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A Dodgy Forex Scammer

Another surprise for people involved in the FOREX industry, ProofFX is a scammer that entices users to sign up on its fake platform, lures all its customers by providing moon claims and false promises but finally provides nothing. It also promises its users a handsome profit of above ninety percent. Though it looks like a good place to make money, in reality, it is a big scam. 

Members are Ruined after Signing Up with ProofFX

Unfortunately, all members are ruined after signing up with this broker. After going through the entire ProofFX review in detail, you will for sure have a clear idea about this company. Are you looking forward to making money through FOREX trading? It will be a good idea to shake hands with a leading and reputable FOREX trading robot. 

You must not take chances with ProofFX as it does not hold the credit for producing good results. It is not among transparent and vetting trading brokers that will keep you on a safe side every time. If you want to expand your trading portfolio, better go with an industry that is among dependable robots. 

The time has come to bid goodbye to scammers and make money with top FOREX trading robots. Why delay? Sign up with a robot that holds a good record in serving customers at the best. 

ProofFX Makes False Promises

It is surprising to note that members of ProofFX are complaining about the platform that promises to provide above ninety percent profit margins. It is clear that scam artists use fake reviews and promises for luring users to sign up. Investors who do not keep themselves up-to-date about any current changes taking place in the market will suffer badly. 

Newbies become prey to such scammers much easily. They commit the blunder of signing up with ProofFX without doing due diligence. Going through reviews by experts will be a great way to judge forex trading platforms. It will help you to spot scammers and genuine traders from a mile away. 

Want to prevent your money from falling prey to scammers like ProofFX? Do you know why signing up with this company will be a risky move? The following points will give you the answer.

Who Operates ProofFX?

Nearly every forex company operates under the surveillance of a parent company. Similarly, ProofFX operates under DT-IT Group Ltd. Company. There remains a doubt whether it is a legit company or not. They claim themselves to have their base in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Remember, if you sign up with this broker; then you will be dealing with an offshore broker. 

You must refrain yourself from shaking hands with offshore brokers like ProofFX especially with funds. The reason is that they may shut down their shop randomly without any prior notice. And in that case, all your funds will drown. 

The idea about people running this website is unclear. You will hardly know about the actual names of founders. All these anonymities in association with ProofFX are enough to bar anyone from signing up with this broker. It will be a risky move for investors to deposit their funds to an unknown third party. 

If you deal with anonymous platforms, then the deal may end up with them crying foul. All your efforts along with time and money will go in vain. You will hardly be able to recover funds from these anonymous brokers. It is better to forget these brokers. Otherwise, you will be at the risk of losing all your deposits. 

The Registration of ProofFX is Unclear

The registration number along with the license of ProofFX remains a doubt. Being an offshore trader, it will hardly have a legitimate license for trading. As per our ProofFX review, this trader is not posting any details regarding the registration. Top leading regulating bodies confirm that ProofFX hardly holds any permission from higher authorities to operate. 

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ASIC, CySEC, NFA and FCA have not given approval to this broker. ProofFX is a big quack. Why not make a desperate move and start with a Crypto mining firm? There, you may expect your dream to come true. It will be a very good idea to deal with highly commendable Cryptocurrency firms. 

A real and genuine broker will not refrain from posting all its details regarding its license. ProofFX is hiding all its important pieces of information from all its members. The homepage of this broker is lacking information regarding legal documents. It can be easily made out that the broker holds no license details. 

Staying away from lame brokers will be an intelligent idea as your funds will not be in safe hands. Once you deposit all your funds there, they will simply disconnect you from their channels anytime. Even, you will not be able to contact them through any channel as you will not have any contact details about the broker.

What are Some Other Disadvantages of Using ProofFX?

ProofFX is no doubt a big scammer in the field of FOREX industry. Some remarkable disadvantages in association with this broker include the following:

  • An Unstable Platform – ProofFX uses MT4 platform for trading to access all commodities. If you want to check the overall performance of this platform, better download its MT4 platform. This is the place where you will encounter the first problem. 

As its MT4 platform is compatible with all smart devices, installation may stall after reaching 20% download. It is not supported in smartphones and tablets. Traders suffer a lot after shaking hands with ProofFX. 

  • Lack of Proper Security – Lack of proper security features is another remarkable disadvantage of ProofFX. An unstable trading platform will become an easy target, especially for hackers. All credit card information of customers will be easily available to them, thus resulting in high rate discrepancies. 

Hackers can access all personal details and will request customers for loans. They will also use the details of the credit cards of customers for making online purchases. Finally, a day will come when your bank account will be at a risk. To stay away from such inconveniences, it will be a very good idea to stay away from unstable platforms like ProofFX. 

  • Unfair Account Types – At the time of signing up, ProofFX will furnish its users with three different types of accounts viz. silver, gold and platinum. But the shy-touching minimum initial investment strikes the minds of many investors. Brokers requesting to deposit more than a hidden agenda create doubts in the minds of people. 

As a newbie, you may be at risk of falling prey to such risks. Better take advice from top traders and carry on research online for satisfaction. Even, there is no smooth channel for customers through which customers can communicate with the trader. It is another symptom of falling prey to a scammer. 

  • Difficult Withdrawals – Whenever it comes to the turn of depositing money with ProofFX, the pathway is a smooth one. You will hardly face any difficulty regarding the same. But, you will face lots and lots of difficulties at the time of getting your money refund. 

There will be lots and lots of procedures to get back your money in your account. Finally, the result will be null. You will not get a penny refunded in your bank account. 

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From the above discussion, you can see how ProofFX is a dangerous scammer. It has numerous ways to attract investment from customers but fails to pay back them back. They make people gripe. It would be a good idea to take time and start trading with a legit and genuine broker, instead of these guys.

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A Sham Broker

Stay safe by staying away from ProofFX

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  • Unclear Regulation
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  1. Really very bad company just scammers banking is based in Moscow Russia company not registered in Vincent they are using a postal address. Once you deposit that’s it your money is gone after they never reply to your emails or calls too. Too many different no.calls many times withheld nos so think seriously I learned my lesson too good to be true they are just a piece of shit

  2. 1.5
    Customer Service
    Trading Experience

    Prooffx is a scam. I have been struggling to withdraw funds from my account there. They don’t process payments on time and don’t respond to complaints.
    I have been trying to contact their customer support team but they don’t reply. Prooffx is definitely a a fraud broker.
    It has been 2 months since I requested a withdrawal from my trading account, but these people haven’t processed it yet. They don’t even specify why they are not processing my withdrawal.

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