Rahul Mannan

Did you see a YouTube ad where a young guy flaunting an Audi A6, his dream laptop, an iPhone 11, a Flat, and a DSLR camera?


Then you probably know who I’m talking about already. Mr. Rahul Mannan is trying to become the Indian Sam Ovens. But he lacks the intelligence, skills and experience to make any useful content. However, he markets himself as a well-rounded expert and portrays a fake image on his social media channels.

Fake Gurus often use strategies to manipulate their prey and Rahul Mannan is not oblivious to such tactics. These include but are not limited to:
1) Discouraging doing background checks & critics
2) Using biased and paid links as “proof” that their methods work
3) Avoiding confrontation with critics

Fake Wealth & Lies

First off, he is not as rich as he claims to be. Taking a stroll through his Instagram feed shows us that he certainly does not use an iPhone 11, as the quality of his pictures is plain bad compared to a photo taken from iPhone 11. Here’s a comparison down below:

On one hand, we have a photo taken from the front camera of an iPhone 11 and on the other the recent photo posted by Rahul Mannan. I think it’s clear that Mannan’s photo lacks the clarity & quality of an iPhone 11 camera. It’s safe to say that he does not own an iPhone 11.


Note: The Audi A6 might be owned by his father or a relative. However, I’m totally sure that he is not the owner of that car.

I estimate he lives in an upper-middle class house and failed at school. Because of his privileged life and laziness, he decided to start selling a course online and make money this way. He is copying the well known online guru scam and implementing it in India to make Crores.

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Due to the virus, many people have lost their jobs and Mannan knows this, that’s why he is marketing his course right now. He plans to manipulate the people who lost their jobs, or are looking for a job or a means of income.

His YouTube about page shows how academically well he is. Rahul doesn’t even know how to write a professional about page, how can he teach you how to do affiliate marketing where you have to write countless posts online?

Shady Terms & Conditions Of Rahul Mannan

If you head over to the terms & conditions page of Rahulmannan dot com. You’ll see a very poorly written joke of a Terms & Conditions copy. It seems Rahul has wrote the page himself and tried to seem like he was a lawyer, but he failed miserably in doing so.

Even though the T&C page is poorly written, it has some really suspicious and shady statements, which take away all the power from the buyer/customer.

I usually ask my legal team to look into such matters, but this copy is not that complicated to take apart. So I’ve done it myself.

Read all about: Prize Bay Club

Here are the TnCs you should know about before you purchase Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Secrets course:

Our Affiliate Secrets course comes with 30 days full money back guarantee but to get your refund you should have been complete less than 40% of the course and you should have a valid reason for refund. we have this condition so we can prevent or business from frauds.

Rahul has REMOVED this section from his TnC now, because people started calling him out on his scam. Now he has added a brainwashing video on refund instead.

The first half of the course (the 40%) is full of fluff which means by the time you’ll realize how bad the course is, you wouldn’t be eligible for a refund.

image 7

Rahul Mannan does not make any representations concerning the accuracy or reliability of the use of the materials 

He literally takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data he shows in the course! So if he says you can make 1-2 lac rupees per month with this course, then it is all just a big fat lie.

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image 6

The materials appearing on Rahul Mannan’s Website may include technical, typographical, or photographic errors. Rahul Mannan will not promise that any of the materials in this Website are accurate, complete, or current.

Just like the condition I showed earlier, this one also takes away any right for the customer to hold Rahul accountable. This allows Rahul to make the bizarre claims he makes without any consequences. He can claim he made 30lac rupees from his “trick” but he is not legally liable to ensure that the statement is true!

The Man Behind Affiliate Secrets 3.0 & Rahul Mannan University:

Rahul Mannan is a self-proclaimed “Chief Executive Officer” of Rmannan Marketing Pvt. Ltd, who graduated from Delhi University. His company has a huge paid-up capital of 1 Lakh INR. He hasn’t worked for any reputed organizations but instead chose to make a lavish living off of scamming young Indians. Mannan sells courses on his website

Rahul Mannan is not competent enough to coach anyone

Rahul Mannan Will Not Give You A Refund!

If you go on Rahul’s website and ask for a refund, they won’t give you a refund directly!

After people started noticing that Rahul is scamming people, they started asking for a refund. And because Rahul is not a legit businessman, he doesn’t want unsatisfied customers to get their money back.

So now he has added a ~8 minute video on his refund page where he basically begs you to not ask for a refund.

This shows how desperate and fake Rahul is.

Rahul Mannan Course Reviews Are Fake!

All the Rahul Mannan reviews you see online, which promote him as an amazing guru, are fake! I’ve listed all the fake reviews of Rahul that you might stumble upon, do not fall for these phony reviews! They are sponsored by Rahul Mannan and only have one purpose, to sell you his useless course!

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You might ask me, “How do you know these are fake reviews?”. So here’s my full breakdown of these fake reviews, so you can be rest assured that I’m not making this up.FAKE

YouTube Review

Rahul Fake Reviews

If you see the description of this so-called review, then you’ll see a link to Rahul Mannan’s course. Ignoring the god awful use of emojis, you might notice that this link is different than the actual link to the course. You know why? Because this is a tracking link. This YouTube video has been sponsored by Rahul Mannan and with the help of this tracker he can see how many customers he is generating. Or in other words, how many people he is successfully scamming.

The same is the case with every other review of Rahul Mannan you might find online.FAKE Review

Rahul Fake Reviews Review

Rahul Mannan Fake Reviews Review

Rahul Mannan Fake Reviews

Rahul Mannan Course Landing Page

Rahul Mannan Review Verdict:

Rahul Mannan is trying to scam young and passionate students by giving them false hope & then taking their money. He paid websites to post fake 5-star reviews to manipulate the lakhs of people he is scamming. Avoid his course at all costs!

2.3 Total Score
Selfish Scammer!

Rahul Mannan is fooling people online by flaunting an extravagant lifestyle and trying to manipulate them into wasting thousands of rupees on his useless course. He has posted several fake positive reviews of his course to mislead people. He lacks any kind of certification and posts fake testimonials to scam people online. He is a fraud and you should stay away from him!

3.3Expert Score
Value For Money
Customer Service
1.2User's score
Value For Money
Customer Service
  • Fake Positive Reviews
  • Unreal Promises
  • Shady Refund Policy
  • Useless Course
  • Possibly Fake Testimonials
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  1. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Customer Service

    Rahul Mannan is scamming the youth by making false promises. He promises you the world for spending just a few thousand rupees. If it was really that simple to get rich, everyone would be an affiliate marketer. Now, he is making money from his own affiliates who lie about his courses just so they can make 200 or 500 rupees.

    - CONS: Liar Scammer
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  2. Wow. Thanks for taking the time to write such an honest, descriptive and vehement (and grammatical) review. I came looking for a review because I was not too impressed by his landing page. I’m sure you saved many students like me from wasting our hard earned pocket money on a useless course.

  3. Thanks for the review.. I was planning to buy.. But no now

    • Last year in Corona Pandemic me and almost everyone realize that online work or business is gonna boom in next several years, so i started searching Digital Marketing Courses that can help me work online and earn money. i went to Digiperform and other institutes that providing Digital Marketing Courses. those are pretty good and attractive but their fees were very high as i am a middle class student i couldn’t afford high fees. so after that i search videos on youtube that how can i earn money online. but i didn’t found any way to earn money online. unfortunately i went to a betting site and lost some of my parents money i want to be rich quickly as absolutely i was wrong.
      Then one day i was watching youtube and a advertisement appeared a guy of 21 year old in a Audi car (not his) trying to impress me with his income through Affiliate Marketing and clearly i was impressed but i didn’t want to invest any money just because i lost much of my parents money. so i didn’t buy his Affiliate Secrets Course. then i started research about what is Affiliate Marketing and watched hundreds of videos about What is Affiliate Marketing.
      Affiliate Marketing is pretty Impressive you do not have to buy a product or take care of its Delivery, customer services etc. you just have to promote a product with good strategy and get 10% to 50% (in Some Cases upto 80%) commissions.
      so after few weeks i started believing that Affiliate Marketing is Pretty good and i get passionate about it so started searching courses that provide total Affiliate Marketing Knowledge. i found many courses which are also out of my budget because they all were almost from out of india. so one day again i was watching youtube videos and an advertisement appeared and i watched it. this time i think that i should give it a try, because it wasn’t very costly. i researched again, got many negative and some positive reviews but i thought it has 30 days refund policy so i will return it if it didn’t worth.
      i purchased it started module number 1, it was quite good i was excited and completed the course in 17 days. but.. guess what? i didn’t claim a refund because it was and it is worth it i learn so much from the course and revised it as many as time i could, i have lifetime subscription of Affiliate Secrets 3.0 they update many things in that course after sometime i got free modules and videos which is helping me alot. i was just amazed that in few bucks how can he providing so much of knowledge.
      Talking about there customer services, the customer service is so much helping that on every point they helped me. i got a Hustler T-Shirt and 1 hour free consultation with Rahul Mannan Himself. I’ve got 1000 rupees discount.
      CLICK HERE for 1000 rupees discount :-

  4. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Customer Service

    Rahul Mannan is another fake guru. Read about Tai Lopez and Sam Ovens and you’ll know what a fake guru is. This guy is getting rich by selling false hopes and dreams to young men and women. Working as an affiliate marketer and getting a course from Rahul Mannan wouldn’t help your CV, remember that. So if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be left with time and money wasted with a skill that isn’t useful anywhere in the world. Just think about that for a second before signing up for this goon’s course.

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  5. Yes, its fraud .. he is promising for lifetime access still members are unable to login.

  6. Rahul Mannan University is his new scam. He basically noticed that people are starting to find out about his scammy practices so he is not marketing his courses through his name now. This kid wants people to Google “Rahul Mannan University” instead of Rahul Mannan review now.

    GripeO you are saving people thousands of rupees, God bless you!

  7. I purchased his course and in the initial 3-4 modules, I got discouraged to go for a refund as I didn’t find the value I was looking for and his style of teaching is very sluggish and not at all engaging. And beware guys, he has changed the refund policy now. Your money will be refunded only if you’ve completed the course 100% that too within 30 days. I would recommend not to buy this course.

  8. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Customer Service

    Customer support is not responding. No refunds. Total scam. NOT RECOMMENDED!!

    - CONS: no refunds customer support not responding
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  9. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Customer Service

    Scam and only scam. Rahul ek online scam chala raha hai. Wo kehta hai ki course lelo aur paise kamao. Agar duniya aise hi chalti hoti to aaj sab lakho kama rahe hote.

    Plz, apna time aur paise is type ke scammer pe waste na Karen. I bought his course and learned nothing of value. Uske fans kahte hain ki mehnat karo, results aayenge. But it doesn’t work. Course hi bekar hai.

    Wo corona ki wajah se logo ko jo tension ho rahi hai, uska use kar raha hai. Itna ghatiya scammer nahi dekha maine kabhi. Rahul Mannan might even go to jail in future jis tarah se wo fraud kar raha hai logo ke saath.

    Don’t buy his course! It is only a waste of time.

    - CONS: Big scam
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  10. 0.75
    Value For Money
    Customer Service

    Don’t buy Rahul’s course. It is nothing but a pile of junk. He claims to help you learn how to make money online but the only person who makes money is him. The course doesn’t teach you anything of value. I have been trying out his methods for weeks and let me tell you this, they don’t work. You’ll end up wasting your money on buying his course and trying out his various methods for affiliate marketing.

    I thought I would make some money through affiliate marketing and get some results. The course makes it seem like you’ll learn something of value but nope, it teaches nothing.

    Avoid Rahul Mannan and his affiliate marketing scam!!

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  11. He does make good content on YouTube, but the course is simply horrible.

    • I recently bought his Rahul manan course Affiliate Secret 3.0. I have completed his 60% course. And till now I haven’t found any negetive thing regarding his course. Iss post me sab course ke baare me negative bol rhe hai shyad unhone course complete hi nhi kiya..aur dusri baat ye ki.. wo fraud kese hai bhai ye toh batao??? Usne course sell kiya, logo ne kharida. Ab unko unke purchase amount ke badle course mil toh gya?? Aur wo apne course me Affiliate marketing kese kare ye bta rha hai…. Facebook ad, google ad, instagram ad, bong ad, YouTube ad ye sab ad kese use karni hai, aur click bank, jvzoo, warrior plus, digistor24 ye sabhi platform ke baare me bta rha hai… Aur wo khud live proof de rha ha ki wo khud ye sab ad kese banata hai, kaise ye ad chalata hai aur in ads pe kitna pese kharch krta hai… Wo ye sab dikha rha hai…saare proof to de rha hai banda ab kya uski ga##d maroge kya… Agr uska course se kuch fayeda nhi hota toh.. phir ye saare platform hi scam kr rhe hai. Facebook ad google ad click bank, jvzoo ye sab scam kar rhe hai.. jo log rahul manan ka course lete hai.. wo un sabhi logo ko.. apne hi course ko bechne ki opportunity deta hai.. force thodi karta hai..apki marzi hai aapko uska Affiliate banna hai bano nhi banna mat banno??…..aur bhai jo log uske course ko promote karte hai unhe badle me kuch commission milta.. aur han, agr wo unka commission kha raha ho ya unhe unka commission na de raha ho, bas apna course promote karwa rha ho unko bewakoof banwake.. .. toh kaho ki wo fraud kar rha hai.. uska course Affiliate marketing ka hai… Aur Affiliate marketing me product ko promote hi karna hota hai.. to jinhone uska course kharida agr badle me wo log uska product promote kar rhe hai aur badle me kuch paisa kama rhe hai toh tumko kyu mirchi lag rhi hai… Tumharehra kon sa product hai batana zara toh me tumhra product check karke batata hu ki tum kitne paani me ho….

      • 1.1
        Value For Money
        Customer Service

        Achha course nhi hai mere dosto ne bataya

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        • Bahut hi sahi bole bhai ye log janbuchkr aise bloges banate hai or jaise hi koi Rahul manan key word search karta hai toh usko ye page dikh jata hai click karke isko jyada se jyada log padh lete hai jisse iske blog me jyada se jyada ads lagte hai is blog ko banane wale ki to achi khasi kamai ho gai lekin ye kisi or ko kamana nahi dena chahte h !! Saale madar**### d

      • Rahul Mannan’s course doesn’t teach anything new or interesting. He is selling an MLM scheme. You seem like someone who didn’t know anything about Google ads or digital marketing. That’s why you think this course is so helpful. Kindergarten ke bacche ko 1st class ka curriculum to useful hi lagega.

        But most people interested in digital marketing are not like you bro. They study this stuff by themselves because almost all of this information is available for free. If you can get something for free and I sell it to you for 10k, wouldn’t you call me a scammer??

        Bhai tere logic se agar tum course se seekh ke paise nahi Kama paye to saari galti Google aur Facebook ki hai. Rahul Mannan ne paisa diya hai kya jo uski chaat rahe ho. Tumhe kuch nahi aata hoga Google ads aur Facebook ads ke baare me. Isiliye tumhe lag raha hai ki Rahul ke course me dum hai.

  12. Arre bhai ye bhai scammer hai. Much lag raha tha ki ye zyada bol rha hai. Thank you for this post. Special thanks to you Shruti ????

  13. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Customer Service


    n this post I’ll tell you why Rahul Mannan is a fraud and what’s the better (free) alternative to his course and mentorship.

    I am not going to go to the basics which the review above has already covered. however, I couldn’t help but notice that the author has not covered the biggest fraud that this guy is running, which is his mentorship program.
    First of all, Rahul does not have any certification or any proof of real success. For all we know his order is rented and his dad bought him the Apple watch he always wear in his videos.
    I have been unearthing scams for a little over a decade now, I have seen all kinds of products and scammers but none of them as idiotic as Rahul. The reason being that he is blatantly scamming and has dozens of loopholes which can be noticed by anyone with a brain.
    With his fake reviews and bloated ego he just wants to scam young people from India who have a great passion for business and who want to to make something of their lives. For those of you who thought Rahul was a legit guru, have some good alternatives.

    Free alternative to affiliate secrets and mentoring:

    Start a free website and make a quora account.

    Provide helpful content on your blog and answer questions on Quora. Make sure that you don’t have any silly grammatical errors and please do not copy paste stuff from other people’s post.

    Keep learning through popular blogs like those of Neil Patel and Brian Dean.

    As you progress, you will learn a lot of things which can only be taught by experience and not by spending thousands of rupees on a scammer like Rahul Mannan.

    If you have any questions please drop them in the replies I will keep checking the post for a couple of weeks.

    I hope this review proved helpful to you.


    + PROS: Funny Guy
    - CONS: Fake Claims Horrible Advice No Real Proof Extremely Overpriced Refund Scam
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  14. Bhai pizza khao, course na kharido. Ye bahut bada fraud hai.

  15. Dear all viewers Totally useless. I have learnt a lot from indias best teacher i have invested lac of rupees but till now i am making a decent money not crossing my oukat. So guys not taking any course from any one who don’t have a good knowledge. If you really want to learn plz email me.

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