Rebuttal for Chubbs Wilson

Sowa Agency is a 100% legit, BBB-accredited agency with five-star reviews across the board.

Aidan Sowa of the Sowa Agency is an upstanding and honest individual. I have worked with him for over two years now and can tell you that I have never had a single issue with him. In fact, other clients that we have worked with would say the same thing, which is why we have five-star reviews.

Any client who has ever been dissatisfied and who we have not been able to satisfy has been refunded. We have never left anyone unhappy (if we didn’t meet their expectation, they got refunded)

That being said, we have publicly gone after other scammers in the PR community and faced retaliation because of it. One such recent example is that of a man named Chubbs Wilson who scammed us and multiple other people. just look him up and you will find out more; we posted articles about him and exposed him as a scammer.

Wilson threatened that he would retaliate and he did one such retaliation was a great view article what she posted on this web site which is completely fake

We work very hard; we are a small business, and most of the heavy lifting is done by Aidan and the c-suite team. We treat everyone in the company well, and we especially treat our clients with top-notch service. I do work for the company, but after seeing the false and fraudulent review posted on this website that was done in retaliation by somebody who is a fraudulent scammer, I had to comment because I know Aiden personally and I know that he is an honest man.

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The fake review posted on this web site is extremely questionable because it actually provides no evidence of such scams or fraud. Anybody who reads it should be able to ascertain that it is completely fake.

The person who posted the fake review on this website out of retaliation is a legitimate criminal who should be arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Aidan Sowa Reviews: Scam or Legit?

The agency is a BBB accredited business and is 100% legit with 5 star rating across the board

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