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Protradex – Crypto Ponzi Scheme Exposed (2023 Review)

ProTradex is one of the latest MLM scams which focus on crypto enthusiasts. This crypto scam has all the red flags of a conventional fraud.

So, before you consider investing into this scam, be sure to read the following review:

On its website, ProTradex omits to list ownership or executive details.

In fact, attempts to open the ProTradex website currently result in a blank page.

Unlike the main website, the subdomain “” hosts the MLM opportunity offered by ProTradex. 

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On February 7th, 2023, ProTradex’s website domain was privately registered.

Taiwan (46%), China (24%), and the US (18%) were the top three traffic sources for ProTradex’s website as of March 2023, according to SimilarWeb.

This is consistent with the fact that the majority of ProTradex marketing that I encountered was conducted by Chinese speakers.

Always think twice before joining or giving any money to an MLM firm if it is not completely transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products of Protradex

ProTradex does not offer any goods or services for retail sale.

Affiliates can only promote ProTradex affiliate membership in and of itself.

Their compensation scheme

A 1% daily ROI is promised to ProTradex affiliates in exchange for investments of 100 tether (USDT) or more. 

Earnings are paid for seven days before needing to be reinvested in order to keep earning.

The ProTradex MLM division compensates for affiliate investor recruitment.

Their Affiliate Rankings

Within ProTradex’s compensation structure, there are five affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with the requirements for each qualification:

  1. S1 – generate $50,000 in downline investment
  2. S2 – have two S1 affiliates in your downline
  3. S3 – have two S2 affiliates in your downline
  4. S4 – have three S3 affiliates in your downline
  5. S5 – have three S4 affiliates in your downline

If qualification requirements are not met, a ProTradex affiliate will drop to S3 rank, which is the lowest rank that may be achieved.

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Matching of ROI (Return on Investment)

ProTradex matches the daily returns paid to affiliates in the downline.

Affiliate RankingsEarning % Match

It’s unclear if there are any limitations on the number of recruitment levels that ROI matches are made.

It is an investment program for token subscriptions

The scam also runs a “token subscription scheme” in addition to the passive returns scheme it uses in conjunction with its MLM opportunity.

(5000 to 15,000 USDT) There are three tiers of token subscription investments available.

No MLM commissions and a six-month lock on invested USDT are the primary differences between investing in a token subscription and investing regularly.

The procedure for Joining the Scam 

Their affiliate membership is free.

Full participation in the attached income opportunity requires a minimum 100 USDT investment.


This MLM scam promotes itself using a bunch of cryptocurrency-related nonsense:

A one-stop shop for financial services, ProTradex is focused on the decentralized derivatives market for cryptocurrencies. It is concentrated on giving crypto assets liquidity and improving capital usage (including NFT & FT assets).

Based on years of experience in the derivatives market that has been validated by the market, ProTrade has developed an AI-driven arbitrage technique.

Additionally, we are further releasing the value locked in blue-chip NFTs that lack liquidity while fundamentally changing NFTFi. Through the use of derivatives methods, we will also significantly profit from the process.

If none of that made sense to you, don’t worry; it’s not supposed to.

ProTradex uses terms related to cryptocurrencies in the front of its promotion. This is done to conceal the straightforward Ponzi scheme that is being used.

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This MLM scam has nothing to do with the “crypto decentralized derivatives segment” (lol), NFTs, or AI. All they are doing is using newly invested money that was previously used to repay previous investors.

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This has an MLM compensation plan attached to it, which gives the system a pyramidal structure.

Considering in light of this, their NFT and AI posturing is even more ridiculous.

has a non-operational website and runs its investment division using a free cookie-cutter design (see below).

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Bitcoin is categorically prohibited in China. Passive investment strategies are governed as securities in China, Taiwan, and the US.

ProTradex offers no proof that the company has signed up with any financial regulators in any country. Ponzi schemes and securities fraud often occur together.

Affiliate recruiting will stop, just like new investments will, as is the case with all MLM Ponzi schemes.

This MLM scam will eventually fail as a result of being deprived of ROI income.

Ponzi schemes are mathematically designed to fail with the majority of participants losing money.

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