Psycho Philly Dom Lauren keeps stalking and harassing me

I received an email today that I, Darren Ambler am once again repeatedly being libeled and slandered online by this crazy insane Philadelphia hooker and Dominatrix Lauren Giunta. (AKA: Symphony Ravenclaw the “Analingus expert” BBW escort) Not here to “give her a taste of her own medicine” I’m here to expose her for all she’s done, expose her lies and set the record straight.

Lauren Giunta has been harassing and stalking me since 2015. She’s tried to blame hall of her actions on other people (who I don’t even know) and she keeps doing so. Once again, I will state that I do not know Bianca, Ang, Jen, Megan or Beth which Giunta has tried to blame. I do not know, nor have I ever met or been associated with any of those girls in any way whatsoever. Lauren Giunta is the only person I’ve not only ever done an s&m session with but has also ever met. Despite all of her outrageous lies and stories about me she’s created I’m not that familiar with that scene at all.

Any post, or comment or anything you may read about me here or anywhere at all is completely false, total libel and done by Lauren Giunta. After all of these years this pathetic, crazy desperate girl is still obsessed with me and insanely PO’ed that I rejected her.

Some facts about Giunta and our past: I only did two sessions with Lauren and hung out with her a few times outside of that. Nothing more. She pursued me desperately from the start.

She told me the moment I walked into the door when I first met her that I looked like her ex boyfriend she’s had a thing for for years. (Creepy) She asked me on Day 1 to meet my kids (SUPER creepy and hell no!). She even initiated sex in our session which I found out later isn’t supposed to happen at all.

Hey, I’m a man and I have needs, ok? (And I love big, chunky, fluffy women who will let me do whatever I want! And she loves eating Ass too and that’s rare.)

Lauren Giunta threw herself at me and chased after me relentlessly and tbh, it felt nice. I’m a really good looking guy but it’s always nice.

I didn’t realize at first that it wasnt so much my charms , great looks and money, but it’s because she is incredibly desperate, unstable, lonely, and was dumped by her husband and completely terrified to be alone. I didn’t want to pursue anything with her because I don’t want a commitment ever and especially from an unstable, desperate, lying addict like herself. And yeah, she’s not the kind of girl you want on your arm in public, ya know? So when I cut off our “thing” she went bat shit psycho bitch crazy. Begged me a lot to keep seeing her or at least do sessions with her. She went super crazy and she even scared me so much to a point that I went to the police twice. (Thank you for all that you do anyway, but a big huge thank you Detectives from District 14!)

She blew up my phone, cyber bullied me and threatened my job constantly until she got me canned. She sent my boss my private pictures (that she non stop begged me for!) and the very graphic sexual emails we exchanged because I believed my privacy was being respected by a trustworthy professional. I had no idea.

She even created fake text messages and emails pretending to be me making false “threats” against her. She created dozens of fake social media accounts to harass my employer, family, friends and even my kids teachers. Some she created under my name Darren Ambler impersonating me. A girl I briefly dated in “16 was bombarded with nasty Facebook messages from one of her accounts. Yeah, Giunta is deranged and has too much time on her hands. As for her involvement with this now convicted Joe Torres sex worker stalker fellow I don’t know that much about that aside from the fact that she laughed about the situation to me quite a few times. She told me she thought this crazy guy raping girls was funny (sick!).…

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she did get involved with him and tell him to assault other girls, especially her competitors. From what I’ve been told, she gave this lunatic personal deets of other many girls. Many girls changed their names and moved out of fear. None of this surprises me.

Many of her former friends and colleagues (?) and Johns have finally had with her toxic nonsense and psycho behavior and have recently exposed her. Good!

Considering what she has done to me and put me through, I want to see her locked up for a real long time.

And a real big LOL, you may see her trying to pin that on me and falsely accuse me of “libeling” her- LMAO!

No, lauren giunta. You reaped what you sewn. You have wronged and pissed off and hurt so many people .

I’m just one of her many victims and I’m not staying silent anymore.

To you ” mistress “Lauren Giunta aka BBW Escort Symphony: STOP with your insanity. STOP with your lies. And stop trying to blame all you have done to me (and countless others) on innocent strangers that I don’t know. Leave me alone. I never liked you nor did I even pretend to. You were just a lousy screw.

Take some advice Lauren:

Obey the restraining order I got against you. I know I’m the best you could ever try to have but please give it up and leave me alone. Move on. And get the meds and the psychiatric help that you very desperately need.

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