pay for what I never agreed to have
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Beware of Power Home Remodeling – Review 2024
Beware of Power Home Remodeling – Review 2024
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