Premium Finance Solutions Limited: Is this Broker Safe for Investment?

Premium Finance Solutions Limited, a broker, claims to have an office in the United Kingdom, indicating that it should be governed by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation.

It is one of the world’s strictest regulators, and its license is highly regarded. However, the FCA has warned Premium Finance Solutions Limited because it is operating without a license.

Premium Finance Solutions Limited

According to the regulatory authority, Premium Finance Solutions Limited has stolen the logo and name of a legitimate company that the FCA licenses.

Premium Finance Solutions Limited is just another unregulated forex broker, meaning consumers are in danger. They will likely get away with your hard-earned money with no regulatory agency to hold them responsible.

That’s a huge red flag!! People should not invest with them based on this alone. They also work alongside websites that provide Automated trading software, which is another red flag because these websites are renowned for scamming schemes.

What Do Clients Say About Premium Finance Solution Limited?

A Client Sued Premium Finance Solution Limited 

A client filed a lawsuit against Premium Finance Solution Limited for fraudulent actions. He added that the website and platform appear trustworthy but are fraudsters. If you join this platform, you will get a fake trading platform with no money behind the profits and losses. 

Premium Finance Solutions Limited

The company creates dubious losses by manipulating opening rates and providing individuals with fake bank liquidity agreements to trap them. 

He further stated that you shouldn’t put any money on this platform since it is a scam, the team is all criminals, and you will receive no money in return. He claims that all positive reviews and ratings are similarly phony and are done solely to hide their reality.

How do you spot a scammer broker?
Reviewing a broker’s credentials, registration, and work history is simple with the help of FINRA’s free web tool BrokerCheck. Additionally, a transparency portion of BrokerCheck includes details on customer complaints, disciplinary actions, and specific financial and criminal matters on the broker’s record.

Premium Finance Solutions Limited is a SCAM!

According to a customer who spoke about Premium Finance Solutions Limited, the company promises significant benefits. However, they will block your account, making withdrawals impossible.

Premium Finance Solutions Limited

He mentioned a few people associated with the company, including Alexei, Vladislav, Arina, and Iurie. He said they pressured him into taking out a loan and transferring the money to their accounts via the Binance cryptocurrency since it was a secure method for them.  

He alleged they scammed him out of a significant return by fraudulently promising him money. After taking the client’s money, they froze his account and disappeared. He later reported this to the police, who are investigating the matter!

26/12/2023 Update
As of now, Premium Finance Solutions Limited has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Premium Finance Solutions Limited Uses Fake DMCAs To Hide Criticism

Premium Finance Solutions Limited is posting fake DMCAs in response to negative reviews of the company. Many other reviewers and articles have spoken about Premium Finance Solutions Limited, and many of them have advised customers to avoid transacting with them. 

Premium Finance Solutions Limited
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However, the company reacted to these negative reviews in the same way that any scammer would. Instead of fixing the issues, the company posts fake DMCA notices in response to the reviews. 

A fake DMCA notice happens when someone copies the original content, posts it on their website with a different date or earlier than the actual content’s date, and claims to be the original creator.

About Premium Finance Solutions Limited

Premium Finance Solutions Limited is a Private Limited With Share Capital that works in the financial intermediation industry, which is not otherwise classified.

It is difficult to determine a fake broker’s location when it fails to mention its headquarters or any company registration information. This is done to cover up that the firm is not registered and unregulated.

Premium Finance Solutions Limited

The only piece of information about Premium Finance Solutions Limited provided on its website is a phone number, which according to the dialing code, is an Australian phone number. This broker is based in Australia, one of the most rigorous locations.

In this case, being a genuine broker without being licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission is impossible. Predictably, Premium Finance Solutions Limited is not authorized by this or any other financial industry regulating entity.

What Does Premium Finance Solutions Limited Offer?

According to the Premium Finance Solutions Limited web page, a trading and finance consultancy platform offered here, it is a web trader with limited ability. 

This fraudulent broker offers that its web trader suits traders of all levels. However, we are doubtful because it has general features that cannot guarantee profitable trading & any profits in general.

How Do Premium Finance Solutions Limited Work?

Unregulated brokers like Premium Finance Solutions Limited typically operate in the way described below:

  • They will reach out to innocent people, 
  • They will use every tactic to persuade people to make the initial minimum deposit, 
  • Later they will offer a few scammy schemes such as “We’ll double the first deposit” or “You’ll make $100 per day quickly.” 
  • After making the initial deposit, The company will take the user’s money.
  • Lastly, they will attempt to defraud customers for additional cash.

Who Runs Premium Finance Solutions Limited?

There is no information available about who is behind the website Who is the founder and who manages the company, according to the website’s fake addresses, Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HN, еликоpитaни, which appears there in Russian, and 234 King Cross Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 3JL, is unknown.

Another website belongs to Premium Finance Solutions Limited, however, investigations revealed that it has nothing to do with and is instead an instance of identity fraud.


Premium Finance Solutions Limited claims to be a “world-leading broker” and “Advice Expert” with years of experience and many awards. However, the website’s poor quality, inconsistent content, and lack of references suggest that these claims are false.

Fact-checking instantly reveals that Premium Finance Solutions Limited is another scam website trying to profit from the excitement around cryptocurrencies and the general public’s fascination with financial markets.

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