Rahul Manchanda – Spineless Lawyer Exposed By Experts

Rahul Manchanda runs Manchanda Law Office PLLC, which is an immigration law firm based in New York City, New York. Their address is 30 Wall St 8th Floor Suite 8207, New York, NY 10005, US and their contact number is 212-968-8600. 

They have received a ton of complaints from clients for botching delicate immigration procedures and ruining their lives

Furthermore, to distract consumers from these complaints, the law firm is spending heavily on its marketing and PR. 

In the following review, we will look at some of the many complaints Manchanda Law Office PLLC has received. This way, you can determine if they are worth your money or not: 

“They Charge You Extra for Whatever They Feel Like”

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Here, the reviewer says that Manchanda Law Office PLLC is a garbage firm which capitalizes on the fact that it’s located on Wall Street. However, they lack knowledge in key areas of immigration and charge you heavily for asking minor questions. 

The reviewer says he had a dreadful experience with this firm as he did some immigration work with them. However, the firm had to call third parties to confirm small immigration matters. 

What made things worse is they reserve the right to associate other counsel billable to clients. It is a small clause present in their agreement and it means they can charge you extra for whatever they feel like, according to the reviewer. 

Here, the reviewer says that he paid extra for talking to the paralegal because the lawyers didn’t talk to him over the phone at all. 

The brokerage company handling the reviewer’s H1B visa had referred this law firm to the reviewer. Also, the reviewer was desperate but he had no idea this law firm would be so expensive. 

Moreover, the reviewer points out that they keep changing the staff which was another red flag

Reviewer Recommends Reporting Manchanda Law Office PLLC to the Bar Council

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The above reviewer highlights that Rahul Manchanda of Manchanda Law Office, PLLC is a scammer. 

According to the reviewer, they make bogus bills and charge you for services they haven’t provided. Furthermore, the law firm makes sure that you lose your entire retainer. 

The reviewer suggests filing a complaint against the firm by reporting them to the Bar. 

In the comments of this report, a few consumers have even thanked the OP for this suggestion. 

Rahul Manchanda Criticized “The People at Manchanda Law Office PLLC are Liars”

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Here, the reviewer highlights that he read the various complaints people have posted against the law firm and wishes he had done so earlier. 

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According to the above reviewer, Rahul Manchanda and his firm are liars. The reviewer called the firm many times but was never able to talk to them. He highlights that he was a paying client and couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t let him talk to his attorney. 

So, he had to send them emails to ask questions. However, it wasn’t of much use. 

The law firm didn’t respond to him after the reviewer signed the retainer agreement. He wishes that Rahul Manchanda and his team realize what kind of con artists they truly are. 

The firm billed the reviewer for outrageous hours and when he called to express his concerns, they said that the reviewer had signed the retainer so he had to pay his bills. 

Hence, the reviewer doesn’t recommend working with this firm. 

Rahul Manchanda Deceives its Clients

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The above reviewer points out that if you have immigration or civil problems, you should hire Rahul Manchanda or his firm and they will make sure you don’t have any savings left. 

According to the reviewer, Rahul is the most incompetent lawyer in New York City. The reviewer points out that he promises the world to you but makes it sound like your case is extremely complex. 

Then, Rahul will ensure that you sign the retainer. According to the reviewer, Rahul will do everything to make sure you sign the retainer. 

Afterwards, the firm makes you believe that the authorities will deport you. Then Rahul will claim to have insiders in some government agencies to help you. Now, Rahul uses this team to extract funds out of the retainer you signed earlier. 

The funds in your retainer will deplete in no time and you will learn about it when you see a huge bill in your mail. According to the reviewer, if you ask any questions about how they spent the entire retainer so quickly, the firm will come up with a dozen excuses. 

Furthermore, you will now have to pay them more out of your pocket. 

The reviewer highlights that he heard Rahul Manchanda use several derogatory terms for his female staff members several times. He mainly hires fresh graduates because they are easier to exploit. 

Furthermore, the reviewer says that Rahul breaks attorney-client privilege frequently by talking about other clients in meetings. Also, Rahul Manchanda wouldn’t even deliver on his promises and you will have to look for other attorneys after he has lost the case. 

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Certainly, the reviewer doesn’t recommend this immigration firm. 

Ex-Employee Exposes Rahul Manchanda

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Here, the reviewer says that Rahul is probably the most evil person he has met. The reviewer says he worked at Manchanda Law Office PLLC for a few months. 

In that small period, he saw 10 attorneys come and go and several office managers leave the firm. Clearly, the firm has an extremely turnover rate. 

The reviewer says that Rahul faces at least one fee dispute every week. According to the reviewer, Rahul doesn’t pay his employees, rent, utilities or any other bills. 

Also, he hires young attorneys with no experience and bills them at $350 per hour while paying them $15 per hour. 

The reviewer says that he teaches his employees how to overbill their clients. Some clients paid $40,000 for things that usually cost $5,000.

Furthermore, the reviewer highlights that one time, Rahul promised to pay health insurance for a pregnant employee but right before she had her child, he canceled the policy to save himself $1,000. 

This is when the reviewer had enough of Rahul and left the firm. 

Additional Rahul Manchanda Reviews You Must Read:

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Deceptive Marketing Tactics of Rahul Manchanda:

As you can see, this firm has received a plethora of complaints from its clients and past employees. However, instead of addressing those issues and trying to fix them, they rely on unethical marketing tactics to deceive potential clients. 

Manchanda Law Office PLLC has used several illicit and unethical techniques and I have explained them below: 

As a law firm, it’s easy for Manchanda Law to post legal threats on reviews and complaints. For example, I found the same notice below most of the complaints I saw against them. Here it is:


Apart from a “Notice of Court Proceeding” they also post a “Notice of Subpoena” on every complaint:

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This is an intimidation technique and they use this to scare reviewers into removing their complaints. It is cheap but highly effective. 

However, in the case of the above reviews, the technique didn’t work and the reviewers didn’t remove their complaints from the platform. 

It wouldn’t be surprising if they send such legal threats to this post or review website as well. 

Having a Suspicious Testimonials Page:

As you have already seen, Manchanda Law Office PLLC has received a ton of complaints from its clients. Instead of improving themselves, the law firm uses another cheap and deceptive marketing tactic to deceive potential clients. 

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They have a “testimonials” page on their website:

However, none of the “testimonials” on this page are verifiable. Furthermore, they are not available on any third-party platform, reducing their credibility more. 

We can easily assume that the so-called testimonials they have posted on their website are fake. 

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For example, we looked up the name of ‘Hugues Dantin’ who they claim is the CEO of Easy Search LLC. 

However, when you look up this name, you don’t see any online presence for a person with this name who is a CEO of Easy Search LLC.


Hence, there’s a high chance that the law firm has posted fake reviews on its platform to deceive clients. It is a prevalent practice among online scams. 

Dr. Lara Devgan MD is a celebrity surgeon whose marketers posted a ton of fake reviews on her products. Luckily, people noticed and exposed this nefarious marketing method. 

Paying BBB for a Positive Rating:

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Manchanda Law Office PLLC has an A+ rating on BBB with an accredited profile. However, you should know that getting a BBB accreditation doesn’t depend on your business practices and ethics. 

To get a BBB accreditation, businesses have to pay a hefty annual fee which can go up to $10,000 per annum. That’s it. 

CNN Money had conducted a detailed investigation into this terrible practice. They found that many scammers and businesses facing charges of fraud had A+ ratings on BBB simply because they had an accredited profile.

Having a BBB accreditation helps online scammers and shady businesses seem more credible than they are. 

Manchanda Law Office PLLC is using the same tactic here. 


After examining the various negative reviews on this business and their unethical marketing tactics, it’s obvious that Rahul Manchanda is not as reliable as it claims to be. 

The firm has a lot of red flags. 

Due to these reasons, we don’t recommend doing business with this immigration attorney. There are plenty of other options to choose from. 

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A Shady Firm

Manchanda Law Office PLLC has received a ton of complaints and the firm relies on unethical marketing tactics to ensure people don’t find out about them. Certainly, this immigration law firm is not as reliable as it claims to be.

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