Ralph Carr – Insolvency, $120,000 in Debt, and RCM Touring

Ralph Carr is the owner of Ralph Carr Management, an artist management firm in Australia. 

Although the company markets itself as one of the most successful Australian artist management companies, its ownership is tainted with legal controversy and failure.

Ralph Carr used to run RCM Touring before this company and that company ended up insolvent after it allegedly owed more than $120,000 to another touring business.

ralph carr

Big Deal Touring had accused Ralph’s RCM Touring of failing to pay the company $120,300 in invoices for some touring-related work in 2017. 

According to court documentation, Ralph’s company ordered a company to wind it up and told the liquidator to find $7,732.76 from its assets to pay Big Deal Touring. 

Ralph Carr has always denied owing any money to Big Deal Touring. 

However, when his company became insolvent, it ended up losing several huge stars including Kate Ceberano. 

She had worked with Ralph Carr for over 16 years and left him after his company’s insolvency. 

The Bedroom Eyes singer signed with a female manager Lisa Palermo.

This is not the first time Ralph Carr has been in controversy. 

When Ralph Carr Left His Ex-Wife Broke After a “Disgraceful Marriage”:

Tina Arena is a successful artist who was married to Ralph Carr from 1996 to 1999. Talking about her marriage with the artist manager, she shared that the experience was disgraceful.

Also, she shared that she was poorly treated under Australian law because of what she went through financially. 

The artist shared that she went back to zero after 25 years of work. 

ralph carr wife

Before, she had told interviewers that her family had reservations about her marriage to Ralph. According to her, they were right.

“Going through those experiences is what makes or breaks a human”. She shared: “There was a lot learned from that experience. That’s important to not forget.” 

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The artist added that people should sometimes listen to what the other people around them are telling them. She shared in her autobiography that she felt disconnected from Ralph on their wedding day. 

According to Tina Arena, Ralph wanted her to sell the photos of her wedding ceremony to a women’s magazine.

Also, the couple had a disagreement when she refused to sell photos of their ceremony to a magazine. 

Toxic marriages can take a heavy toll on anyone. In many cases, the culprit can be extremely abusive.

For example, take the case of Brook Lang Seattle. The man went to prison for domestic violence. His wife was stuck in a toxic marriage which ended after he physically assaulted her and threatened her.

It started with hurling verbal abuses and subtle harassment. Such cases always start small.

That’s why you should be wary of people like him and Ralph Carr.


After making his last company insolvent, Ralph founded Ralph Carr Management, a new artist management company. 

This can seem suspicious and some might call it “phoenixing”. 

Phoenixing is when someone keeps doing the same trade through consecutive companies where each company becomes insolvent (not paying its debts). 

Recently, the issue has become quite prevalent as many scammers have faced allegations of partaking in this illegal activity
For example, Amber Callender received similar allegations when her husband’s real estate development company became insolvent while owing nearly $6 million to creditors. 

There are plenty of scammers out there and it’s the responsibility of the authorities to keep a close watch.

You should be extremely cautious when dealing with people like Ralph. Beware of him and any of his associated companies.

Based on the above points, it would be better for you to find a different representative. It doesn’t seem like he would have your best interests at heart.

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    Ralph Carr is a horrible boss. He is a toxic guy who has no care for his staff and artists. The only reason he is still in business is because of his contacts. Otherwise, this abusive man would be in jail. People are scared to call him out.

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