Recharge Medical – Sheer Negligence & Incompetence

If you’re looking for a medspa in San Francisco or Walnut Creek, you might have heard of Recharge Medical. It’s a medical spa chain which has received a ton of complaints for its negligence. 

Another common issue for their clients is their terrible customer service. However, carelessness is probably the biggest problem as they paralyzed half of a client’s face for 6 months. 

Hence, before you risk your money, time and health here, it would be best to go through the following reviews. 

About Recharge Medical And Their Branches

Recharge Medical is a medspa chain with locations in San Francisco and Walnut Creek. Their San Francisco office is located at 1456 California St, San Francisco, CA 94109 and the Walnut Creek location is 1200 Mt Diablo Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. 

At Recharge Medical, they offer a plethora of services including: 

  • Botox and fillers
  • Body sculpting
  • Hair removal
  • Vampire facelift
  • Laser hair removal
  • Hair growth treatments for men
  • IV therapy for improving skin tone, athletic performance and immunity
  • USCIS exams
  • Coolsculpting

And plenty more. 

Recharge Medical’s Chief Medical Officer is Philippe T. Nguyen, MD and their other physician is Kamal Ghei, MD. The Chief Operating Officer of the place is Andrew Bills, PhD, MPH. 

Both Recharge Medical San Francisco and Recharge Medical Walnut Creek have received a ton of complaints from their clients. In the next section of this review, I have shared some of those complaints so you can get a better idea of what they are like: 

Skin Lightening Treatment Darkened the Skin Instead, Left Scars and Wrinkly Skin

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Cyn says that her visit to this medspa scarred her for life. They did an underarm treatment for skin lightening but the experience was horrendous. The procedure damaged her skin so terribly that the area has become a lot darker. Moreover, Cyn says that she is now in constant pain and the skin in that region is wrinkly with a rough texture. 

Basically, the provider did a chemical peel which Cyn later found to be the wrong procedure for her requirement as it causes skin darkening. 

The provider put the chemical on her and left the room multiple times without saying anything. Cyn says she had no idea when he would come back. 

When Cyn told him that it burned very badly, he only agreed. He didn’t do anything else. At one point, the provider laughed and said, “Now you know why we make you sign a liability waiver before a treatment.”

The provider tried to explain how the procedure works several times but stopped midway. Then, he didn’t continue what he was saying. 

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At first, Cyn thought it was the language barrier. However, she later realized that the provider simply had no idea what he was doing. After the treatment, he told Cyn that she can put her top back on and left the room. When she was putting it on, he entered the room, stared at her and smiled. 

This made Cyn feel extremely uncomfortable. 

She says that she paid $100 to be in a lot of pain and to get 100x worse results. Before the procedure, she had a minor issue with darkened skin. Now, she has become self-conscious of her body and is embarrassed to raise her hands while wearing a tank top. 

Her friend had a similar bad experience with hair removal at a different medspa. But he got his money back. Nothing of this sort happened with Recharge Medical. Cyn doesn’t recommend this clinic because they don’t know what they are doing. 

Recharge Medical Discriminates Against People Based on Their Credit Cards

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Robert says that he doesn’t usually spend more than 5 to 10 minutes scheduling a doctor’s appointment. However, the front desk of Recharge Medical was insufferable. He tried to give them all of his information and have a rational conversation with them. 

After she got all of his information, the front desk staff asked Robert to give them his credit card. Robert says that he never had a doctor’s office ask for something like this before rendering a service. 

The front desk staff said that they needed the credit card in case he doesn’t show up. Robert said that he can come in and put down a deposit but he doesn’t have a credit card number for her. 

Then, the staff said that Recharge Medical only services people with credit cards. Robert was baffled with this response. A general doctor’s office can’t discriminate against clients according to the forms of payments they use. 

When he tried to explain to her that they can’t turn people down because they don’t have a credit card, she hung up on him. Robert says that he tried to be patient with her and avoided getting mad just so he could see a doctor. 

He ended up going to a different doctor. Robert says that this is not a doctor’s office but a medical spa posing as a clinic. Hence, you should avoid this place. 

“Dr. Nguyen Puts His Wallet Above Your Interests”

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Chris says that Dr. Nguyen and his medspa are criminals. It took him over 4 years to realize that Dr. Nguyen puts his wallet above his clients’ requirements. 

He has visited this medspa for years. Chris adds that his visits usually pertained to random ailments. He has a medical condition related to his heart which has existed for years and it’s present in his medical records. This condition has little to do with his visits. 

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The only requirement is that he gets medicine prescribed before dental visits. When he reached out to Dr. Nguyen for a prescription, he didn’t help Chris. 

He highlights that Dr. Nguyen never prescribed him medicine without a visit. Moreover, every one of the recommendations maximizes his insurance payouts. Hence,  you end up getting a bad deal. 

Chris highlights that if someone wants to experience what is wrong with the medical world, they should visit Recharge Medical. 

He ends his complaint by saying that behind the soft music is a practice which doesn’t care about its clients. 

Recharge Medical Offers Bogus “COVID Prevention IVs” to its Clients

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Justin came to Recharge Medical to get his first IV infusion. He says that he didn’t feel anything after the procedure. He thinks maybe his body already has a high amount of vitamins and minerals. 

However, Justin noticed something peculiar which agitated him. He heard some of the staff members offering “Covid Prevention IVs” to the clients. Justin points out that there is no such cocktail that can prevent COVID. 

He worries that someone might think that the COVID Prevention IV works and stop following the required precautions after getting the infusion. 

Basically, Dr. Nguyen is using COVID misinformation to promote his clinic which is a terrible business tactic. He is putting the lives of his clients in danger. 

“Completely Unprofessional, Careless, Unhelpful & Unreliable”

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Orla says that the people at Recharge Medical are completely unprofessional. The nurse gave her 4 injections for a medical and she expressed that she was nervous. However, the nurse laughed it off and continued without asking if Orla was okay. 

After getting the last injection, Orla said that she was going to faint but the nurse didn’t care. He left the room. Orla shares that she fell forward and hit her face on the floor. 

Luckily, her partner was there and they called for help. Orla highlights that she now has bruising on her chin, knees, forehead and cheekbone. 

When Orla went to get her results a few days later, they had written multiple notes about her reaction to the shots. Orla points out that she had no reactions to the shots but Dr. Nguyen had written that she had fever and night sweats along with other symptoms. 

Orla complained about the issue and Dr. Nguyen admitted that the clinic had made a mistake because they rushed the process. He told her that he would write new notes. But that required Orla to go back and collect the notes again. She didn’t want to pay for another trip considering it was the mistake of the clinic, not hers. 

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Orla needed the results immediately. So, she asked the doctor to Fedex the results to her. He started shouting at her, saying it was far too much trouble for him. 

She highlights that the doctor’s attitude is horrible. When she discussed how the nurse left the room when she was going to faint, the doctor smirked about it. Moreover, Orla points out that getting these people to fix their mistakes is a huge battle. 

Eventually, the clinic told her that they would mail her results by regular post. But a week passed and Orla didn’t receive the results. She ends her review by saying that his place is shady, unhelpful, unprofessional and unreliable. 

A week later, she updated her review because they didn’t reply to her messages. 

Wasted A Lot of Time and Did Crucial Paperwork Very Carelessly

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Maud Sanchez had an appointment at 2:15 PM here for a medical visit pertaining to his green card. Although he had arrived on time, he had to wait for 15 minutes. 

He says that the wait period was too long for a simple visit related to paperwork. Moreover, they gave him the medical results of someone else. He says that the staff here doesn’t take its work seriously. 

They offered him a manicure to compensate for the trouble but Maud says he would have preferred a reduction on the excessive costs of his visit. He had a booster vaccine and he had to insist multiple times that they include this information in his international vaccination record. 

Otherwise, he would have had no record of his booster dose. Maud says that all of this doesn’t inspire confidence and he doesn’t recommend anyone to go to Recharge Medical for their Green Card procedure. 

Below is the image of the clinic Maud shared with his review of this place: 

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Botched Botox Injection Paralyzed Half of the Client’s Face for 6 Months, Now the Client has a Lopsided Face


Ranesha says that it has taken her a significant amount of time to write her review. She had gone to this clinic to get Botox injections to help with uncontrolled muscle spasms she had because of a temp neurological issue. 

On her last visit, Dr. Nguyen injected botox in the crease above her eye. She later found out from her neurologist that injecting botox there is extremely dangerous. This injection made the right side of her face paralyzed. 

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She immediately called Recharge Medical and asked to speak with the doctor. But the front desk staff told her that the doctor didn’t need to speak with her and what she was experiencing was a common side effect. 

Ranesha shares that she missed a month of work because of this ‘side effect’. She couldn’t see out of her right eye and had migraines because her left eye was compensating for the right one. 

Moreover, the doctor never called or apologized for permanently damaging her face. 

Ranesha says that it has been a year and she is still angry. It took 6 months for most of the paralysis to wear off. Now, Ranesha has a lopsided face. 

She would never recommend anyone to go to Recharge Medical for Botox or any other procedures. Recently, she reached out to the office manager of the place and they assured her that the doctor would get back to her. That never happened.  

Doctor Injected Too Much Fluid Leaving Multiple Indentations

Anya says that Recharge Medical San Francisco has good customer service but the doctor here injects too much cortisone. The excessive cortisone makes indentations which other doctors can’t fix. 

Although the doctor mentioned that it’s possible for a shot to cause an indent but she has had other doctors perform the procedure and she never experienced this issue. Anya highlights that she faced this issue here only because the doctor used too much cortisone. 

Other doctors dilute the fluid but the doctor here doesn’t. 

She points out that the amount he uses is way too much and the dents left on her face are unlike other dents other dermatologists have seen. Clearly, the doctor of Recharge Medical injects too much. 

She says it was a mistake to come here thinking that everything would go well. 

Recharge Medical Botched the USCIS Exams of the Client and Her Husband

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Rosemary shares that she chose this place for her and her husband’s USCIS exams and she regrets the decision. The first red flag was when she received a call from the clinic saying they made a mistake with her husband’s urine sample. 

Now, Rosemary and her husband had to drive back and redo the test.

The second red flag came when the doctor called her to tell her that they had a positive TB test so they needed a follow up. Rosemary did everything they told her and emailed back the x-ray results. 

She waited to get the phone call to pick up the packets required for USCIS. A day before the appointment, she called to ask if everything was ready and the front desk staff told her that she needed to investigate. 

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Later, Rosemary received a phone call just to learn that the packets weren’t ready. Hence, they wouldn’t be ready for her USCIS appointment. 

The receptionist told her tha they open late the day she needs them so they will need extra time to get them ready. She asked them if there was a way to at least draft a letter so she can take it to her appointment. The receptionist told her that she would have the office manager send her one. 

However, she never got a call nor the letter. Rosemary says that she paid over $900 here and the least they could’ve done was find a way to remedy the situation. They certainly didn’t. 

Botched Laser Facial Treatment Made the Condition Worse Instead of Improving It

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Linda says that although she really liked getting mani-pedis here, she didn’t like the results of her laser facial procedure. She wanted to get rid of her rosacea and the doctor suggested getting laser treatment. 

It sounded excellent and the doctor said that the treatment would treat the sun damage along with the rosacea. 

However, the procedure made the condition worse. She now has a redder nose and the scaly skin has spread to under her eyes, where they had applied the laser. Linda says that the procedure wasn’t worth it for sure. 

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recharge medical reviews


The above reviews suggest that Recharge Medical is definitely one of the worst places you can go to if you need medspa services. They have negligent providers and careless staff. 

Many clients complain about getting permanent damage from the botched procedures these people perform. Certainly, they are not what they claim to be. 

Because of these reasons, it would be best for you to find a different service provider and avoid Recharge Medical. 

2.2 Total Score

Recharge Medical is among the most notorious medical spas in both of the regions it operates. They have received complaints for botching procedure and having a careless attitude towards their clients’ concerns. If you value your money and beauty, it would be best to avoid this place. They are not worth the risk.

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    Going to this place was nothing but a waste of my time.

    + PROS: Good location
    - CONS: Bad service A little careless about hygiene
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  2. 0.6

    I agree 100% with these reviews. Recharge Medical is not good for anything. They delayed giving results for my USCIS exam and had no regard for me whatsoever. There are plenty of other clinics which perform USICS exams more efficiently while providing with top-notch customer service. You don’t see any of that here, sadly.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: Poor customer service
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    I am never going back to Recharge Medical. They are the worst.

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  4. 0.75

    My friend went to Recharge Medical and the spa left half of her face paralyzed. It was the most traumatizing experience of her life. I don’t recommend this spa to anyone. No one is bad enough to deserve a treatment from this horrendous place.

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