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Profit Management Solutions – Scammer CEO Anthony Cavaluzzi

Mr. Anthony Cavaluzzi and his company Profit Management Solutions have been scamming innocent individuals since many years and remain unexposed. I will be compiling everything against him in this article that has been buried on the internet and that exposes him. Before you even consider doing business with him or his shady company , please go through this once –

Experience with Anthony Cavaluzzi

A disgruntled contractor shares his experience on

  • Address : 518 Hooper Rd Suite 287Endwell, New YorkUSA

Mr. Anthony Cavaluzzi and myself had a signed contract for working a 40 hour work week for a 2 week probationary period in which he was to pay $ 25.00 per hour, and per our agreement a week was to be held back, meaning that I would be paid weekly for services rendered the previous week after the second week was completed.  Mr. Anthony Cavaluzzi even said that he would pay in the morning on Friday.  My job was to set appointments for a salesman, Bradford Hoel, who was also ripped off by this person.

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I was supposed to be trained by someone who was his star appointment setter, but she did a terrible job, and based on my 30 years of experience I wound up having to figure out everything on my own.  Even when his lead programs went down, he could not be bothered with helping me get online, and I spent 4 hours on the phone with his lead source just to get back and running again.

Is scamming a serious offense?
White-collar crimes, in particular, are deemed to be serious offenses by the court and can carry harsh punishments, such as hefty fines and incarceration.

Being new to this particular campaign, Mr. Cavaluzzi said he thought I should set 4 appointments a day. His salesperson, who is cooperating with me on this case, and who had rejoined him after being ripped off before, said that he never saw more than 2 appointments a day, and appointments were much harder to come by in the summer time than during the rest of the year.  I was able to get one appointment the first week, and 5 the second week.  Mr. Cavaluzzi and I spoke after my first week on the job and while he was firm that my numbers needed to improve, he also understood that there was a learning curve and that he could not possible expect me to reach expectations after basically having to train myself.

When my payday came last Friday, Mr. Cavaluzzi conveniently disappeared, and then wrote to me that he did not believe that I worked the hours that I said.  He did all of this after the fact that I had contacted him asking him where my pay was, and never once complained or disputed my hours either on the call after the first week or after, not until he should have already made the deposit.  I was in constant contact with the salesperson for who I set appointments and therefore I have a witness to my hours being correct and impossible to dispute.

This person has a BBB report against him in which he charged a company $ 30,000.00 and never delivered the goods.  He has changed the company name at least once.  If anyone would like to contact me about pending legal action against Mr. Anthony Cavaluzzi, TLA Consulting Associates, Inc., or Profit Management Solutions, please email me through this site and I will join forces with you to make sure Mr. Cavaluzzi doesn’t get to scam anymore people, which he appears to be very experienced in doing.

Rebuttal from Anthony Cavaluzzi

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Sheer arrogance and seems to be a pathological liar. Refuses to accept any feedback or complaint and instead threatens and harasses the innocent contractor who he duped.

Response from the Victim / Contractor

Let The Buyer Beware of The Liar

Mr. Cavaluzzi, is not telling the truth in his rebuttal.  As one of his sales reps said, he was looking for a job, because as a man of religion “he was ashemed to work for Anthony Cavaluzzi.  

My contract with Mr. Cavaluzzi NEVER included a performance clause whereby he could decide to pay me or NOT based on my performance.

After he accused me of not having completed my hours and that his other appointment setters were averaging 8-10 appointments per week (which, like everything else he says, signs, and does), I don’t believe him as this person has 0 credibility.  As far as his accusation of not working the hours he was correctly billed for, he was sent a 167 page accounting report of every call that was made.  Inclusive to that, Mr. Cavaluzzi and the rep that I was making appointments for would text message me an average of 125 times per day, for which I was billed for.  He refused to acknowledge even after his request was fulfilled to pay his obligation for the number of hours that were worked, which was the only condition that I had to meet in order to receive my compensation.

To date Mr. Cavaluzzi owes me per our contract in excess of 2 thousand dollars, for services rendered by me and has paid nothing.  Slavery was outlawed in the United States in 1865, and legal action is currently pending against him and his companies, which have changed names for a reason.  There is a BBB report filed with the BBB of New York State in which Mr, Cavaluzzi under the name of TLA Consulting Associates, Inc., ripped off a client for $ 30,000.00, which is a great reason for him to change the name from TLA Consulting Associates, Inc. to Profit Management Solutions, Inc.

He also has a son, Nate or Nathan Cavaluzzi, who is now working in this same “business”in the Tampa Florida, Hillsborough country area.  If you don’t believe what I have written, please take the time to read the BBB report of how he ripped off a client, probably one of a very few that he has had, especially if people do their homework of this man and his deceptive business practices, which I did not write.

Interestingly, Mr. Cavaluzzi also never fired me, he tried to get me to continue working for him despite not honoring even his first paycheck by contract to me.  He does have others on his staff that apparently are quite submissive who put up with his abuse and continue working for him, despite his manipulation and shorting them of their complete and deserved compensation.

There are several A. Cavaluzzis in upstate New York that are listed as having done time in jail and have criminal records as well, although I did not pay and cannot confirm at this point is this man, who obviously has broken the law with myself and others and has probably gotten away with many lies and scams in the past, may be connected criminal acts and may have served jail time in the past.  I would urge anyone who is thinking about doing business with Mr. Cavaluzzi or any of his organizations to read the Better Business Bureau complaint lodged against him as well as take the time to pay the state of New York to assure that if he has a criminal record, that you know that it is him and what he was charged with.

And now , Mr. Cavaluzzi’s response –

In response to this claim. This person was hired as a independent contractor to do telemarketing services for our company. He was given a set of guidelines and expectations that we have with the company. He met none of the expectations, and after two weeks, we terminated his services. He came to us with a supposedly loaded resume which after our investgation, came to find out was all false. He states he never received trainning, which simply isnt true. He was given training on two different occassions, and we even provided a third trainning session for him and he never showed up for that trainning. We have miminum stardards that must be met. He fulfilled less than 10% of the required miminum standards. We have no legal actions brought against us, and we never have. This is simply a person who B.S. his way into our company, and when we decided to terminate his services, hes is trying to hurt the reputation of our company. Thank you.

Negative Reviews Against Profit Management Solutions

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It’s run by scammers who have been managing to evade the authorities somehow and have been harassing , exploiting, threatening and making life miserable for talented and capable people who unfortunately end up working for them.

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Anthony Cavaluzzi Exposed

Profit Management Solutions is run and owned by a scammer and a big narcissist called Anthony Cavaluzzi. He thinks no end of himself and his company is not a company that can be trusted.

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    The worst employer ever. He completely ripped me off. It is impossible to win an argument with Anthony as he suffers from a superiority complex.

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