PRMA Plastic Surgery – Horrible Reviews and Complaints

PRMA Plastic Surgery San Antonio is a notorious clinic where the surgeons give wrong prescriptions, fail surgeries, and forget about patients after the surgery. 

I’m not the one saying all this. Their own clients are complaining about these issues. In the following points, I have highlighted the different issues present in this cosmetic surgery clinic to help you make a better-informed decision: 

More Information About PRMA Plastic Surgery

PRMA Plastic Surgery calls itself the Center for Advanced Breast Reconstruction. They are a cosmetic surgery clinic located in San Antonio, Texas. Their contact number is 210-692-1181 while their address is 9635 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240, US. 

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with them, you can book it at 

The clinic specializes in breast reconstruction procedures and also offers additional cosmetic surgeries such as breast reduction, breast augmentation along with lymphedema surgery. 

Main doctors at this clinic are: 

  • Dr. Peter Ledoux
  • Dr. Steven Pisano
  • Dr. Chet Nastala
  • Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo
  • Dr. Oscar Ochoa
  • Dr. Gary Arishita
  • Dr. Andrew Gassman

While the leadership of this clinic tries to seem as if it’s a group of reliable and compassionate people, I have evidence that speaks otherwise. Later in my review, I have shared some transphobic interactions these people had with a single customer. 

That’s not all, there are numerous PRMA reviews that expose the incompetence of these guys. 

PRMA Plastic Surgery Gave Wrong Prescription and Multiple Infections

PRMA Plastic Surgery review

The reviewer shares that she had a horrible experience with this clinic. They gave her the wrong prescription, seroma, hematoma, a failed flap, a dysfunctioning and disfigured donor site, and infection at the original mastectomy site. 

Apart from all these issues, the reviewer also had an infection after they placed the expanders. 

They had to visit the hospital multiple times to reinsert multiple drains into the donor site. 

Botched Procedure, Only Contacted the Client for Bills, No Post-op Care

PRMA Plastic Surgery review

Erin shares that Dr. Ochoa didn’t care about her and the multiple complications that arose from her surgeries. She points out that they botched the surgery and then stopped contacting her. There was no empathy. 

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Moreover, she adds that she had to undergo 4 surgeries to fix the mistakes of Dr. Ochoa of PRMA Plastic Surgery. 

Botched a Reconstructive Surgery of a 52-year old Breast Cancer Survivor

PRMA Plastic Surgery review

Carla is a breast cancer survivor and she went to get breast reconstructive surgery at this place. However, they botched her procedure and it didn’t make any difference at all. Carla points out that her breasts look just like they did before the procedure. 

She waited for 2 years thinking that the situation would improve. But it didn’t. 

This is just one of the many surgeries PRMA Plastic Surgery has botched. 

Poor Surgery Gave Uneven and “Pancake” Breasts 

PRMA Plastic Surgery review

Cindy complains that they made her breasts 2 sizes smaller and left a flap of skin on her right hip. She also highlights that they have given her uneven breasts of different sizes. Afterwards, they made the other breast considerably smaller to even them out, but it made things worse.

Cindy points out that she is a D cup on one side and B cup on another. She received disappointing results from this place.

PRMA Plastic Surgery Mistreats its Employees Too

PRMA Plastic Surgery review

This is an employee review on PRMA Plastic Surgery. According to the reviewer, the leadership at this place is horrible and they mistreat the staff members. 

When workers don’t have a proper work environment, it comes as no surprise that the staff behaves poorly with the clients. 

Additional PRMA Reviews:

PRMA Plastic Surgery review
PRMA Plastic Surgery review

A Closer Look at PRMA Plastic Surgery’s Doctors & Their History:

Dr. Peter Ledoux: Transphobic

Among the various PRMA reviews, I found a key complaint that shows just how these people really behave. 

Christi had shared a complaint that they had contacted this clinic but they refused to see them because they are transgender. 

The front desk staff had used transphobic terms with Christi. To cover up the matter, Dr. Ledoux simply said that he refused to see her because his clinic doesn’t specialize in transgender procedures. 

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If that was really the case, why didn’t they tell this to Christi before? 

Transphobia is a huge problem. In the last five years, two in five trans people have been threatened with violence or attacked. People like Dr. Ledoux only add fuel to the fire and make matters worse. 

PRMA Plastic Surgery review

Dr. Steven Pisano: Multiple Botched Procedures

It’s also evident that Dr. Steven Pisano doesn’t have the surgical skills he claims to possess. There are numerous complaints against him for botching procedures. 

Many of these reviews highlight that Dr. Pisano of PRMA Plastic Surgery doesn’t care about his clients and only does what he likes to do. One complaint highlighted that Dr. Pisano gave the reviewer a wrong prescription which could have put her life in danger. 

Read the following reviews to know more about Dr. Pisano’s skills: 

PRMA Plastic Surgery review
PRMA Plastic Surgery review
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PRMA Plastic Surgery review
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Dr. Chet Nastala: Another Transphobic

Dr. Chet Nastala also responded to Christi’s complaint. Christi pointed out the same issue they had pointed out earlier that PRMA Plastic Surgery refuses to see transgender patients. It’s blatant discrimination and they don’t apologize for it. 

PRMA Plastic Surgery review

Dr. Oscar Ochoa: Promoting Transphobia

Christi shared their complaint with Dr. Oscar Ochoa as well. He gave them the same response everyone else did, and they also copy-pasted their response to such a plastic reply. 

PRMA Plastic Surgery review


PRMA Plastic Surgery is not a good clinic for someone who wants to get a decent job done. San Antonio has plenty of clinics and the people running this place seem like they don’t know this fact. 

As a consumer, you should avoid this place and find a better one. 

  • None
  • Have failed countless procedures
  • Don't communicate properly
  • Discriminatory service
  • Mistreatment of employees

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