Reed Finney

Reed Finney Lacks Basic Manners

Reed is an egoist who doesn’t know how to talk to clients. I only met him two times and I decided that he would be a terrible professional to work with seeing how he behaved in meetings. Reed Finney is the Principal owner of the Bleakley Financial Group. He is a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Life Underwriter. He has plenty of experience as a finance professional and has been working for years. I considered hiring him only because of his credentials and level of experience. I had no idea he would be so rude and mannerless. 

In both of our meetings, Reed was distant, careless, and distracted. I believe his professional success has made him complacent. He no longer knows how he should behave with clients and in meetings due to which, he is struggling to generate new customers.

My Horrible Experience 

I’m sharing my experiences with that man here because his company doesn’t want to accept his mistakes. They keep calling my office even though I have clarified multiple times that I don’t want to work with them. They are struggling to comprehend the fact taht their boss, Reed Finney, is an incompetent service provider.

My people had arranged my meeting with Reed at his office. When I went there to meet him I had to wait for a whole hour which is a really long time for anyone who arrives at the appointed time. 

When I finally got to the meeting I found Reed talking on the phone with someone else; then I had to wait for 20 minutes because he was busy talking to someone. 

He was really testing my patience there but I realised he is a busy guy so I let it go. Then in the entire meeting he was distracted and wasn’t really listening to me. He kept checking his phone for some reason which I am totally unaware of. 

I can’t explain how frustrating it was to be in that meeting.  painful that entire meeting was. Reed remained distracted all the while and I had to remind him numerous times the topic of discussion. The guy was so intolerable that after that meeting I decided I wouldn’t hire him at any cost. However, his people contacted my office at least a hundred times to set another meeting and my people gave in. I also thought that Reed is a successful professional, it wouldn’t have been possible to have so many clients if he behaved in this way all the time. So I gave him another chance. 

But it was a terrible decision. For our second meeting, Reed had to come to my office. Just like the last time, he wasted my time. The only difference was, I was waiting in my office, instead of in his reception. 

He arrived at least 30 minutes late. I was about to leave when I saw him coming in the lobby. At the start of the meeting, he was well-behaved and it seemed like I was wrong about him before. But then, he got a call and then cut me off in the middle of a sentence. Then, he started talking there while I waited like a chump. The guy doesn’t know anything about decency or manners. The success has gone to his head and he has forgotten the basics. After he got off the phone, I had to tell him where we were because he had forgotten the purpose of the meeting. Either he has started taking something or he’s grown too careless. Whatever the reason may be, Reed is not a reliable professional. I had to cancel that meeting abruptly and I told him that I can’t hire him. I also told him that I couldn’t work with such a careless and disrespectful advisor. His people contacted me many times after that incident. I have written this review here just because of that constant harassment. His people just wouldn’t give up. I have instructed my staff to blacklist Reed and anyone from his company because I can’t tolerate their constant harassment anymore. His people contact my office at least 2-3 times a day because they want me to reconsider their offer. They have offered to send someone else instead of Reed but I’m no longer interested. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for them to understand this small detail: I don’t want to work with Reed Finney and the Bleakley Financial Group. I think they can’t digest the fact that their Principal lacks any basic manners. They don’t want to believe that someone could reject their highly acclaimed Reed Finney, so they keep harassing me and my people. 

All I wanted to say is Reed is a complete idiot and he’s not even worth considering. You can guess how the rest of the team will be if their leader is so terrible. I’m never going to talk to Reed Finney or anyone from the Bleakley Financial Group. 

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Reed is a complete idiot and he’s not even worth considering. Avoid this guy at all costs!

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