ProfitMarketsCFD Critical Review: is a Scammer?

ProfitMarketsCFD has no trading expertise as claimed by them and their only motive is to get your money. Avoid!
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ProfitMarketsCFD is an online trading company that claims itself industry leader as a transparent firm. They offer their customers trading services in forex, stocks, futures, indices, energies, and metals. They claim to prove live customer support on their platforms by phone and email. The company provides you access to over 40,000 trading instruments. They also claim to provide you with linkage with international trading when you deposit funds with them. However, you should look into several aspects before investing in the company. When you invest with them, you get connected to the global capital markets. However, you should consider several factors before investing a single dime with the entity.

They claim to provide you with expert asset management services and urge you to maintain a trade account with them, however, you should operate a demo account. When you read here the true and unbiased review of ProfitMarketsCFD, we will expose the red flags they hold. The company claims to provide you a chance of joyful trade however how they do it is unpredictable.

Did You Know?

CFD (contract for differences) is an advanced trading tool and a contract between an investor and a CFD broker to exchange the ‘gap-value’ of a financial entity, that can be securities or derivatives. However, choosing a CFD broker can be hectic due to the mushroomed scammers, hence non licensed and unrealistic returns shall be strictly avoided.

ProfitsMarketCFD website is not managed efficiently as they cannot provide reliable trade data. On the other hand, transparent and well-known forex companies will provide you with good returns on investment. These companies provide reliable and tested trade strategies which ProfitMarketCFD is not able to deliver.

The company has no competitive edge in the trading world and it possesses no plan to compete in the market. Review can be accessed on several devices with no effort. The company assures to provide a secure platform to you for trading. Accordingly, they require you to download their platform and use their services from any place in the world. ProfitsMarketsCFD does not provide detail about the kind of algorithm its software uses for trading purposes.

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Moreover, there is no surety that you can rely on their software. They urge you to provide personal data for registration even in case you want to access the demo account. Also, ProfitMarketsCFD conceals the data of their owners and workers from the customers. These things raise doubt about the reliability of this company.

Furthermore, you cannot rely on unknown people that will earn returns for you. Scammers hide their data deliberately, as they operate new and other platforms to trap funds from the public.


How Works possesses no reliable working and trading style. Copying the trading techniques of others is not always the same profitable for others. Accordingly, you must practice risk management to avoid loss and take the return. The company also does not provide any security against unexpected market shift.

Moreover, investing blindly without research and knowledge will only result in negative earnings. Also, they do not offer useful educational material, and your investment is at risk. ProfitMafketsCFD provides markets rate received from third parties who are also unknown. They practice a low level of transparency, and you can hardly rely on the data they provide to the customers. You can not understand what kind of returns to expect from them.

Also, as they claim to provide expert-level services, you must have at least six months of previous trade data. This type of scammer will ensure you high returns and a 100% bonus on your deposit.

Keeping in view the above, you should be careful of such scammers as once you fall into their trap that’s the end of business for you and the company. ProfitMarketsCFD software is not compatible with Meta Trader, a well-established platform and you risk falling for unreliable tools. 


ProfitMarketsCFD Funds Safety

The company does not provide any surety for the security of your funds. They are interested in getting your funds deposited. The security of your investment must be the priority and you should not rely on unknown persons that will make profits for you. The firm has no proof to show that customers can get an advantage from the platform. They urge you to complete the registration process even for the demo account.

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They try several methods to conceal their intent but you can understand that your money is not safe with them. ProfitMarketsCFD looks to provide benefits to unknown people behind the company. The company does not disclose any banking data to prove that your funds are safe. Also, the company has no refund policy in case you do not like their services. 

Method of Deposit and Withdrawal

ProfitMarketsCFD demands a deposit of 250 euros minimum funding, which is high compared to their services. You can utilize various methods to fund your account through various means: Master Card, Skrill, and Neteller, among other options. You should be limited to credit and debit accounts since they provide a chargeback of up to 540 days. You will not get any refund in case of a Fund transfer. Funding your account with wire transfers and cryptocurrency transactions does not grant you any refund.

Furthermore, they do not show any proof of successful withdrawals made by their customers. ProfitMarketsCFD holds various red flags so you should be careful while making any investment decision. Also, you must be able to do withdrawals instantly. These scammers always try to hold your deposits as long as they can in their accounts. Your funds are at risk with them. Furthermore, the company can charge you hidden fees.

Customer support

ProfitMarketsCFD provides them as; Neustiftgadsse 62,1070 Wien Austria. However, as per our research, the same address details are not genuine and it has no concern with the company. turns out the same address information has nothing to do with the company. Thus approaching them for any assistance or queries may be a difficult task. They offer to reach them by filling out forms on the website.

ProfitMarketsCFD does not prove any transparency, and you will not receive any response. Once you make a deposit, they may even cut off all communications with you. Moreover, working with customer support proves that you can rely on the trustworthiness of the people behind the company.

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ProfitMarketsCFD Regulatory Status

ProfitMarketsCfd is not regularized by any regulatory body and unlawfully gets funds form the people. Hence, it is illegal in most countries of the world to get investment from the public without any legal authority.

These types of illegal companies do not stay long in the trading market and they can easily violate the rules as no one is monitoring them. On the other hand, these regulated forex brokers are transparent. You can easily find and verify the regulation information they provide.

ProfitMarketsCFD does not recognize by any regulation agency, and they are interested to get deposits from you only. The owners of the company conceal personal data from the public. Also, these companies can not afford the regulation fee and can become bankrupt.

The ProfitMarketsCFD is not regularized by any legal authority.


Which type of trading platform does the ProfitMarketsCFD provide?

The company provides its customers with a basic trading platform on the web.


Is the ProfitMarketsCFD location known?

This firm has not provided its actual location.

3.1Expert Score
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ProfitMarketsCFD has no trading expertise as claimed by them and their only motive is to get your money. They not only put your money at risk but your data as well. Accordingly, you must opt to invest with reliable and well-known forex brokers for good returns. 

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ProfitMarketsCFD Critical Review: is a Scammer?
ProfitMarketsCFD Critical Review: is a Scammer?

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