Rajiv Dixit: Consulting & Coaching Paid Fine of $2.5M (Latest Update 2023)

According to media reports, Rajiv Dixit of Consulting & Coaching is a serial scammer. 

Rajiv Dixit Consulting & Coaching

He was the COO of Banners Broker, a ‘get rich quick’ scheme that promised investors guaranteed returns on trading online properties. 

The company took funds from nearly 15,000 Irish people. However, after getting the necessary funds from the Irish people, Banners Broker terminated its contract with its Irish agent. 

Furthermore, the company put tight restrictions on who can withdraw money from their account and how often they can do it. 

People had invested with Banners Broker thinking they were renting online space they could sublet to several advertisers. 

23/11/2023 Update
As of now, Rajiv Dixit has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

However, Rajiv Dixit of Consulting&Coaching never released the company’s revenue figures. In fact, Banners Broker never released data on how much money it had raised from Ireland and other locations. 

Before running Banners Broker, Rajiv used to run another pyramid scheme in Canada. 

However, Banners Broker claimed that it was not a pyramid scheme. 

Its Irish agent, Paul McCarthy had hosted multiple information sessions across Ireland to promote the firm. He had to close his service center and pull out of a 5-year lease. 

McCarthy told the media that his life turned upside down because of this firm. 

However, at the time, he was confident that the company would pay back everyone. Furthermore, he was trying to chase the company himself on behalf of those he had dealt with. 

McCarthy lost a significant amount of funds because of this scam as well. 

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Rajiv Dixit Consulting & Coaching was Arrested and Fined $2.5 Million

Rajiv Dixit Consulting&Coaching

After running the $90 million pyramid scheme, Rajiv Dixit was arrested in 2015. He had victims in 120 countries. 

Rajiv and his business partner, Chris Smith, pleaded guilty in 2017 to operating a pyramid scheme. The Supreme Court in Ontario gave each of them a conditional sentence and both of them entered into plea agreements. 

The Court had fined Dixit $2.5 million and Smith was fined $1.4 million.

At the height of the scam, Rajiv Dixit of Consulting&Coaching had bought 5 Mercedes Benz vehicles. He placed them in the names of Dixit Holdings and used the funds from his Stellar Point bank accounts.

Furthermore, he bought expensive clothes, watches, and jewelry while spending heavily on chartered flights and private jets.

How He Carried Out the Scam:

According to the Supreme Court documents, tens of thousands of people paid hundreds of millions of dollars to Banners Broker under the false pretense that the firm would double their money. 

The company claimed to increase the profits of its investors through the participation and recruitment of others in the Internet advertising business. 

The Supreme Court said at the time that Banners Broker was subject to insolvency proceedings in the Isle of Man and Canada. Also, the principals of the firm including Rajiv Dixit of Consulting&Coaching were facing criminal proceedings for the illegal pyramid scheme. 

Dixit had personally received $4.8 million either directly or through companies under his control.

Rajiv’s company had told its affiliates that the money spent on Banners Broker advertising would contribute products towards advertising space on high-traffic websites. This way, the company claimed to offer advertising revenue based on the traffic of those sites. 

However, the court documents highlight Rajiv’s firm had no access to high-traffic websites nor did it track any website traffic. 

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a type of investment fraud that is not sustainable. The scheme involves making unrealistic promises about returns from investments that do not exist. Early investors may receive large payouts, which encourages them to recommend the scheme to others. As the number of new investors dwindles, the pyramid collapses, and no more returns can be paid out.

More on Rajiv Dixit Consulting&Coaching:

Rajiv Dixit Consulting&Coaching

Prior to running the notorious pyramid scheme, Rajiv was a resident of Whitby, Ontario. He has also operated Stellar Point, Dixit Consortium, Dreamscape, and of course, Banners Broker. 

Currently, he runs Consulting&Coaching, according to his LinkedIn profile. 

On his LinkedIn profile, he has deceptively avoided mentioning his experience of running Banners Broker:

Rajiv Dixit Consulting&Coaching

The media reports covering Rajiv’s scam highlighted his past ventures:

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It is scary how someone who had scammed people from over 120 countries is still able to run another business. 

Furthermore, there isn’t much information available about Consulting&Coaching. 

However, I was able to dig out a strong connection between Rajiv Dixit and a relatively new company, The Thinking Box.

After running a major online scam, Rajiv Dixit of Consulting&Coaching has reduced his online presence significantly. 

He has only mentioned “Consulting&Coaching” on his profile as his company. 

However, one of his online profiles shares that he is a part of TheTrainingBox.eu.com:

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The business profile of Consulting&Coaching also shows the website “TheTrainingBox.eu.com” as its business site:

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This means that either Rajiv has launched another venture called The Thinking Box or he is an integral part of the company. 

I visited the website of The Thinking Box and it is a coaching company. 

Suspiciously, you won’t find his name anywhere on their site.


It’s obvious that Rajiv Dixit Consulting&Coaching is a major scammer. He ran a humongous online scam in the early 2010s and got convicted for it. 

Now, he is running another venture through TheThinkingBox.eu.com. I don’t know if that platform is trustworthy or not as it is affiliated with a serial scammer like Rajiv.

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A Serial Fraudster

Rajiv Dixit of Consulting&Coaching used to run Banners Broker, a multi-million scam with victims in 100+ countries. Now, he has become a part of The Thinking Box. Beware of this scammer!

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