PPL Electric Review: Calls you repeatedly, then puts you on hold

As a PPL Electric customer, I would normally answer a phone call from them.  Every week or every few days, PPL calls me and immediately puts me on hold when I answer.  I’ve given them a few moments to see if I get a human being on the other end, but the elevator music continues to play, so I just hang up.  After repeated calls, I just answer and immediately hang up if no human is on the other end. 

Did You know?

If consumers have any questions or queries, they should contact their website (pplelectric.com/my-account/registration-activation) and customer service (1-800-342-5775).

Today, I decided to answer and attempt to see just how long I’d remain on hold.  I finally hung up after TEN MINUTES.  I certainly understand being on hold due to high volume IF I CALL THEM.  Being placed on hold after they call me is horrible customer service, bad etiquette, a nuisance and a waste of my time.

Being a PPL Electric customer, it can be aggravating to run into service problems and then have to deal with protracted wait periods and repeated calls to get them fixed. However, by understanding how to use PPL Electric’s customer support and following a few pointers, you can shorten the process and reduce the time and effort required to fix any issues that arise.

Overview of PPL Electric

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PPL Electric Utilities is a utility company that serves over 1.4 million consumers in Pennsylvania. The organization is in charge of maintaining the transmission and distribution system that brings power to buildings all around the state. Although the business works hard to offer dependable service, occasionally consumers may have problems like power outages or invoicing mistakes.

PPL Electric customers frequently have problems.

As with any utility company, PPL Electric customers may experience a variety of issues. Power outages, billing mistakes, and inconsistencies in meter readings are some of the most frequent problems. Other issues may include trouble establishing or canceling service, difficulties with equipment installation, or the need for repairs to the infrastructure that provides service to a specific area.

Knowing how to use PPL Electric’s customer service

customer service

Aside from the phone, email, and online chat, PPL Electric also provides customer assistance through other means. When you call the customer support number, you will be asked to choose the relevant department based on the specifics of your problem. You could have a protracted wait before dealing with a professional, depending on the amount of calls.

Guidelines for dealing with frequent calls and prolonged hold times

ppl guideline

Being prepared before contacting PPL Electric’s customer care will help you get your problem resolved as quickly and easily as possible. This could mean having your account information and details about your problem ready to go. Additionally, you might want to think about contacting when call volume is lower, such as early in the morning or late at night, when it is not as busy.

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PPL Electric calls you repeatedly, then puts you on hold when you answer.

Every week or every few days, PPL calls me and immediately puts me on hold when I answer. 

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