Is Boundary Holdings’ Rajat Khare under suspicion of being a hacker, a cybercriminal, and connected to Appin Security? (New Update 2023)

Rajat Khare markets himself as a serial entrepreneur and an author. However, the IIT Delhi alumnus is actually a hacker-for-hire who has carried out cyber attacks on behalf of several prominent organizations.

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 According to our sources, Rajat Khare used to run Appin Security, a pioneer of the “hacker for hire” industry. 

The cybercriminal set up his office in Switzerland and started working for attorneys, lobbyists, and even investigation companies. Rajat Khare and his firm, Appin Security, would perform various cyber attacks on the targets provided to them by their clients. 

Rajat Khare boundary holding
Rajat Khare’s bio on Boundary Holding’s website

However, they mostly focused on hacking the email accounts of their targets. 

Rajat Khare was involved in several major corporate battles in the early 2010s. These included the Telenor vs Alfa Group lawsuit as well as the Porsche vs Volkswagen suit. 

Also, Rajat’s Appin Security was working with multiple Indian intelligence services. This helped them run their lucrative business without facing any legal consequences for their criminal activities. 

1/12/2023 Update
As of now, Rajat Khare has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Sources reveal that Rajat Khare and his firm would carry out attacks on the targets provided to them by the Indian government. Evidence of Appin Security’s involvement in multiple phishing attacks has been revealed. 

Some of their prominent targets were related to the governments of Pakistan and China. In 2013, Norman Shark revealed an explosive report which exposed the involvement of Appin Security and Rajat Khare in said attacks. 

As a result, the cybercriminal shut down the company quietly and rebranded himself as the founder of Boundary Holdings

Rajat Khare and Nat Rothschild: A Shady Corporate Partnership

Nat Rothschild
Rajat Khare has offered his services to the Swiss financier as well

Nat Rothschild is a Switzerland-based financier and a member of the British branch of the Rothschild family. 

The financier has a lot of vested interest in Rajat Khare’s ventures. Media reports suggest that Nathaniel has a taste for large-scale corporate raids and the one who helped him with them is none other than Rajat. 

In March 2022, Nathaniel announced that he took over inYantra Technologies, an Indian printed circuits manufacturer in partnership with Boundary Holdings, Rajat Khare’s current venture. 

Why would a financier partner with a known hacker and cybercriminal?

Because he has availed Rajat Khare’s services numerous times. 

Nat availed Rajat’s criminal services in 2013, in a legal battle against the Bakrie oligarch family in Indonesia

The corporate battle caused multiple investigation firms to get involved. The Bakries availed the services of the Good Governance Group while Nat sought out their services of Diligence. 

The legal battle was for the control of mining giant Bumi, which is now known as Asia Resources Minerals. 

Nat wanted the Bakries to give up their stake in Bumi. However, the oligarch family was a key partner in the mining giant. 

During the legal battle, a mysterious whistleblower was able to provide Nat with several internal documents from the Indonesian family which indicated that their financial practices were quite uncommon. 

Nathaniel handed over those documents to the board of Bumi in September 2021, causing them to open an investigation. 

Although there was no information available on the mysterious whistleblower at the time, the investigative book, Armes de Destabilisation Massive by Fayard revealed that Rajat Khare’s Appin Security was the one behind this ordeal. 

Apparently, Appin had conducted spear-phishing attacks on the emails of the Bakries and Bumi to get private documents. Those were the same documents Rothschild’s lawyers used in the legal battle for the mining firm. 

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About Boundary Holding: The Current Venture of Rajat Khare

After spearheading cyber attacks through Appin Security and getting exposed for the same, Rajat Khare moved on to Boundary Holding

Rajat Khare co-owns Boundary Holding with Shweta Khare, his wife. 

Shweta Khare
Shweta Khare is the Managing Partner of Rajat’s Boundary Holding
Rajat Khare

Through Boundary Holding, Rajat Khare has invested in several companies including: 

  • Asteria Aerospace (tactical drone company)
  • DroneFence (German drone software firm)
  • XRVision (facial recognition technology company)
  • Wynyard (criminal data analytics firm)

Asteria Aerospace was founded by Neel Mehta and Nihar Vartak, two former engineers of Rockwell Collins and Boeing. This firm primarily sells surveillance drones to the Border Security Force of the Indian government. 

Rajat Khare’s handling of cyber attacks for the Indian government must have played a huge role in helping Asteria get contracts from them. 

Similarly, DroneFence is a German startup whose software allows its users to control a drone in flight. Apart from Rajat, Viktor Prokopenya and Said Gutseriev are the primary investors of this firm

Apart from these companies, Rajat is one of the founders of Prophecies Technologies, a financial data company for traders. The co-founder of this company is Rajat’s brother Anuj Khare

Rajat Khare isn’t the only person from Appin Security who has moved on to another venture. Other people involved in the company have opened their own “hack for hire” ventures. 

Some of those people include Chirag Goyal and Aditya Jain. 

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