Vito Glazers

Recently, Gripeo received a couple of suspicious-looking ‘court orders’ in our Google Webmaster Tool account, claiming that the Second Circuit Courts – Leon County, FL, had declared our review of Vito Glazers published at to be defamatory and illegal. Since our reviews are based on publicly available information, there is little to no chance of any lawsuit against us. has never been successfully sued anywhere across the globe for this very same reason.

Fortunately, we’re very familiar with what constitutes defamation and how it’s played in a courtroom. We knew right away that the court order Vito Glazers sent to Google was a fake, especially since Gripeo wasn’t sent any subpoenas, notices, or requests for representation to find out who wrote it or put him/her on notice. Our review of Vito Glazers is very personal because he is a businessman of suspicious character, stupid enough to commit perjury, impersonation, and fraud to manage his (sic) reputation.


Vito Glazers forged court order, impersonated a Judge and doctored his signature and submitted fake court order to remove content from Google.


Vito Glazers uses questionable PR techniques and extorts his clients. Read the full Vito Glazers review here on Gripeo.