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Rajesh Shukla Montage – Swindler, Thief and Scammer (Update 2024)

Rajesh Shukla Montage is a thief and a swindler. He makes it seem like he is well-connected when in reality, he is nothing. There are many victims of this fraud and I am one of them. Rajesh Shukla is illiterate but gives the impression that he is a well-educated person. 

You would think he is an expert because he has a habit of using big words to communicate. 

Rajesh even claims to be a financial expert but like the rest of his claims, it is a big fat lie. 

His victims have shared their stories online and in this Rajesh Shukla Montage review, I will shed light on one of them. 

The reviewer says that he met Rajesh through an introduction. As soon as they got in touch, Rajesh began contacting him through WhatsApp and started sending him images of himself with different well-known personalities. 

“Rajesh Shukla Montage is a Fraudster”

In the beginning, the reviewer thought he was some kind of a sick person who was sending him pictures of his photo op achievements. Then, he called the reviewer one day and urged him for a meeting.

The reviewer met him and there, Rajesh Shukla showed him various files showcasing his experience. He claimed to have worked with British Petroleum, McKinsey, and even China SEZ projects. 

Then he brought a file and started showing off small-level products. Rajesh told the reviewer that he could invest in those projects and even mentioned the names of various political figures claiming they were in his pocket. The reviewer says that Rajesh showed him an imaginary picture of how his small projects would turn big.

Rajesh Shukla Montage

So, the reviewer was interested and said that he would look into it through his team. 

Luckily, the reviewer had a team of financial experts to assess the investment. He asked them to look into Rajesh Shukla Montage and they discovered that he was a fraudster and his companies had defaulted. The analysts also revealed that Rajesh Shukla is a director in at least 18 companies and has taken out loans on almost everything. 

Also, there is an active case on him from the Income Tax Department of the Government of India. 

Later, the reviewer learned that he had duped many other investors and they had filed multiple cases against him. 

4/12/2023 Update
As of now, Rajesh Shukla Montage has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

“Rajesh Shukla Montage Never Pays on Time”

The reviewer even met with a victim who told him that Rajesh had taken money from him under the pretense of investing in a real estate project. However, he later said that his papers weren’t correct and kept the entire payment for himself.

The reviewer points out that Rajesh claims to be an investor and an investment banker. But in reality, he doesn’t have any money to pay anyone. Rajesh Shukla Montage has spent all of his money on expensive drinks and women. 

The reviewer points out that his employees don’t get a clear role and the offer letters take ages to arrive. Also, the reviewer highlights that Rajesh is running multiple shell companies including: 

  • Montage Madcroc
  • Montage Capital
  • Montage Promoters
  • Montage Healthcare
  • Mann Singh
  • Chalo Olympics

His employees reveal that he never pays them on time. And when he does pay on time, the payment is partial. Employees have to request him multiple times to get their payments. 

Rajesh Shukla Montage is broke. Their office in the B45 Defence colony is a mess. Many of his employees have informed the reviewer that he is broke and never pays anyone for time. 


You should not do business with Rajesh or his company, Montage Capital. It would be best to avoid him. 

There are plenty of scammers who deceive consumers to steal their funds. Some prominent examples include Samuel Hagai Art and David Johnston CFO.

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  1. My experience with Rajesh Shukla and his company Montage Capital was worst as the same scenario was played with me where he showed me how famous he was and proposed various business ideas.

  2. Reply
    Rajesh Shukla Scammer
    December 23, 2022 at 1:50 am

    There are many people like Rajesh roaming with scams in their pockets and searching for investors to get their money. Once I also met with an investor who asked me to invest in his scheme and he asked me to meet various other investors in his company. We met once but I found that there is some problem. After some investigation, I found that they are the only members of the scam only.

  3. I have met several fraudsters like Rajesh Shukla who claimed to be big investors and have connections with the market but trust me they are surviving just because of the money which they have scammed people in the name of investment.

    • I don’t know how but whenever I meet people like Rajesh I can read their faces and tell them that they are perfect scammers because their faces are designed to do such tasks, bloody scammers.

  4. My girlfriend belongs to a rich family which was good for me until she met an investor who was a confirmed scammer. She never knew it, but when her PA suggested asking for her payouts the company didn’t respond. Then we registered a complaint against the founder of the company, it took a few months but we got our money back, I will suggest you don’t believe these scammers and never invest your money without investigation.

    • Why trust these roamers, they are always in search of investors so that they make money for themselves, many users don’t have any idea of the scams going on. I will give you an example of my brother’s experience. Things started a few years back when he met an investor who showed him his business plans and tried to convince him with his fake investments. He almost convinced him but in the end, when he asked him about the returns and profit he wasn’t able to explain thus proving to be a scammer.

  5. My brother was trapped in one scheme where he was forced to invest money by the founder because he unknowingly signed a deal where it was mentioned he will have to be part of the company for 6 months after that if he wants to leave the company he will have to submit 100000 Rupees.

    • I will never trust a person who is singing the songs of his success on his own, and people like Rajesh Shukla should be never trusted.

  6. Why trust these scammers when you will have to regret it, I was almost scammed by the company but was saved by my brother, they will explain the profits and high returns provided through the scheme. But will never be sharing the real face of their investment which is to steal the money of their investors.

  7. Once I met a random person in a meeting where he approached me with his investment plans and also tried to personify his connections in the market. I was impressed with the introduction but when he asked some deeper questions about the investment and also about how he will be providing profit to me he stock. At this moment I knew he was just a scammer.

  8. I will suggest you not make investments into such a nefarious investment scheme where the founder himself is a fraud.

  9. Beware of people like Rajesh Shukla they are cheating people for their money and nothing else.

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