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Murdering CEO Of REDiTECH Also Abused Employees update 2023

Employee Reports REDiTECH Is Careless And Only Cares About Making Money

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They will fire anyone who speaks out of line, and they will tell you to be quiet if you try to improve current procedures.

Traditional viewpoints that are outdated and flawed operate more like a poorly managed used car lot than a technology company.

Did You Know?

Employee abuse is a serious crime and it’s penalty depends on it’s severity. The penalty can range from can range from warnings, reprimands, suspensions, demotions & terminations, to civil or criminal lawsuits, resulting in fines, damages, injunctions & imprisonment.

Never consider requesting a raise, or you will be ridiculed and told to work harder.

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Worst Company Ever

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Stay away from this company, as they only pretend to care. To deceive you, they make false and misleading statements and assurances. Management is deficient and dishonest. Family members are the only individuals who receive promotions. This organisation will never achieve growth. If their customers were aware of how shady this company is, they would likely not do business with them. REDiTECH is a terrible, unprofessional company that lacks management and integrity.

Employee Overworked Till They Got Sick

I started working here at a young age, which I regret daily. The management was awful. I wasted far too much time standing around doing nothing and receiving no compensation. I had considerable responsibilities for which I was neither qualified nor adequately compensated. I was required to drive my own vehicle throughout northern Indiana.

I was ill throughout the winter, presumably due to stress.

Employees Are Treated Like Machines

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Employees are treated as if they were tools. “How much can we stretch and squeeze them so that we don’t have to hire additional staff?” I believe there are some fundamental issues that the company must address but is unable to do so. I don’t know if it’s management, bad deals, or something else. Workers appear to be leaving or being let go at a rate that exceeds the rate at which they are being replaced, but our clientele and workload continue to grow.

Horrible Business Outlook

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Sadly, the organisation is headed in the wrong direction. A substantial amount of growth has occurred, and with it, changes. Many of these changes could be beneficial for everyone, but the manner in which they are being implemented makes the service desk technicians feel micromanaged and unappreciated.

Sincerely, it appears that there is no direction. They have been letting people go without intending to replace them, which is causing the techs to burn out.

There is a great deal of micromanagement, which makes it difficult to enjoy one’s work.

In addition, they have yet to fulfil their promises of expansion and new opportunities.

Inadequate communication exists between upper management and the techs, causing problems where none should exist.

Curiosity-based compensation is low, and raises are uncommon.

Advice to Executives

Take the time to examine the sentiments of technicians and determine whether their management is truly sending them in the right direction. Currently, it appears that no technician is satisfied with the situation.

Perhaps one-on-ones with techs would be the most effective way to obtain this feedback.

Prior to five months ago, REDiTECH was a very enjoyable place to work, but since then, it has significantly declined.

They Only Care About Money



With no IT leadership, everyone completes their tasks and dislikes assisting others.

There is no documentation, and no one cares; the focus is on immediate fixes without regard for the long-term effects of problems.

Managers and positions that appear to be inactive do not care about the development of technicians.

Advice to Administration

This would prevent people from quitting / being fired: Listen to your techs, you can’t fix things by throwing money at them, and stop hiring managers just to manage and get a fancy job title before job-hopping elsewhere.


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Advice to Administration

After a month of employment at reditech, the company trained me, hired a new professional, and then let go two account managers without notice. When questioned about the termination of my unemployment benefits, I was given little to no explanation beyond “the company was moving in a new direction.” I will be eternally grateful that I only wasted one month of my life at this company. I am also eternally grateful that I can earn what they paid me every two weeks with my side business in just six hours. I do not understand why I was even contacted on LinkedIn to apply, went through onboardings and other processes, only to lose my job. Nevertheless, this is not a loss. A month is much too long; thank you, reditech, for nothing. I boasted about what a wonderful company they were that “genuinely cared about their employees.” However, they only care about the top five employees and underpay the rest.

REDiTECH’s Murder CEO: John Woodward

John Woodward, CEO of Reditech, was arrested last week at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. A manager is accused of murdering the computer scientist Larry Houts thirty years ago.

On September 5, 1992, Woodward allegedly strangled the then-25-year-old with a rope, according to US media reports. Motive for murder: envy! Reportedly, the CEO of a technology company developed feelings for his roommate, who was dating a computer scientist. Clearly her sentence to die.

John Woodward allegedly strangled a computer scientist out of jealousy (photo)

Photograph of the Mountain View Police Station

A passerby discovered Houts’s body in his vehicle with the rope still wrapped around his neck. John Woodward’s fingerprints were reportedly found on the car, but not on the car itself. However, there was insufficient evidence to justify the businessman’s arrest.

Up to now! The New York Post reports that forensic scientists were unable to prove that the 58-year-old was alone in the vehicle. Investigators also discovered Woodward’s DNA on the murder weapon.

In the 1990s, the top manager was already a suspect and was unable to provide an alibi. The roommate confronted the businessman with questions about whether he had murdered his girlfriend, according to police investigations. John Woodward moved to the Netherlands afterward.

The tech entrepreneur is currently incarcerated in New York without bail. Woodward would soon be extradited to California, where he is believed to have committed the murder in 1992. The 58-year-old faces life in prison if convicted.

Jeff Rosen, the district attorney, stated that his office never stopped fighting for justice on behalf of Larry Houts’ bereaved family. I want family and friends to know that we never gave up on Larry, according to the statement.


3.3Expert Score

Abusing employees is a serious matter. Numerous complaints have been filed against REDiTECH for harassing and abusing its employees. There are also complaints of racism. Certainly, individuals should avoid doing business with such a vile organization.

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