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Randy Hallier

My Dad lost his retirement funds because of him. 

Randy Hallier is a cunning financial advisor who runs Creative Planning Inc. in Cape Coral Florida. He is the Managing Director of Creative Planning Inc and has also written a book titled ‘How to Work for Uncle Sam and Retire Rich’. This man has no sense of humanity in him and he toys with old people. He lost my dad most of his retirement fund through horrible investment recommendations. Randy Hallier claims to be an expert on retirement planning but he is NOT. He is just a fraud who lies to retired people about his expertise so he can steal from them. 

Randy has released a book called ‘How to Work for Uncle Sam and Retire Rich’

How my dad lost his earnings because of Randy Hallier:

Randy Hallier, CFP® - Creative Planning

My dad had hired Randy several years ago to manage his retirement funds. He has paid Randy tens of thousands of dollars as fees. Recently, my dad got retired so he was very eager to see what happened to his Investments. Randy had recommended investing in different companies instead of any funds because according to him companies offer more returns at relatively the same risk. My dad trusted Randy more than anything else because he believes you should always listen to the expert and no one else.

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Anyway, I started looking into his investments and I found out that most of the companies Randy had recommended to him before were quite sketchy and didn’t look trustworthy at all. I blame my dad for being careless too.  It was his money and he should have looked into the companies himself instead of trusting someone else’s opinion.

Is scamming a serious offense?

White-collar crimes, in particular, are deemed to be serious offenses by the court and can carry harsh punishments, such as hefty fines and incarceration.

But saying that it was all his fault would be a mistake because Randy had told him explicitly that he and his team and picked out the best investments for my dad. They claimed that they had done extensive research and only after filtering through hundreds of options did they pick the few companies they had recommended to my dad.

My dad contacted Randy and his team after he found out that he lost most of his retirement funds. He met Randy at his office and in that meeting, Randy told him that he had nothing to do with these investments. Randy claimed that he did not recommend those investments at all.

He did not take any responsibility for my dad’s loss. He started claiming that my dad must have acted at his own discretion. Because he could never suggest such terrible investments to his clients. Now my dad was in shock. He had trusted Randy for many years and he never expected this response from him. 

He was quite depressed after that meeting and when he told me about what happened there I got mad. Randy was lying blatantly. Even I knew which company he had suggested my dad invest in and which companies he didn’t. So I got an appointment with Randy and met him at his office.

He made the same excuses he had made in the previous meeting. I asked him then which Investments he had recommended to my dad to which he got very defensive and started making nonsense remarks about me and my family. After that horrible meeting, I never got to meet with him.

Wherever I’d request a meeting with Randy Hallier, his staff told me that he is gone on a tour or is not in the city. Regarding my dad, he’s having a lot of trouble coping with this loss. He had paid Randy and his company for years and he trusted him a lot. Now, he doesn’t know what to do anymore. Most of his retirement fund has vanished because of Randy’s poor recommendations. Along with that, none of the people in Randy Hallier’s company takes responsibility for ruining my dad’s finances. 

Randy is Running a Scam:

This guy is deceiving old and retired people.

Randy claims that he is a genius and even trains people on how to manage their retirement savings. But I don’t think he truly is an expert. I believe, Randy ‘acts’ like an expert so people like my dad would pay him to manage their retirement funds. He gets to charge a very high fee because he claims to be an ‘expert’ and this helps him seem like a very in-demand professional.

People like my dad end up paying him a hefty fee and he gets to fill his pockets greedily. Not only that, but I also believe that the companies he recommended my dad invest in were somehow related to Randy. Why would he pick a few non-existent companies for his recommendations? 

I wonder how many people have already lost their retirement funds because of Randy Hallier and aren’t even aware of their loss. He is using them to fill his pockets and on top of that, he leaves them with NOTHING! 

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Randy Hallier lost my dad his life's savings through horrible financial advice. Don't make the same mistake. Avoid him!

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    Randy Hallier is the biggest scammer out there! My mom and pop had invested their funds in a company Randy had recommended them to invest in couple years ago and now they have found out recently, that the investment didn’t generate any returns. My parents used to meet someone from Creative Planning regularly and when they discovered that they didn’t get any returns from their investments, they were mad.
    I remember when they had a meeting with Randy and he claimed that they must’ve done something wrong because his recommendations are always stellar. I was in that meeting too and he started throwing various jargons at them to make it seem as if he knew everything and everything was my parent’s fault.
    The most disappointing thing out of all this is that my parents trusted Randy Hallier and Creative Planning for years. They must have paid these guys a fortune for their financial advising services.
    And when they realised that Randy was nothing more than a huge scam, they were depressed. I don’t know why no one speaks out about Randy Hallier’s scam.

    - CONS: Scam Lies to customers Gives terrible financial advice
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