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Receivables Performance Management Reviews: Cautious when Dealing with Scam (2024)

Receivables performance management
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Receivables Performance Management has received numerous complaints alleging they are a scam. Find out if that's true on Gripeo.

One of the top collecting agencies in the country is Receivables Performance Management. Credit cards, auto loans, telecommunications, healthcare, and other industries are just a few of the ones that RPM focuses on collecting from. RPM has a one-star rating from the Better Business Bureau, and the company’s BBB profile lists hundreds of complaints against it.

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Receivables Performance Management Reviews

Avoid these mistakes if Receivables Performance Management contacts you

Let’s go right to dealing with Receivables Performance Management don’ts. The following advice may help you avoid making the following mistakes when dealing with debt collectors like Receivables Performance Management:

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Remain calm

To get you to comply with their requests promptly, debt collectors frequently employ fear and high-pressure techniques. Some collectors will stress the serious repercussions of your failure to comply. Keep your cool and try not to let your dread overpower you.

Denial of fault

Even if you are aware that the debt is valid, never acknowledge it. Rather than denying it, you shirk responsibility. By doing this, you might be giving up the chance to later talk to the creditor about the debt or contest it.

Don’t reveal personal information

Never provide a debt collector with personal or financial details. A competent debt collector ought to be armed with all the tools necessary to go after you and collect the debt. On the other hand, con artists can pose as debt collectors to steal your personal information.

What is Management?

Management is the process of efficiently and effectively completing the necessary work for an organization to achieve its goals. This involves planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.    

What to do if a representative from Receivables Performance Management contacts you

The aforementioned “don’ts” can shield you from debt collectors, but you’ll also need to know what to do. What you ought to do when managing Receivables Performance Management is as follows:

Report any unlawful behavior

Did you know that the FTC and the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) have regulations that debt collectors must follow? If debt collectors exhibit any of the following actions, you can report them to the CFPB or the FTC:

-Make a call before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm.

-Threatening to harm or imprison you

-Making several calls on the same day

-Discussing your debt with your family, friends, and/or coworkers

-Falsely representing the debt or lying

-Refusal of demand for debt verification

-Contacting you over an unpaid debt

pretending to be a lawyer

-Contacting you following the delivery of a cease-and-desist letter

You can report Receivables Performance Management to the FTC online or by phone at 877-382-4357 if you think they have used any of these methods to induce you to pay a debt. You can also phone 855-411-2372 or submit a complaint via the CFPB website.

Ask for clarification

Try to ask more questions during the first call than you do to respond. Use the first discussion, for instance, to obtain information like:

-The debt collector’s name

-The full details of the contracting firm

-Information about how to reach Receivables Performance Management

-Information on the debt

Make careful to record the date of the phone call and take thorough notes throughout the chat. You’ll find it simpler to contact the collector later on if you do this.

Send a Letter of Debt Validation.

Sending a Debt Validation Letter in person to Receivables Performance Management is the best option to learn more about your debt. They’ll provide you with a written document that outlines:

-The initial debt

-The sum you have paid

-The remainder of the debt

Additionally, they will note the details of the initial creditor. You have 30 days to contest the debt or request any more details regarding the creditor. Click here to find out more about how a Debt Validation Letter might relieve you of Receivables Performance Management.

Receivables Performance Management contact

What happens if Receivables Performance Management sues me?

Although lawsuits can be unpleasant, if you know what you’re doing, you can actually represent yourself. You can greatly increase your chances of success in court by following SoloSuit’s advice while you prepare an Answer.

Don’t disregard your court date, though. You will automatically lose if you fail to show up in person for court, and Receivables Performance Management may garnish your salary to recoup the entire initial amount.

Therefore, submitting a written answer to the case to the court is the first step in defeating Receivables Performance Management in court. Here are 6 suggestions to keep in mind when you prepare your response:

-At this point, don’t bother about detailing your side of the tale. At this point in the case, you are not required to provide any evidence. Give the evidence to Receivables Performance Management; otherwise, you risk undermining your argument by providing too much information.

-Each claim or allegation made in the complaint should be refuted. Lawyers typically urge clients to refute as many allegations as they can.

-A section for your affirmative defenses should be included. There are several legal grounds for rejecting Receivables Performance Management’s claim.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Receivables Performance Management but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

-Use conventional font, style, and formatting. At the beginning of your answer, make sure to add a caption with the name of the court, the names of the parties, and the case number.

-At the bottom of your Answer document, include a certificate of service attesting that you sent a copy of it to the party suing you.

-Remember to sign your response! Unsigned legal documents will be disregarded by the court.

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Receivables Performance Management Reviews: Cautious when Dealing with Scam (2024)
Receivables Performance Management Reviews: Cautious when Dealing with Scam (2024)

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