Pratham Waghmare

Pratham Waghmare ( targets young entrepreneurial people from India, Pakistan, & Africa. He runs an elaborate scam where he takes large sums of money from his victims and leaves them with nothing but regrets.

He has started his scam in February 2021 and has managed to get paid articles posted all over the web from websites including Forbes India & Yahoo Finance. However, don’t let these paid lies fool you into thinking he is an honest man.

Pratham Waghmare makes his wealth by ruining the careers & lives of Other youngsters.

He gives them false hope and uses manipulation techniques to extract money from them.

Read this Get Paying Clients course review to learn the reality behind the RedFire Media scam by Pratham Waghmare.

About: Pratham Waghmare Net Worth, Income, Wikipedia, Age, Education, & Website

Pratham Waghmare
Pratham Waghmare

Pratham Waghmare is 22 years old and was born on 2nd April 1999 in the city Pune (Maharashtra). He claims to earn approximately ₹15 Lakh per month, however, there is no proof to justify his claims.

Pratham waghmare website

He operates many websites. First off is his agency’s website, which is the only registered business under Pratham’s name. The second is, which is a cash-grab website with anonymous data, this website is Pratham’s ClickFunnels landing page where he manipulates innocents into sending him $697 (or 50k INR) in exchange of a poorly made course.

pratham waghmare education

According to his LinkedIn profile, Pratham Waghmare got his education from the Modern Education Society’s Nowrosjee Wadia College Arts, Science, Pune 01. He also claims to be a student of Grant Cardone and has taken the Sales Fundamental course from Grant’s infamous Cardone University.

Unsurprisingly, there is not any Wikipedia page on Pratham Waghmare, which makes sense as you cannot buy your way into getting a Wikipedia page. You need to be somebody in order to get it. Unlike Forbes India, Hindustan Times, & Yahoo Finance, Wikipedia does not take bribes for positive PR.

Pratham Waghmare Forbes: Biased & Sponsered Article Misleading Innocents

If you go on Google right now and type “Pratham Waghmare”, you’ll see several news articles. One from Forbes India, another from the Hindustan Times. The first thought that comes to mind when you see article on someone on such a big website is, “Wow, he must be legit, otherwise why would these news networks cover him.” And that’s exactly what Pratham wants you to think, but sadly, the reality is far from the truth.

All the news articles on Pratham Waghmare, RedFire Media, & Get Paying Clients Courses are financially biased.

This is a very peculiar psychological tactic Pratham is trying to employ here. He doesn’t want to target the skeptical & intelligent people with his 50k INR fraud course, his target audience is the insecure & gullible youngsters.

When the people of his targeted audience see that Pratham & RedFire Media is getting praise from Forbes India & Yahoo Finance, their confirmation bias tells them that Pratham is in fact a legitimate guy who wants the best for his audience.

The paid PR tactic has been an old staple for fake gurus, Rahul Mannan, Rohini Mundra, Tai Lopez, Varun Malhotra, and all the other fake gurus use such tactics. It helps them create a fake reputation on the web which facilitates their manipulation funnel which we will discuss later on in this Get Paying Clients Course review.

But for now let’s take a look at the ugly lies Pratham tells in his Webinar which is featured on Get Paying Clients website:

what he claims on his webinar video
Screenshot taken from Pratham Waghmare’s webinar

The above image is a screenshot taken from the webinar of Pratham’s website

I want you to take a look at the screenshot above and find out what’s wrong with it. Please compare it with the one just below this paragraph.

Time’s up. Let me tell you what’s the issue.

Pratham has removed the “BRAND CONNECT: PAID POST” warning from the article’s screenshot he has added on his video.
Pratham Waghmare fake news paid
Original Forbes India’s Article On Pratham Waghmare Shows The “PAID POST” Warning Sign.

The original article on Pratham Waghmare which has been published on Frobes India, As you can see on the screenshot above, shows the “PAID POST” warning at the top of the article.

Why is Pratham & his team at RedFire Media hiding this in the webinar video?

The answer is simple, they want people to think that Forbes India covered them because of their “success” as anyone with a few thousand rupees and the right connections can get an article posted on websites like these. It is a horrible and corrupt system, which has been explored by The Outline:

How brands secretly buy their way into Forbes, Fast Company, and HuffPost stories | The Outline

Pratham Waghmare has achieved nothing of significance in his life and thus has received zero voluntary coverage from the media. All the articles & interviews you’ll see of RedFire Media, Pratham, & Get Paying Clients are heavily biased, as they are either written by their affiliates or corrupt media journalists.

I request Forbes India to take down the article on Pratham Waghmare immediately, as it is being edited & misused illegally by Pratham Waghmare and his team.

How Pratham Waghmare Manipulates His Targets Into Paying ₹50,000 ($697) For A Useless Course

If you are still not convinced that Pratham Waghmare doesn’t have your best intentions in mind, then definitely read this section.

I would like to thank my friend Dorian for helping me with this section. She helped me break down the manipulation funnel used by Pratham Waghmare, please follow her blog here.

1) Deceptive Advertisement On Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram

Pratham starts his sales funnel by running ad campaign on popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

These ads have outrageous claims and false promises. They would make it seem as if you can learn a hidden or unknown skill for free only if you join his page or sign up on his email. These ads would go to any extent to promote his services.

Some of the phrases such kinds of ads you read in an online guru’s ads are “Learn How I made $XXXX in 7 days”. For example, Pratham claims to teach you how he made $7,200 in a month.

The sole purpose of these ads is to lure you in. They are the bait. Once you get hooked on the bait, the rest of his sales funnel would start taking action:

2) Send An Automated ClickFunnels Scripted Email & Claim The Webinar is Time Sensitive

After you’ve clicked on those ads and signed up on his newsletter, you’d receive an email like this:

Pratham Waghmare Get Paying Clients course review webinar email
Email you receive once you sign up for Pratham Waghmare’s webinar

First, the email lies about the webinar being time-sensitive. Anyone who has dealt with multiple online gurus knows that these webinars are never time-sensitive. In fact, Pratham will keep using this webinar for ages and repeat the same recorded clip in the future.

Gurus like Pratham use ClickFunnels. It’s a software that lets you automate emails and send them to multiple users at once.

The email Pratham sends to you makes it seem as if he wrote the email, which he didn’t.

After reading this email, most people would get pressurised to click on the webinar’s link and proceed to the next step of the funnel:

3) 1 Hour Webinar Scripted To Manipulate The Target Into Feeling Safe

Pratham Waghmare get paying clients in reviews webinar scam
Screenshot From Waghmare’s Extremely Manipulative Webinar

Pratham focuses on making you feel comfortable and garnering your trust here. This free webinar doesn’t teach the viewer anything. Most of the webinar has useless information that’s readily available online.

You can learn everything he teaches in this webinar by conducting a simple Google search. Pratham’s goal in this webinar is not to teach you anything. His goal is to force you to make a time commitment.

You’ll send an hour watching his webinar. After spending so much time watching his webinar, you might start thinking, “I want to know more about what he’s teaching”. And that brings me to his final step:

4) Make A “Zero Risk” Offer And Get The Target To Pay A Hefty Amount Of Money

RedFire Media Get Paying Clients review price
50 minutes into the webinar, the target is asked to pay 50k INR for this horrible course

Once you have spent 50 minutes watching his webinar, Pratham will start pressurising you to buy his course. The course costs INR 50,000. That’s a lot considering the course doesn’t teach much.

Because he has already made many lucrative promises and made you spend an hour listening to him, there’s a good chance you’d think you should buy the course.

Like his pre-recorded webinar, he would claim that his course is time-sensitive too. That’s another lie. He would pressurise you into thinking you’ll miss out on a great opportunity. Most people would feel, “I don’t want to miss this opportunity”. And they will fall for this scam.

Horrible Refund Policy: How Pratham Waghmare Scams His Victims

50 minutes into the 1 hour pre-recorded webinar, Pratham presents a giant banner which states “14 Day Money Back Guarantee!” in large fonts.

If a victim has watched 50 minutes of the highly manipulative webinar, then it is very likely that he is going to buy the overpriced course, however, to take away all the fears from the target’s mind, Pratham shows the fake refund guarantee.

Why am I calling it fake?

Because the devil is in the details, and we will look the devil right in the eyes:

False & Skewed Refund Claims Made By Pratham, Get Paying Clients Course & RedFire Media get paying clients refund

This is the banner the target sees 50 minutes into the webinar.

Statement #1: “If you are still skeptical, I want to offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee”
Manipulation Behind It: Pratham directly addresses the skeptics and intellects here, and by doing this he shows self-awareness, which is a very common marketing and sales tactic. It makes the target subconsciously trust the salesperson.

Statement #2: “If you do the stuff taught in the program and stilll don’t get any results, I will issue you an immediate refund”
Manipulation Behind It: This claim completely disarms all the skeptics and makes the target think he is morally wrong for questioning Pratham in the first place. And as we will see in the next section, this refund guarantee is false.

Statement #3: “Please refer to terms and conditions on the website”
Manipulation Behind It: This is where all the claims become bogus. I can’t explain this scummy statement in one paragraph, so let’s take a look at it in detail:

The Terms & Conditions You Need To Read

In order to find the “Terms & Conditions”, you will have to make the following long journey:

  • 1) Exit the webinar page
  • 2) Open the homepage
  • 3) Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen
  • 4) Click on the small text on the bottom labeled “Refund Policy”
  • 5) Then scroll all the way to the bottom of this extremely long page which is deliberately filled with legal jagron
  • 6) Finally, you’ll see the actual refund policy

Thanks to me you won’t have to go through all that hassle, I’ve done that for you and taken the screenshot of the refund policy myself and attached it to the bottom of this section.

If you have been scammed by Pratham Waghmare, RedFire Media, or Get Paying Clients Course, then file a complaint here using the comment section. And contact [email protected] and demand a refund, if they deny it, then file an official complaint to your nearest police station. get paying clients refund
Take From The Official Terms & Conditions Page Of

Things To Note:

  • Pratham won’t give you a refund if you haven’t done all the “homework” & pass all the “tests” which are given in the course.
  • Get Paying Clients courses refund won’t be given if you request it after 14 days.
  • If you don’t “implement the strategies taught in the course” even then Pratham will keep your money.
  • If you download any material from the course, then Pratham won’t give you a refund.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these refund policies are really shady and deceptive.

It simply makes no sense for forcing a student to finish a very long course under 14 days and pass all its test with acing marks. These policies just make sure that no one gets their money back once they send it to Pratham Waghmare and his team’s bank account.

To stay operational they are legally bounded to keep a refund policy, however, to make sure they are not hit with a lawsuit, RedFire Media & Pratham Waghmare has put a biased & crooked refund policy in place.

Pratham Waghmare Review 2021: Verdict

Pratham Waghmare is targeting innocent youngsters and playing with their lives and careers. He is not only charging exorbitant prices for his useless course but also has put a tyrannical refund policy that makes sure his victims don’t get a rupee back. His whole brand is built on a foundation of lies. Do not fall for his manipulative marketing tactics.

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  • Extremely Manipulative
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  • Exorbitant Prices
  • No Verifiable Results
  • Deliberately Hidden & Scummy Refund Policy
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  1. Reply
    Prashant not waghmare
    July 21, 2021 at 10:25 am
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I would say this article is completely BS. I took his cousin 1month ago.. His course is really valuable he even gives every weekend a personal BJ to each of his students and it’s so good. He even perform dance to entertain us… I would say pura paisa vasool

    + PROS: Best service
    - CONS: Waiting time is more
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  2. 5
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I am a student who enrolled into GetPaying Clients 1 month back, I must have to say the least course has been incredible! Pratham’s help so far has been very helpful for me as I get to ask him any questions I have in the zoom calls and he solves them right away. This complete page is bullshit, ask the real students.

    + PROS: I am a student who enrolled into GetPaying Clients 1 month back, I must have to say the least course has been incredible! Pratham’s help so far has been very helpful for me as I get to ask him any questions I have in the zoom calls and he solves them right away. This complete page is bullshit, ask the real students.
    - CONS: None
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  3. Thanks for sharing this. You have saved me from losing my money to this scums.

  4. 0.9
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I was going to buy Get Paying Clients Course, you guys saved my savings! I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if I had purchased such a bad course. Very grateful to Gripeo and the writer, you are doing God’s work. May Allah bless you

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    • 1.5
      Honesty & Transparency
      Customer Experience

      Hi Soham…! I didn’t expect you here… I’m also kind of pratham’s student. Pratham is doing a really great work he paid me 25000rs just to post good things about him in social media. How could someone tell a person is a scam when he pays Rs.25k just for posting positive review on him.. He is really a person of great heart. I don’t think he is greedy for money

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