Rady Rahban, MD – Botched Surgeries and Long Wait Hours Review 2023

Dr. Rady Rahban aka Rady Rahban, MD is a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who has botched numerous procedures in the past. He has gained notoriety for being arrogant, careless and extremely rude towards his patients. 

His clients have posted a ton of complaints because of these issues. However, instead of working on these problems and improving himself, he pays blogs to write praises for him. 

Hence, before you hand him your money or book a consultation, it would be best to go through some of the following Dr Rady Rahban reviews: 

About Rady Rahban MD:

Rady Rahban MD is a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. His clinic is located at 9730 Wilshire Blvd #215, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, US and its contact number is 310-550-9855. 

Rady claims to offer the best rhinoplasty in Los Angeles. He also claims to be among the best plastic surgeons in the region. His clinic offers a variety of services to its clients including: 

  • Primary rhinoplasty
  • Chin treatment
  • Botox treatments
  • Ultherapy
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty
  • Mommy makeover
  • Arm lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Inverted nipple
  • Breast lift
  • Labiaplasty
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast reduction
  • Thigh lift

And plenty more. 

Apart from rhinoplasty, he also claims to be an expert in breast augmentation and mommy makeovers. He attended the medical school at University of California, San Diego after completing his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from University of California, LA. 

On paper, Rady Rahban, MD seems like an excellent plastic surgeon. However, his patients tell a different story. According to the numerous reviews on his practice, Rady is a shady and unprofessional doctor

Many clients complain about his lack of care for his patients and his overpriced services. Instead of addressing these issues and working on them, Rady uses unethical marketing tactics to bury such complaints. 

He pays PR sites to write blogs on him that praise his skill and expertise. However, most people wouldn’t know that these are paid PR sites. So, they would  think that the praise Rady is getting is genuine. 

Such PR articles help Rady in distracting consumers from the tons of complaints he has received from his disgruntled clients. 

Here’s one of them:

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Now that you know a little about Rady Rahban, MD and his ‘ethics’, let’s look at some of the complaints he has received: 

Rady Rahban Botched the Rhinoplasty, Never Owned Up To His Mistake

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It took Heather a lot of effort to write her review. She had to cope and come to terms with what she went through. Now, she feels compelled to share her story with others who are wondering if they should get surgery with Dr. Rahban or not. 

Heather had done a lot of research before choosing Dr. Rahban. However, unlike the clients who rate him highly, her results were terrible. She points out that he was quite arrogant, loud and condescending during the first meeting. Heather says that she mistook these qualities as confidence. 

He would shut her up when she asked a question but Heather thought it was because of his superior skill. Now, she realizes that Dr. Rady Rahban is only skilled at marketing and branding himself. He doesn’t even stand behind his own work. 

She had a rhinoplasty procedure with Rady and within the first few weeks, she noticed a bump on the right side of her nose. When the swelling went down, a sink hole developed and it was quite visible by 5 weeks post op. 

Heather had shared her concerns about it at the 3 weeks post op visit, 4 weeks post op visit and the 6 weeks visit. In each one, Dr. Rahban got irritated and claimed that it was all in Heather’s head. 

He would say that there would be 50 other problems that will develop on your nose within a year. Also, he would say that whenever he opened Heather’s nose, within the first few minutes her nose would swell up and there would be blood everywhere so he couldn’t see what he was doing. 

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Later, he also said that he had put away rhinoplasty for a while and it’s his least favorite procedure to perform. Rady told Heather that rhinoplasty is very difficult and sometimes he can’t affect things the way he wants to. 

Heather highlights that he would make her feel like she was paranoid even though her friends and family had told her that Rady botched her nose. 

4 months after the procedure, Heather went to a party. There, she realized that she was ashamed of her nose. She didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone. 

At the party, she met a double-board certified surgeon. He told her that she had an ‘open room deformity’ and it’s caused by a surgical error. However, the surgeon was confident that Rady would fix the issue in the 6 months post op appointment. 

Heather’s 6 month post op visit started with Rady telling her that the issue was related to her skin being thin. He claimed that it was a ‘skin vs bone’ issue. Heather listened to all of this and then pointed out that she got a second opinion on the problem and learned that it was an open room deformity. 

Then, Rady admitted that he had only a few of his patients faced this issue. He offered 3 options to Heather, fillers, living with the deformed nose or getting another surgery from him. 

Another surgeon had told Heather that getting a filler would be a horrible treatment for this issue so she ignored this option. So, she only had 2 options. 

However, she noticed that Rady Rahban, MD was quite disinterested in performing the surgery. Heather said how can she go under the knife again with someone whose heart wasn’t into it. Moreover, Rady was urging her to get the fillers, a highly unsuitable option. 

After that consultation, Heather went to 2 other doctors and got different opinions. One of them told her that her surgeon had made a rookie mistake and should have corrected the same. Also, the surgeon pointed out that Rady must have known what the issue was within the first few weeks. 

Both of the surgeons told her that it was an easy problem to correct. Seeing other surgeons made Heather realize how horrible Rady Rahban was as a doctor. He lacked compassion and made her feel horrible in all of her post op appointments. 

Heather has shared several images with her complaint:

P06Ukl45 50zMI njt5wZF1BRfwgbOJNFoGHs539f0Ta55dyDN8IimaD9iRDS9wFbejCUOsHQ8zx8vA5UkP8U9ZwaeKnXMSjkREh8 FzYfZzXRU1e5C799uUadgtmHH3c9lG4PjL
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Rady Rahban MD Made the Client Wait for 2 Hours, Didn’t Even Apologize for it

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Michelle says that if she could give Rady Rahban, MD zero stars for the experience she had at his clinic, she would. 

She waited for 2 hours for her appointments and they didn’t tell her why things were so inexcusably late. Eventually, she asked the front desk staff who replied abruptly “He has a lot of clients”. 

Michelle says that the clinic shouldn’t over-commit itself it can’t deliver. Aside from causing inconvenience it also makes the clients feel like they are jumping from room to room trying to squeeze in as many people as possible for the cash. 

The reviewer overheard a woman say that this experience wasn’t worth $20,000. 

Also, that woman’s appointment was scheduled for 3 PM which was the same as Michelle’s scheduled time. Both of them were running 2 hours late. When Dr. Rahban finally saw her, he wasn’t apologetic at all. 

Michelle had wasted so much time there that she was compelled to voice her frustration. Instead of understanding the client’s frustrations, Rady got defensive and implied that Michelle was being unreasonable. 

At the end of her review, Michelle says that if you value your time and expect to be treated with respect, this is not the right place for you. She highlights that Rady has too much ego and it adversely affects his ability to care for his patients. 

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Hence, she doesn’t recommend Dr. Rahban. 

Client Drove from San Francisco to Beverly Hills, Waited for 2 Hours, Rady Rahban MD Was Too Busy to See Her

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The reviewer shares that Dr. Garth Fisher, another notorious plastic surgeon, had referred her to Rady Rahban, MD. Fisher’s office had spoken at length about the reviewer’s requirements with Dr. Rahban. 

She wanted to get a breast revision and Rady agreed. So, she booked a consultation with him. The reviewer called his office and asked whether she needed to bring anything for the consultation since she lives in San Francisco and booked her appointment. 

She waited for 3 weeks, she drove all the way from San Francisco to Beverly Hills just to see Dr. Rahban.

The reviewer had called in earlier in the morning to confirm her 1 PM appointment again and to ask for directions. Their front desk staff recommended her to come a little earlier as they needed her to fill out some paperwork. 

So, the reviewer arrived 15 minutes early at 12:45. She filled out the necessary forms and sat down in the lobby. 2 ladies came in after her and sat down. The reviewer highlights that by 2 PM, no one had come to check on her and the 2 ladies who arrived after her had already seen the doctor. One of them had left. 

So, the reviewer went to the front desk and asked if the doctor knew that she had been waiting there for over an hour. The receptionist told her that Rady knew and she only needed to wait for 10 more minutes. 

A few minutes later, the front desk staff moved the reviewer to an exam room. There, she waited for an additional hour. 

2 hours had passed yet, no one came to see her. So, she went back to the front desk and told them that she didn’t want to wait any longer. She wanted to leave. 

The receptionist told her that the doctor is just wrapping up with a patient so she only needs to wait for 2 more minutes. She asked the reviewer to wait since if she wanted to leave, it would take them 5 minutes to refund her consultation fee. 

Then, the front desk staff asked her if she wanted to reschedule for another day. However, the reviewer had made a special trip from San Francisco only to see Rady. Moreover, waiting for 2 hours seemed excessive. 

5 minutes passed, the staff refunded her the money but there was no sign of Dr. Rahban. 

The reviewer is aware that finding a skilled plastic surgeon who cares about his patients is rather difficult. But making your clients wait for 2 hours just to see them doesn’t indicate that the doctor cares about his patients. 

The reviewer points out that she had already been through a terrible experience with a different plastic surgeon. So, she was looking for a doctor who could show her honesty, good communication, integrity and compassion. 

For her, the appointment was not a simple doctor visit because she was already familiar with the technical aspects of the procedure. The appointment was a representation of how the doctor would treat her as a patient. 

In the 2 hours she waited, she wished that Dr. Rahban would personally update her for a moment about the wait. Or, maybe the staff could have alerted before that the doctor was experiencing significant delays. 

Furthermore, even though Dr. Rahban knew that the reviewer had driven from San Francisco and waited at the clinic for 2 hours, he never bothered to follow up. 

Going to see Rady Rahban, MD was a complete waste of time and money. She points out that if someone is considering seeing this surgeon, they should be prepared for long waiting periods.

Rady Rahban Botched a Tummy Tuck and Refused to Help the Client Afterwards

Lisa shares that Dr. Rahban had performed a tummy tuck surgery on her 3 years before she posted her review. 

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Around 6 months after the procedure, her belly button started oozing out smelly puss. Later, a suture popped out of it. 

When she went to get help from Rady, he refused to do anything. Instead of helping her, he blamed her for the damage. 

Luckily, she had PPO insurance at the time so she was able to see a hernia specialist. The specialist discovered that Lisa’s body was rejecting the permanent sutures Rady had installed. She removed whatever she could. 

For a brief amount of time, Lisa’s belly button didn’t ooze out anything. However, it came back stronger and hasn’t stopped since then. 

Now, it oozes smelly pus everyday and it bleeds when she touches it. 

She has Kaiser and they won’t touch it. However, Lisa points out that they shouldn’t have to either. She is still paying off the surgery she got from the hernia specialist. 

It was all Dr. Rady Rahban’s fault who doesn’t remember her and doesn’t care. She suspects that he refuses to help her because she got him at a discount price. 

Lisa is a single parent working full-time. Hence, she doesn’t have the time to file a lawsuit against him. That’s why she shared her experience online to let others know about the skills and expertise of this so-called expert. 

She doesn’t recommend him for tummy tuck. Now, she has to live with a damaged belly button and wait for the issue to stop on its own, which might never happen. 

Dr. Rahban turned his back on a patient. Hence, she doesn’t recommend Rady Rahban MD. 

Below are the images of the issue she is facing because of him: 

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“Dr. Rady Rahban is an Egomaniac and a Narcissist”

dr rady rahban reviews

Mona says that you should only see Dr Rahban if you want to meet an egomaniac narcissist. She is 45 and has gotten Botox in the past. This time, she decided to get some fillers. 

She waited at the clinic for an hour and a half. Moreover when he entered, Dr Rahban started telling her how Botox and fillers are a waste of time and that he would rather spend his valuable time doing mommy makeovers. 

This was unexpected. She found it odd and laughed nervously at his statements. 

Mona highlights that in her past experience with Botox, her left eyebrow always had hyper arches. So, she always reminds her injector to inject more so that doesn’t happen. 

When he got around to her eyebrows, she told him about the issue. However, it rubbed him the wrong way because took the syringe, threw it against the wall and started screaming at her. He said “you want to do this yourself?! Should I give you the syringe? I know what I’m doing!”

Mona was scared. She apologized to him profusely so he would calm down and finish the procedure. 

Mona points out that she will never come back to this place. 

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Reading through some of these reviews was quite painful. 

Certainly, Rady Rahban botched many surgeries. Yet, he is able to deceive consumers by using unethical marketing tactics. 

After going through the above reviews, it’s obvious that the man doesn’t care about his clients. His sole priority is his wallet. Hence, it would be best for you to avoid dealing with him and find a different surgeon who actually cares about his clients. 

2.9 Total Score
A Narcissist

Rady Rahban MD has botched numerous procedures. However, he refuses to take any responsibility for his mistakes and always blames it on the patient. Moreover, many of his clients complain about his excessively long waiting periods.

2.6Expert Score
3.1User's score
  • None
  • Uses unethical marketing tactics
  • Egoist
  • Has botched numerous surgeries
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  1. 4.75

    This site is a JOKE. Rady Rahban has amazing looking results even on patient posted photos on RealSelf and YouTube vlogs. I just booked with him and am happily paying 30k for a tummy tuck with this surgeon. His consult fee is high ($500) but I already knew I was going to book with him so I was fine paying that since it’s non-refundable. Consults are free for non-surgical procedures so whoever said they paid $350 for a Botox or filler consult is lying to make their review sound worse. After seeing all the horrifying tummy tuck results from women who go to the cheapest surgeon they can find I decided to go ahead and book with my dream surgeon and not risk the results. I also love that he isn’t lipo happy like most PS are now just to make some extra money.

    + PROS: Professional Friendly and knowledgeable staff Best looking TT scars in the country
    - CONS: None so far and don’t expect any
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  2. 0.75

    I have lost $15000 (rhinoplasty with Rady + revision with another surgeon + travel) because of this place. The surgery was a mess, Rady Rahban didn’t care either. He told me he can’t do anything about my condition. Basically the entire procedure was a mistake. I had the rhinoplasty to improve my looks not worsen them… so I had to find a different surgeon to fix the mess Rady made. Rady Rahban MD doesn’t deserve the title of doctor.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: unprofessional, incompetent, expensive, selfish
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  3. 0.5

    Don’t visit this place. Wayyy too overpriced and don’t even start on the customer service… They have no clue how to talk to their prospective clients.

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    • He is obviously NOT overpriced but he is booked 8 months out for a tummy tuck. He has enough people willing to pay for his prices to keep them where they are.

  4. 1


    Didn’t do the procedure correctly. Blamed me for the terrible results and refused to issue a partial refund. Dr. Rady Rahban is a nightmare

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  5. Reply
    Trevor Gemouleio
    May 8, 2022 at 4:49 pm

    He appears to be a narcissistic incompetent dishonest creep.

  6. 0.85

    What an unprofessional piece of 💩. Shouldn’t he be in jail?

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