Premier Tax Advisors: Hidden Fees, Predatory Practices and Scam (Latest Update 2023)

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Premier Tax Advisors CPA has received complaints for being incompetent and careless with clients' tax records. Learn more on Gripeo.
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Premier Tax Advisors CPA has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. The company has been receiving complaints from clients about their incompetence in handling taxes. These complaints are a cause of concern, as taxes are a critical aspect of any business or individual’s financial well-being. Premier Tax Advisors CPA’s inability to handle taxes efficiently can lead to significant financial losses for their clients.

The complaints against Premier Tax Advisors CPA revolve around their inability to file taxes on time, leading to penalties and interest charges. Some clients have also reported that the company failed to communicate effectively, leaving them in the dark about their tax status. This lack of communication has led to clients missing deadlines, further exacerbating the situation.

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Clients have also reported that Premier Tax Advisors CPA’s staff lacks the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle complex tax situations. This lack of expertise has led to errors in tax filings, leading to audits and additional penalties. Clients have expressed frustration at having to pay additional fees to rectify these errors, as it was the company’s fault in the first place.

The complaints against Premier Tax Advisors CPA highlight the importance of hiring competent tax professionals. Taxes are a complex and ever-changing field, and it is essential to have professionals who are up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations. Hiring an incompetent tax professional can have severe financial consequences, as seen in the case of Premier Tax Advisors CPA.

Clients must do their due diligence before hiring a tax professional. It is crucial to research the company and its staff to ensure they have the necessary qualifications and expertise. Clients must also ask for references and read reviews before hiring a tax professional. It is essential to hire a tax professional who has a good track record and a solid reputation in the industry.

Premier Tax Advisors CPA’s incompetence in handling taxes is not only a financial burden for their clients but also reflects poorly on the company. The negative publicity resulting from these complaints can hurt the company’s reputation, leading to a loss of clients and revenue. The company must take immediate action to rectify these issues and regain the trust of its clients.

The first step for Premier Tax Advisors CPA is to address the complaints and take responsibility for their actions. The company must acknowledge the mistakes made and apologize to its clients. Premier Tax Advisors CPA must then take steps to rectify the situation, including filing amended tax returns and waiving additional fees. The company must also implement measures to ensure such mistakes do not occur in the future.

Complaint against Premier Tax Advisors CPA for Incompetence

As per the complaint posted by a client of Premier Tax Advisors CPA, he mentioned the lazy and rude behaviour of the company and its employees. The customer said that after failing to call him at the scheduled time, which occurred many days after his initial call, they then claimed to be unreachable when he called instead.

Afterwards, he sent an email to the receptionist requesting the data he had already given her. As soon as the client gave it to them once more, they just said, “Unfortunately, for your situation, I won’t be able to perform your taxes.” This act made by the company and its employee revealed its sluggish, careless, and rude attitude.

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Above is a snippet of the complaint

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About Premier Tax Advisors CPA

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San Jose, California-based Superior Tax Consultants offers tax assistance and financial counselling to both individuals and corporations. 

Premier Tax Advisors is owned by Meet Brian Chong, CPA. He received his education from the San Jose Mercury News Business section, which led directly to a B.A. in Economics at UC Berkeley. He obtained his CPA and IRS Enrolled Agent credentials after spending a few years handling audits and filing taxes at a local accounting business.

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Red Flags of Premier Tax Advisors CPA

According to the posted review, we can judge the various lacks of working strategies of  Premier Tax Advisors CPA such as

  • Laziness in the performance
  • Rude behavior with the Clients
  • Careless attitude towards the tax payment systems of the Clients
  • Lack of holding pieces of information of the Clients 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Who is the owner of Premier Tax Advisors?

Ans. Premier Tax Advisors is owned by Brian Chong, CPA.

Q.2) Premier Tax Advisors functions on which process?

Ans.) The company focuses on assisting engineers, property investors, and business owners who are unsatisfied with the excessive taxes they must pay.

Q.3) The complaint section for Premier Tax Advisors is associated with what kinds of problems?

Ans.) The complaint, mentions the lazy and rude behaviour of the company and its employee.


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After reviewing Premier Tax Consultants, the business should seek assistance on how to keep the proper amount of environmental or behavioural control over the clients, staff, and operations.

Premier Tax Advisors: Hidden Fees, Predatory Practices and Scam (Latest Update 2023)
Premier Tax Advisors: Hidden Fees, Predatory Practices and Scam (Latest Update 2023)

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  1. The staff should get punished for behaving rudely with the clients. This is just unacceptable. No one should encourage such behavior. Not only this is rude but also unethical. It is their choice to do this job and but the thing is they want to do it only for their greed.

  2. Premier Tax Advisors CPA must take action to make things right by filing updated tax returns and waiving further fees, among other things. The business must also put policies in place to make sure blunders like these don’t happen again. But I know these people are shameless and won’t do this. It’s better to not trust them at all.

  3. It is important to know whether the staff has the expertise or not and if the company has the necessary qualification before hiring a tax professional. The tax professional should have a good track record and reputation in the industry.

  4. What are they even doing? Is this the way they want to earn money? They are not even able to do their job properly. This is shameful that so many clients have complained against them.

  5. Their clients had to go through financial loss because of their careless behavior. Clients wanted to save some money on their tax payments through their advice but now have gotten even more losses. Are they even ashamed? They have failed in their job.

  6. Premier Tax Advisors CPA’s first move should be to respond to criticism and accept accountability for their behavior. The business must admit its errors and extend an apology to its customers or should stay ready to get punished.

  7. These people lack knowledge, expertise and are just too lazy to do their jobs. They should get punished for their careless behavior. It’s sad to read so many reviews of these people who have to suffer from so much loss because of their carelessness.

  8. How dare they behave rudely with the clients? They are just so ridiculous. This is why it is very important to do proper research before trusting anyone with your time and money.

  9. This is sick. How can they behave rudely with their clients? It’s their job and if they are too lazy to do it. Then they should just leave it. Why are they even doing it? They just want money and don’t want to do their job. A bunch of lazy and careless people.

  10. I will suggest that everyone should do proper research before hiring a tax professional. Seriously this is not at all worth it to waste your time and money on such unprofessional people who are just too lazy to do their job.

  11. What? They didn’t even receive the call from their client on time? Are they stupid or what. If they do not want to work why did they even take money from their client? This is ridiculous and when they called him just refused to help him. Why they even bothered to do that?

  12. Their carelessness has caused so many problems for their clients. Because of their carelessness, why do the clients have to suffer? They should be the ones suffering. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  13. They should not be allowed to work anymore. They have completely let their clients down. They deserve to get punished and for their rude behavior, they should go to jail.

  14. Why will anyone waste their time and money on such careless people? It’s better to look out for another tax advisor. This is ridiculous that even after taking so much money from their clients still, they are not able to do their job properly.

  15. How can they be so careless? This is not done. I will suggest that people should look for other tax advisors available near them who provide genuine facilities to their clients.

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