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QZ Asset Management Review 2024: Ponzi Scheme Exploiting Innocents

QZ Asset Management
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QZ Asset Management is a major MLM scam. They also go by the name “QZ Invest” and are based in Guangzhou, China. We would like to warn the readers of the website to avoid any interaction with this scammer as they are extremely dangerous.
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QZ Asset Management is a major MLM scam. They also go by the name “QZ Invest” and are based in Guangzhou, China. We would like to warn the readers of the website to avoid any interaction with this scammer as they are extremely dangerous.

Blake Yeung is the front guy for this scam. He does not have any verifiable or traceable internet presence, however, it might be due to the differences in the languages. 

Even though QZ Asset Management does not yet have an official YT handle, they have been aggressively marketing their ad videos throughout the internet. 

Many of its victims are unaware of the fact that QZ Asset Management was rebranded in 2021. Before which it was known as Qianze Asset Management.

Other key names involved in the QZ Asset Scam are Roger Sim, Julian D. Meyers, Panjal Chandra, and Andrei Petrov.

Currently, they use as their domain. MLM scams like this one often change the domain name with which they operate so please be wary of that.

How exactly does a Ponzi scheme operate?

An investment fraud known as a Ponzi scheme draws investors with claims of great returns and no risk but fails to invest the money as stated. Instead, it pays off earlier investors with money from future investors while maybe keeping a portion of the profits. These schemes typically fail when recruiting investors becomes challenging or when multiple investors attempt to cash out. They depend on a steady flow of new buyers to operate. They are called after Charles Ponzi, who ran a similar scam using postal stamps in the 1920s.

Through Who. is we can see that this domain was registered in 2016 although when we checked out the history of the domain on the Web Archive we found that it has only been active since 2021.

Despite this, the company claims it has been around for more than a decade which is simply not true.

Our Methodology

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They offer no retailable services or products. There is only their QZ affiliate membership which is promoted by their marketers and affiliates.

How QZ Asset Management Manages Compensation 

In QZ Basic, they claim you can invest $100 to $900 and get a return of 1.75% a week, while in QZ Elite you can invest $1000 or more to receive 3.5% a week. Their ROI cap is at 400%, any money after that you’ll need to reinvest to continue the cash flow.

Seems too good to be true?

Because it is.

They also penalize affiliates who withdraw their money before 91 days. If withdrawals are made within the first 30 days, then a 50% fee is charged. For 31-60 days a 25% fee and 61 – 90 days a 10% fee.

Affiliate Ranks Within QZ Asset Management

There are a total of 5 affiliate ranks within this MLM’s compensation plan. As you might’ve guessed it is a pyramid scheme and the rank system follows it as well.

Rank 1 – $3000 (residual commissions)

Vice President – $6000 (residual commissions)

Senior Vice President – $20,000 (residual commissions)

Executive Vice President – $50,000 (residual commissions)

Director – $150,000 (residual commissions)

Along with this they also pay a rank achievement bonus:

Rank 1 – $500 investment position

Vice President – Samsung Galaxy S22

Senior Vice President – Rolex DateJust

Executive Vice President – Rolex Submariner

Director – Mercedes-Benz GLC

Nefarious Activities Of QZ Asset Management

As discussed earlier, QZ Asset Management was called Qianze Asset Management. They launched in South Korea in 2019. But soon collapsed in 2021, after which it rebranded itself as QZ Asset Management.

Recently since September 2022, they’ve started marketing themselves again and are targeting South America and Africa. Both of these regions are often targeted by MLM scammers due to their lack of wealth and higher education. 

QZ Asset Management claims to have been around since 2012, but if that’s the case then their 3.5% return per week should make them billionaires by now. 

They are also unregulated. Even though they claim to be registered with the AMAC (Asset Management Association of China). AMAC is a self-regulatory association, which makes this registration utterly useless as it is not a regulatory entity like SEC.

It is illegal to operate an MLM company in China without registration which explains why QZ Asset Management has not registered there. They are no proof of CSRC registration.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with QZ Asset Management but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

QZ Asset Management is committing securities fraud. MLM companies like this often lend themselves to running a Ponzi scheme.

The numbers don’t add up and just like other Ponzi schemes, QZ Asset Management is bound to fail. 

Dirty Secrets Of QZ Asset Management: Misleading Paid PR & Online Manipulation

If you Google “QZ Asset Management” right now, you will see results similar to this:


At first glance you might not see anything wrong with them. But there is a lot of Google manipulation going on here. The highlighted Google results in the screenshot below are biased news posts where someone from QZ Asset Management’s marketing team paid a PR service for getting featured on the websites.

B4wMSjOMe 1XsrDOMxbokwxrR NTjy0Wrrd3NEiKOEmQ6Y7DGkr65awnnrKHikML8gO6Shh67A bg2v79wglBpUJyGSsB r FSjPx34ICuYBN Ed5JR1gvxRG j WA olwUKZwAGKYZP01Tpx hJhHiK4NFvL8Z0f48qGLjVeJv 1ulbz2tcawwJv aYmg

No one bats an eye at and, as we assume these to be trusted sources of information. However, for a fee, almost anyone can get an article posted on these websites through online PR services. Usually, these services are used by small business owners and influencers. But this does not stop scammers from abusing this as well.

QZ Asset Management is using these biased PR articles as a way to provide social proof to their victims and give them a false sense of security. More often than not, the victims don’t know the difference between press releases and news coverage. And this is exploited by scammers.


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by QZ Asset Management, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

They even brag about their “Media Coverage” in their presentations:

k8ecCCmPBkpWsDcGhhgofVFB8J9oZAx47JR PvNtsVFPaogL2gTQ8P3Bl65gcjQmWwwDXVhzab2E9EGvWKfFRgn 4gu6ebY02 wTpv0wnKZR1oH6q9mGoSDj7o5G mMr2OH36Td1BSvcuoaWr3e5wMHJiWFHlcMauNMYXIWPM8Vc2eQUiSt 1T 5ayEkSg
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QZ Asset Management Review 2024: Ponzi Scheme Exploiting Innocents
QZ Asset Management Review 2024: Ponzi Scheme Exploiting Innocents

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  1. What can we do if we are already scammed ? How to report them ?

  2. Rating

    As a member, I am here to provide a balanced perspective. While I understand the scepticism surrounding QZ Asset Management, I would like to point out that there are several reasons why this company MAY not be a scam.

    Firstly, it is important to note that QZ Asset Management is registered in China and has been in operation for over a decade. They have a track record of providing returns to their investors, which suggests that they have a legitimate business model. I have been an investor for more than 5 months. Feel free to contact me on WhatsApp (+27725549512) and I will do a video transparent chat with you. I will log in to my dashboard and show you deposits and withdrawals in my binance and into my bank account.

    Secondly, the fact that they have an AI algorithm is not necessarily a red flag. Many companies are using AI technology to improve their investment strategies. It’s also worth noting that the company has not made any unrealistic guarantees or promises regarding returns.

    Thirdly, while some may argue that the company lacks transparency, it’s important to note that they are registered with regulatory bodies such as the Asset Management Association of China. This suggests that they are operating within the bounds of the law and are subject to regulatory oversight.

    Lastly, I understand that there may be concerns surrounding the company’s address and board members. However, it’s worth noting that many legitimate companies operate out of shared office spaces, and it’s not uncommon for individuals to have a limited online presence.

    In conclusion, your video and comments are based on the fact that you are not a member and hence can not be a completely true reflection. While I equally cannot definitively say whether or not QZ Asset Management is a scam, even though as a member, I believe that there are reasons to suggest that it may be a legitimate investment opportunity. At least, I am a member, I have invested and I am withdrawing my ROI every Monday. As always, I encourage individuals to do their research and exercise caution when investing their money. There is no guarantee to any venture in this world my friend. All I know is that I have invested and I am withdrawing the promised returns so far. I trust my comments are in order.

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  3. Have you guys checked that this so-called scam is about to be listed on Nasdaq? Come August 2023. @Tate please do not lie this company pays you your ROI weekly every Monday. It paid people their incentive in Jan and paid trips how come you not the the only one who haven’t received your money? comm”on. Talk bad but don’t forget the good that it has done for you

  4. God, I’ve already invested in this company, I hadn’t read this before, let’s hope they keep paying me, because so far they have been fulfilled, I withdraw 800 USD every Monday.

  5. The company will not make you earn a single penny after investing your money thus it is requested to avoid QZ Asset Management. Taking into account their registration policies and their previous company which got demolished in South Korea in the year 2019, all these proofs are more than enough to not invest with QZ Asset Management.

  6. In our place China none of these unregulated companies are allowed to trade which is one of the reasons they hadn’t visited our business place.

  7. If you will look into the policies and registration of the company you will find they got registered through AMAC which is not being controlled by any government organization thus this makes the company unregulated, their numerous firms getting registration from these self-regulatory associations and fooling their investors.

  8. This company is a fraud promoting his notorious MLM scams.

  9. The company is targeting people belonging to South America and Africa thus making its users lose their money after investing.

    • Thank you very much for your
      Well describe.
      I appreciate you for your wonderful remarks.
      Hope you will put your knowledge all time to save the people hard earning money always.
      Thanking you.

  10. Never invest a penny into the company they were marketing their company after changing their company’s name from Qianze to QZ they are just trying to hide their criminal records.

  11. I invested in the company when they were known by the name Qianze Asset Management and the company was based in South Korea, the nefarious company collapsed after 2 years it was launched. The company was trying to advertise their MLM schemes but failed badly and had changed their name and relaunched the same MLM scams with the name QZ Asset Management.

  12. The company is majorly working on its marketing, even though the company doesn’t have any youtube handle, not even a single official channel.

  13. Beware of the investment plans provided by the company thus beware of QZ asset management.

  14. The company is making their investors go through loss, after investing in the company most of their users have faced financial loss, this MLM scam is famous for its fake schemes. It’s a request to everyone using the platform for investing digitally please be aware of these scammers like QZ Asset management.

  15. Rating

    Scams these days are common to cheat innocent people out of something like money especially. One can easily make out a difference if he/she is being scammed by the fact that a bank will never call asking for a social security number or credit card number. Further talking about the QZ management scam this company is a huge scammer as their main policy is to attract people to invest more than $25000 promising good returns but in reality, people end up losing their money. Surely they have multiple branches all over the countries and they show that they have registration with AMAC but this is certainly not true. With serious concern, this particular scammer needs to check with Interpol and needs to be stopped for further functioning.

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  16. HAPPY SIMELANE AND CHABE THE CHUBBY are the prominent HEAD SCAMMERS in this Scam. BEWARE, these scammers show cars and shiny objects and are running this scam at the FOREFRONT.


  17. Guys, life is all about taking risks. Banks are also scams because they are reaping us off when coming to investments. So, let it be a personal decision for one to invest with such companies or not. My question is that, why law enforcement agencies don’t arrest leaders of such companies during the events they are hosting in particular countries. There is no wrong or right answer to this one. People who are discouraging others to invest they are also not helping in providing option 2 for investment opportunities. Banks are owned by capitalists and their role is to steal from people so that they do not become rich. This is the fact. I am personally going to risk with this company and see how it goes. If I win I win and If I loose I would have tried. All billionaires I know they also took a high risk and today they are living good life. At the moment there is no single person who is a billionaire who made a comment in this regard, perhaps it was going to be easy for all of us. So life goes on, let us continue taking risks rather than been fearful.

  18. Rating

    I don’t know how people invest blindly without investigating the legal terms of the company because many companies like QZ Asset Management don’t have a registration which is proof of these scammer companies.

    + PROS: Scammers
    - CONS: Scammers
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  19. Once a company start enriching people, many other agencies are never happy because they are loosing customers.

    I know people who have been with QZ and they are getting paid.

    QZ has participated in many FinTech events and they even showed their roadmap for 2023.

    My question is this:

    What has you company gripeo offered to people before QZ started offering these packages?


    So don’t come here trying to BULLSHIET us. ????????

    • Yes we investing in QZ it changing people’s lives,im gonna invest very soon. Poverty is not a child’s play.

      • So the author says Africans lack higher education. What an ignorant human!! You’re right Lindiwe. We’re investing. If it’s a scam, it will have helped us for the time we’d been smoothly getting our ????????

  20. The real problem is that people don’t understand the difference between scams and real business. The way people are using the model of direct selling to promote their Ponzi schemes is shocking. I hope more people find this review and stay away from QZ Invest.

  21. Rating

    Once I also fantasized about such a scheme which led me to lose my hard-earned money so I will suggest all the users, especially the new users investigate the real image of the company. As the company is having its roots in China which proves the fact that it isn’t a registered company which sounds like a foolproof scam.

    - CONS: Scam
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  22. Rating

    The day I lost my $5000 because such a company broke me up. Now I am developing skills to understand the market and also alerting new users not to blindly trust companies like QZ Asset management. The easiest way to check their reality is to check whether they have any registration from their origin country, or do they have a license.

    + PROS: -`
    - CONS: Took $5000 from me
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  23. Rating

    Don’t fall for this scam!

    I recently got a call from Q Z Asset Management where they offered an investment of $4000 for the sake of earning $10,000 which was a scam because no company will provide such a massive income on such a small investment.

    - CONS: fraud
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  24. My experience with a company with an excellent reputation on the internet made me invest in some cryptocurrency with high refunds, which made me lose my $10,000 as they stopped responding once I paid them. Thus I would recommend every user first check about the company’s registration and license proofs.

  25. It is very important as a company that does review about other people’s company to ensure that u get indepth knowledge about their project before u come up with negative review.

    Let me explain certain important aspect of why QZ Asset Management company is not one of those companies u should quickly jump into a classified of a Ponzi project.
    First and foremost, u should have checked their Chinese registration date from the relevant authorities, double check to be sure if they were registered 10yrs ago or not. In this registration aspect u failed to tell us that they were duly registered and regulated by the Chinese government, so let me help u with that fact…QZ Asset Management full name is Guangzhou Qianze Asset Management co.Ltd with Registration number 440126000323662 and their unified social credit code is 914400113054529989. Everyone go and verify for urself.
    it is also important to know that QZ is an asset management company, so I need everyone to read more about Asset management company before u slam into false conclusion, an asset Management company offer services, their products is trading the Index market using their own technology called the BDAI, of this fact u failed to tell ur readers that QZ has attended various conference and Fintech events where they showcase these technology back then in 2019.
    So as I review company,why didn’t u know about them back then, u are today talking about QZ Asset Management company because they decided to embark on a global expansion and in order to reach out to more people the company adopted to use the traditional system of company growth, network marketing.
    To use the network marketing model for growth is not a reason to call a company Ponzi, it is a global standard and the use of a binary rewards system is also global practice.
    QZ will feature on various Fintech events in 2023 and it is time to learn how to do proper review unbiasedly.
    I hope this will be published so that other will learn the positive side of QZ.Fpr more insight members are free to WhatsApp me on[REDACTED]

    • Guangzhou Asset Management Co Ltd
      Guangzhou Asset Management Co. Ltd. offers asset management services. The Company provides asset acquisition, asset disposal, financial investment, and other services. Guangzhou Asset Management also operates enterprise management.
      Financial Services
      Asset Management
      58F Yuexiu Finance Building 28 Zhujiang East Road Guangzhou, 510630 China

      NOTE. There are several red flags, The website address differs – This suggest impersonation, The scam company is using the name of an existing company.
      The company address also differs while registration date differs.

    • I found out,there is legal company based in China called Guangzhou Qianze Investment Co. Ltd (Guangzhou Qianze) but the real company only deals in asset disposals,asset acquisition other services etc and founders are not same.Also important the founder CEO of QZ if you can observe carefully is not exactly same person who does those Fintech observation is that they QZ went looking for someone with similar features,and impersonate the real person who is a reputable figure.
      Trend of scams nowadays they clone legit companies…do thorough research before joining anything

    • Hi there, can you please share sites or companies where people can validate reg numbers you shared. This is to help people do their own due diligence.

    • These people are ruining lives for a living and you are out here promoting their scam? How shameless are you? Do you have any dignity for the thousands of victims they have?

      QZ Asset Management must be stopped, anyone with functioning brain cells can see that it is a Ponzi scheme.

  26. Rating

    The worst part about these scammers is that they are scamming South America and Africa due to illiteracy and lack of wealth, scammers find this beneficial for them.

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  27. Rating

    It is really dangerous nowadays to invest your money here and there without having any concrete knowledge of the company.
    My girlfriend was very interested in investing less money and earning a high amount, which is a dream for every investor but we must investigate the company’s past.
    Being investors it is our primary duty not to invest in MLM schemes, especially the ones having links to Pyramid schemes because it is going to cost you very high.

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  28. Rating

    After reading about these MLM frauds I have taken feet away from these online schemes, as most of the time they appeared to be Ponzi schemes.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: scammers MLM
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  29. Rating

    As Christmas was arriving I was planning to invest in some company, though I invested in QZ Asset Management for the sake of the high returns that the company promised or say offered. It was Jesus’s grace that I invested only $1000 but I am still waiting for my money. They don’t pay.

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  30. Reply
    Roger Sim should be ashamed
    December 10, 2022 at 2:56 pm

    My sister was part of a pyramid scheme when she worked for the health supplement company thrive it got to the point where some of her close friends were blocking her on social media because she kept posting about needing recruits to continue earning money when we asked her why she started she answered with because the product actually works and the person who recruited me just bought a car off a dealers lot with the money she made (the recruiter didn’t buy a brand new car she had rented one).

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  31. The most important thing about this scam is that people are promoting these fraudsters without knowing the reality of these companies. One of my aunts promotes some MLM company links on her Facebook, after investigating the company I found that the company was not having any legal registration from its country.

  32. Omg here in South Africa they have started scamming ppl. I just hope they catch them before more ppl loose money. I knew something is not right

    • I wish there was a way to stop these companies to exploit south Africans, the way they are so excited about this QZ thing I feel so scared to tell the lady that recruited me that her dreams of becoming an instant millionaire are non existent. My heart is so so the way she has hope in life that her situation will change for the better as she explained i kept on praying for her to wake up from this dream. I can’t tell her it will break her heart

    • Y info is widely searched but u failed to get us ur checks with the Chinese government as u can report such illigalities to the Chinese government

  33. These people brainwash you.

    I have seen my friend turn into a sleazy salesman for QZ Asset before my eyes. They sell false hopes and dreams. It’s all very sad.

    • Reply
      Don't trust QZ Asset management
      December 20, 2022 at 2:10 am

      It is heartbreaking after coming to know that these companies are fooling people in the name of providing profits to the users but in the end, users get scammed.
      Once I got scammed by this company QZ Asset Management as they were famous on the internet thus I got impressed and at the same time I fantasized about earning high returns. But in the end, I was one of the scammed users.

    • It is similar to those companies which are scamming people for the sake of providing handsome money through their investments.

    • Being an investor it is a religious practice to get the complete past of the company and the owners. Beware!

  34. Rating

    I invested with QZ Asset Management a while ago and after reading this review, I’m scared.

    I haven’t received any compensation from them so far but I thought that was normal. I’m hoping they will make a payment before Christmas. I don’t want to lose money.

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  35. Rating

    My sister has gotten involved in this scam. She thinks she will become a millionaire by selling QZ Asset Management memberships. I have given up on her. Hopefully she wont waste too much money.

    - CONS: Scam
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  36. Rating

    It is really sad when you are waiting for your money and companies like QZ Asset Management have opened their doors to scam people.

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
  37. Rating

    This company is a horrible scammer, with a minimum deposit of $ 25000 they claim to offer good returns. But the main problem is that the company shows high profit but doesn’t give you the money. You will keep investing expecting good profits but the actual returns will be less.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  38. QZ Asset Management needs to be investigated by INTERPOL. That’s the only way this financial scam would be brought to an end. I am pretty sure they have operations in multiple countries.

  39. I think social media has made it much easier for these ponzi scams to expand. My aunt promotes a similar scam on her Facebook. She keeps posting links about how great it is and whatnot.

    It’s a bit hilarious sometimes but at the end, you know she will be disappointed.

    • we must learn to do proper research before we rush to say negative things about other company.
      U are also trying to sell ur company as a scam review site, so learn unbiased reviews if not people can’t trust ur reviews and so click will decline.
      I challenge u to do a review on the various international Fintech events that QZ has attended and let the world see if scam or ponzi company will win such awards for innovative technology called Big data Artificial Intelligence

  40. I wouldn’t call those rankings “Affiliate Ranks”.

    They are clearly a title scheme these fraudsters are using to mask their Pyramid Scheme.

    It is so common for schemers like qz asset management to use these tactics so people wouldn’t view them as a pyramid scheme.

  41. Rating

    Someone claiming to be from QZ Invest contacted me recently. They said I can make $5000 to $10000 in passive income easily if I invest just $3000 with them. I knew right then they were lying. There is no way a business can generate so much passive income with so little investment.

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  42. Rating

    Yes, this company is a major scam. They have already caused me serious losses. Don’t trust QZ Asset Management people!

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
    • My brother was involved in an MLM company where he dreamed to become a millionaire by selling the membership of the company, but in the end, he (we) ended up losing $5000. Though QZ Asset Management company looks like the same.

    • Once my sister was stuck with this company she used to spend hours adding new members which is the basic requirement of any MLM scheme or say of any pyramid scheme.
      This company claims to be registered with AMAC and tries to prove its true face to its users.

  43. Rating

    I knew it

    I just finished from a zoom meeting about this scheme. Immediately I started doing my research online and noticed something fishy. The numbers don’t add up after using Domain Age Checker. Finally I stumbled on this site from the search engine and yes I’m finally convinced – QZ or whatever they’re called is not real.

    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • Anyone here got paid by QZ Asset Management since it started?

    • I was shocked when I came across this article, the first thought I got was whether my money is safe or not, and as I scrolled down it was giving me bumps whether I will get my money back or not. When I mailed the company for transferring my savings they didn’t reply yet.

      • Ho investito in QZ e prima di continuare con gli investimenti ho voluto provare se potessi ritirare una parte dei miei profitti. Risultato: il mio prelievo non è mai avvenuto. Da questo ho subito capito che si tratta di una truffa.

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