Raul Francois Russian Morrison – Fraud and Corruption? (Latest Update 2023)

Raul Francois Russian Morrison – Fraud and Corruption? (Latest Update 2023)
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Raul Francois Russian Morrison is a fraudster and a scammer based in Venezuela. He is facing multiple lawsuits for his shady dealings.
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Raul Francois Russian Morrison is a fraudster with multiple cases of fraud registered against him. He is a relative of the deceased Comptroller General. 

Raul Francois Russian Morrison was the cousin of the Comptroller General. Moreover, the Comptroller General, Clodosvaldo Russian Uzcategui, was the godfather of his daughter.

While it’s true Clodosvaldo was not the brother of Raul Francois Russian Morrison’s father, they grew up together. So you can say their relationship was akin to a bond between an uncle and his nephew.

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21/11/2023 Update
As of now, Raul Francois Russian Morrison has not responded nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Raul Russian Morrison is the son of Raul Russian Requena and Virginia Morrison. He used to pose as teh comptroller’s son to perform ‘negotiations’ on his behalf. While doing so, he took advantage of numerous people and faced multiple cases for fraud as a result. 

However, most of the cases have either been archived or never pursued. 

Raul Francois Russian Morrison succeeded in having 5 mercales in the greater Caracas by creating shell companies. Later, he replaced all of them and they all went bankrupt. PDVSA has many enquiries for theft, diversion and non-payment by Raul Francois’ companies. 

One of his fraudulent companies was Centauro Internacional 99 CA. He co-owned that firm with Guillermo Aurelio Halmoguera Garcia. However, like the cases of fraud filed against him, this company didn’t face any legal action. 

Raul Francois Russian Morrison

It’s pretty common for fraudsters to not face any consequences for their illegal activities due to their political connections. For example, Thomas Flohr is a billionaire who ended up paying millions to the US government because of his corrupt dealings. Another example is Boyd Parker who uses shady marketing tactics to hide his nefarious schemes. 

In 2011, Raul Francois Russian Morrison was the suspect of fraud and qualified misappropriation in Caracas by the 22nd prosecutor’s office. However, none of it resulted in any serious consequences for the scammer because of his political connections. 

In 1998, he shared a police record for being a member of a cell-phones fraud gang. Furthermore, the Bank of Venezuela had launched an investigation against one of his companies for breach of contract in 2011 as well. 

Documentations reveal that Raul Francois Russian Morrison has run large fraudulent schemes and stolen millions from people. He used to live with his mother in Alto Prado and his estimated net worth was around $2.2 million USD. Raul Francois owns race horses, farms, industrial sheds, houses and many other properties, all amassed through illegal activities. 

When Raul Francois Russian Morrison Bribed Chavismo Officials

Prominent news site, Diario Las Americas, made some staggering revelations about the corrupt dealings of Raul Francois in 2014.

Their investigations revealed that the Minister of Tourism at the time had mediated on behalf of Raul Francois Russian Morrison so he could get contracts from the Venezuelan government. 

The publication reported that he has several cases open against him in the court and his shady business activities are under a lot of scrutiny. That’s not all.

Investigations revealed that one of Raul’s companies had transferred funds to the bank account of the Venezuelan minister’s wife. Clearly, it was a case of influence peddling and bribery. 

Where is Raul Francois Russian Morrison Now?

According to his recent press releases, it seems Raul is planning to shift his corrupt dealings to the US. 

A recent news article highlights that he is planning to launch a new oil and gas venture in the US with Ricardo Cisneros. It highlights that he is a “Venezuelan businessman with strong backing in the oil and gas industry”. 

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Raul Francois Russian Morrison
A snippet of the press release Raul has posted to clear his name

The press release promotes him as a contractor with experience in environmental, community and financial matters. Surely, he doesn’t want people to learn about the numerous cases of fraud registered against him in Venezuela. 

Hopefully, the US authorities would take a closer look at his shady past before letting him do anything there. 


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Raul Francois Russian Morrison is a fraudster who hides behind his political connections to evade regulatory authorities. 

He should never be trusted.

There are many examples of corrupt businessmen who rely on bribery to get away with their illegal activities such as Charles Mizzi, Andrea Riposati and Moez Kassam.

Hence, beware of Raul and his shady businesses.

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Raul Francois Russian Morrison is a corrupt and shady businessman from Venezuela. There are many cases of fraud and diversion registered against him in the country and he is now expanding his shady dealings in the US. Avoid dealing with him.

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Raul Francois Russian Morrison – Fraud and Corruption? (Latest Update 2023)
Raul Francois Russian Morrison – Fraud and Corruption? (Latest Update 2023)

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  1. If you will make a list of his crimes you will find the list is endless and then you get to know he is being allowed to spread his business in the USA, shocking!

  2. If you will find some articles on the internet about Raul he is being portrayed as a contractor with experience in the environment, community, and financial sectors.

  3. How the US government allowed this fraudster to even enter there after having so many criminal charges for frauding his people?

  4. If The ministers of the government are supporting the criminal then how will they be controlling the country and the crime rate of the country it is very important for the government to keep a check on the crime rate.

  5. The case he transferred money to the minister of the Venezuelan minister is a clear case of influencing the scams with the help pf the political powers thus there should be a special investigation placed for the people in the government itself.

  6. How he is even allowed to spread his business in the USA after making Venezuelan citizens suffer financially, thus the restrictions for foreign investment should be more strict.

  7. If you want to keep your money safe then avoid dealing with this man Raul Francois his shady business has made many citizens of Venezuela financially unstable.

  8. )After making faulty deals in Venezuela he is moving his business to the US thus now it is excellent timing to tackle this scammer by the US officials.

  9. He is a complete fraudster due to his political connections he is not getting sentenced by the court, he is misusing his connections to be out of reach of the legal authorities.

  10. Now the interesting thing which can be seen in this business is that they are using fake reviews to make them look legitimate which broke my heart for the investors.

  11. This man even has “Russian” in his name. How is he not sanctioned lol

  12. The situation in Venezuela is terrible. How is this criminal allowed to invest in the USA and even start a partnership? There should be more scrutiny over foreign investors in the country.

  13. Are there any updates on this story? Raul Francois appears to be a major scammer.

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