Pushpa Jewellers Indore – Fraud, Lies and Harassment : 2023

In this article, I’ll be talking about a vicious scammer who runs Pushpa Jewellers Indore with her family.

The purpose of the 498A law was to protect women. It was not for them to employ as a weapon against men. However, one dacait (looteri) chose to take advantage of the system’s loopholes.

Did You know?

Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code is a law that ensures the protection of married women from cruelty of their in-laws. Cruelty can be physical, mental, or emotional, and can include harassment for dowry, domestic violence, or any other conduct that drives the woman to suicide or injury. 

She realised that her NRI ex-husband found out how she was using him to get a British settlement visa for her family. 

Kiran Liladhar Parwani is a part of Pushpa Jewellers Indore. She makes herself seem like an innocent victim. However, when you look at court documents, you realise that she is not innocent at all. 

For example, she produced a shopping list claiming her husband used to deceive her. However, all the items present on the list were for her family. 

Clearly, there is more than what meets the eye. 

In the following review, I will share more proof to show how Kiran Parwani of Pushpa Jewellers Indore is abusing the Indian Penal Code with her parents, Maya Kamlabai Parwani and Liladhar Parwani. 

Also, I have gone through her various statements and will expose her lies here:

First Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

In various articles online, Kiran Parwani claims that Kabir (now ex-husband) had contacted her family first. Then, she claims he tried to lure her family. 

However, it was Maya Liladhar, Kiran’s mother, who first contacted Kabir through a matrimonial website. Kiran lied about this fact in her FIR statement to the police. 

Here’s the proof:

pushpa jewellers indore

Second Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

Kiran and her family told their friends and relatives that they were going to London to attend a wedding. In reality, Kiran went there to get married. 

When Kabir asked her why she kept her wedding secret, she said there were 2 main reasons for it. 

First, she said her family had taken some money from her father’s side. Also, she pointed out that if they invited those people, they would need to pay for their flights and accommodation. 

Kiran of Pushpa Jewellers Indore lied to her colleagues at Infocrat Web Solutions too including the manager Mr Rakesh Jain. She didn’t tell them about her wedding. 

pushpa jewellers indore
pushpa jewellers indore

Third Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

In her settlement visa, it was imperative for Kiran to fill everything correctly. She couldn’t lie here. 

However, she lied there as well. To increase the chances of her settlement visa succeeding, Kiran claimed that she knew Kabir from 2015. The truth of the matter is, Kiran and Kabir have only known each other since October 2016. 

Although Kabir had told her to fill in true information, it doesn’t seem like Kiran complied. 

pushpa jewellers indore

Fourth Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

In the statement she submitted to the police, Kiran claimed that Kabir’s family had taken dowry from her family. 

However, she has not be able to prove it as it is not true. The truth is, Kiran wanted a grand Indian wedding where more than 1500 guests arrived from her side. 

Those people started drinking as soon as they got there. 

Kabir asked her why her family wanted a grand wedding. She told him it was because their eldest daughter Harsha Chauhan eloped with Akash Chauhan. So, she didn’t speak to her sister for 2 years. 

Why? Because the young man was from a different caste and Kiran’s family was against it. 

pushpa jewellers indore
pushpa jewellers indore
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Kabir’s family didn’t even attend their son’s Indian wedding. That’s because Kabir had to pay for the demands of Kiran’s parents. They wanted Kabir’s family to bear all the expenses of the wedding even though all of the guests were coming from their side. 

When Kabir’s family refused because they were already paying for the British wedding, Lidhar Parwani kept claiming that his daughter needed a grand Indian wedding due his numerous clients and associates in Indore. 

Also, Kabir gave a diamond ring worth £4,000 to Kiran. 

Kiran’s family pressured him to have the Indian wedding for her family’s reputation. 

Kabir tried to show proof of how he transferred funds from his account to Kiran’s. However, they didn’t want to see it. 

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Fifth Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

Later, Kiran filed an FIR complaint against Kabir for torture, harassment and desertion when he told her he was filing for a divorce. 

Kiran’s family realised that they would not be able to get their payday. So, they filed false charges against Kabir. 

After all, if Kabir was harassing her, why did she wait for 6 months to tell the police. 

Furthermore, why did she write to Kabir saying she liked how they never fought and how well they got along. In the screenshot below, you can see that Kiran even apologises on her family’s behalf: 

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Their UK marriage took place in August 2017. Then, Kiran went back to India saying she wanted to stay with her family. 

Afterwards, they had an Indian wedding in December 2017. Again, she had the opportunity to go to the UK and stay with her husband. But Kiran decided to stay with her parents. 


Because she didn’t want to stay with Kabir’s family. She told everyone in Indore that she was waiting for her settlement visa to come through. 

However, she already had a Singapore passport which allowed to go to the UK without any problems. She even suggested Kabir rent a property before she travelled to Britain so they can move away from Kabir’s family. 

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The family running Pushpa Jewellers Indore deceived its friends and relatives only because of greed. It’s obvious why Kabir didn’t want to share these details with anyone else. 

Also, it’s shameful that the police in India didn’t even listen to Kabir’s side of the story. Kabir probably knew how Indian police would handle this case. 

Kiran and her family wanted Kabir to leave his disabled parents so they could come and live with him. This way, they would have been able to leech off of him and get settlement visas easily. 

Note that Pushpa Jewellers Indore is located at UG-5 Bansi Trade Center 581/5, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Indore, MP 452003. 

Beware of liars such as Kiran or Peter Fetherston. These people rely on lies to get what they want. 

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