Raudel Sandoval – Charged with Tax Fraud

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An Orange County man admitted that he prepared nearly 400 fraudulent federal income tax returns on purpose, inflating his clients’ tax refunds without their permission and stealing the difference between the clients’ actual refunds and the exaggerated ones, resulting in a loss to the IRS of more than $750,000.

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Raudel Sandoval prepared fake and illegal tax returns

Raudel Sandoval a 48 years old man of Placentia, entered an agreement of guilty to two charges of helping to prepare fake and illegal tax returns.

Sandoval owns the Downey-based tax preparation business RSE Sandoval Espaa Inc. and is a licensed tax preparer, as stated in his plea bargain. Intentionally preparing hundreds of fake federal and state income tax returns for customers for the tax years 2015 through 2018, Sandoval. In these forms, he made claims for the child tax credit, company losses, short-term investment losses, and other things to which the taxpayer customers were not entitled that were fraudulent or exaggerated.

Raudel Sandoval CPA

Sandoval fabricated the tax returns by including credits and expenditures that his customers either did not take or forgot to disclose to him. Additionally, he exaggerated the sums that his customers were eligible to claim in terms of deductions and credits.

What Raudel Sandoval has done after preparing a false and fake tax return?

When Raudel Sandoval was done preparing a tax return, Sandoval gave his clients copies of it that were true and accurate, but he also falsely assured them that he would submit their true and accurate copies to the IRS on their behalf.

Then, Sandoval inflated his clients’ returns with fictitious and fraudulent points and expenses before submitting these bogus tax returns to the IRS. Compared to the copies Sandoval had supplied his clients that were real and correct, the erroneous returns indicated a greater reimbursement.

30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Raudel Sandoval has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The exaggerated reimbursements were then aimed at Sandoval. In order to do this, he changed the bank account and routing information on the submitted reports to an account under his control. With many institutions, Sandoval had influence over more than 100 accounts, many of which he started in his customers’ names. But he alone had the right to sign his name on the accounts. Many of Sandoval’s bank accounts were labeled “Federal Tax Refund Processing.”

Raudel Sandoval CPA

Sandoval instructed the IRS to transfer the fraudulent refunds to a third-party processor for payment into a bank account under his control. Sometimes he ordered the IRS to mail a cheque for the exaggerated refund to his place of business. He then deposited the money from the cheque into one of his accounts.

After receiving the inflated refund, Sandoval sent a part of it to one of his “Federal Tax Refund Processing” accounts, representing the sum his customers should have received based on the actual and accurate tax return copies. He subsequently transferred the cash to the bank accounts of his clients, leading them to assume that their reimbursements came from an official government agency.

Sandoval retained the distinction between the actual reimbursement and the exaggerated refund.

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Who is Raudel Sandoval?

Raudel Sandoval was born in Los Angeles, California, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration from California State University, Long Beach.

After graduating, he made the decision to follow his entrepreneurial aspirations. RSE Sandoval Espaa, a full-service accounting and tax management organization, is owned and founded by Raudel. Raudel’s team provides companies with the resources they need to preserve financial independence while assisting people with navigating tax laws and regulations.

Raudel is presently a resident of Los Angeles, California. He claims he likes to watch movies, lift weights, play golf, and go swimming when he’s not working. Raudel is a very active person, thus he spends most of his leisure time outside.


In order to intentionally understate his customers’ tax responsibilities for the tax years 2015 through 2018, Sandoval filed at least 389 false income tax forms, which resulted in a loss to the IRS of $758,550.

Raudel Sandoval will be sentenced at a hearing in front of United States District Judge Sherilyn Peace Garnett. The statutory maximum penalty for each offense is three years in federal prison.

This situation was looked into by the IRS for Criminal Investigation. This case is being prosecuted by Assistant US Attorney Valerie L. Makarewicz of the Major Frauds Section.

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Taxpayers looking for a return preparation should be on the lookout for dishonest tax preparers as the 2023 tax season progresses.

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