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Imagine hiring a lawyer to help you save your home. But after taking all the payments, the lawyer assists the opposite party and makes you lose your home. Sounds horrible, isn’t it? To Richard C Wayne and associates, this is a common occurrence.

Richard C. Wayne & Associates P.C. is a law firm based in Atlanta. Their address is 100 Hammond Dr, Atlanta, GA 30328, US. At first glance, Richard Wayne and his firm seem like any ordinary enterprise. 

But this man has a ton of issues. 

Many of his past clients have complained about his selfish or unethical practices. 

Richard Wayne claims to be an expert in contract law. But reviews suggest that he lacks the skills to handle such cases. One reviewer says that they lost $150,000 because of this guy. And they aren’t the only ones complaining about the skills of this attorney. 

richard c wayne and associates

The following review will share plenty of other Richard C. Wayne reviews to help you determine if you should consider this attorney or not: 

What Richard C. Wayne & Associates, P.C. Claims To Be:

Richard C. Wayne & Associates is an Atlanta-based law firm that specializes in contract law. The firm’s owner is Richard Wayne who has been practicing since 1996. The firm also offers legal services in commercial real estate law and bankruptcy. 

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At first glance, it seems like any ordinary firm. However, there are many red flags that suggest this company is trying to manipulate consumers. 

First, they have a dedicated page for “Richard Wayne reviews” where you’ll see a bunch of unverifiable reviews from their “clients”. 

richard wayne and associates review

The problem with these reviews is:

  1. You can’t verify their authenticity
  2. They are on the company’s website

You should never trust the reviews a company posts on its websites. Particularly the ones that don’t have any images or videos. Many scammers utilize this tactic to manipulate consumers. 

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Client Loses Home After Hiring Richard C. Wayne

This was a heartbreaking complaint. According to the reviewer, they had hired Richard Wayne and his firm to assist them in protecting their home from wrongful possession. 

The reviewer says that Richard C. Wayne is a cheat and a fraud. They had went to his office to protect their home from their mortgage lender. Richard took a significant amount of money from them in fees. And they signed an agreement with him. 

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However, he didn’t fulfil his contractual obligations. They had hired him to assist them in protecting the home. Instead, he caused them to lose the home. 

The reviewer says that the Bar shouldn’t allow him to practice law anywhere and that he is a criminal. 

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Can you guess how Richard responded to this complaint? 

He filed a lawsuit against this review claiming that it’s fake. Now, that’s the most unprofessional way to handle a disgruntled client. 

But it’s a pretty common tactic among unethical businesses to discredit a complaint by claiming it’s fake. Their response is similar to a politician’s. No politician accepts his faults, he always claims that the allegations made against him are “fake”. 

Mt. Cook Financial is another dishonest enterprise that uses this tactic to discredit any complaints its customers make. 

Extremely Exorbitant Fees For Disappointing Results

This is another painful review a past client of Richard Wayne has posted online. The reviewer found three issues in Richard’s service. First, the pricing is too high compared to the service quality they offer. 

They complained that the charges for court filing and paperwork was double the industry standard. And the quality is subpar. 

richard c wayne and associates review

And it seems Richard Wayne doesn’t succeed in litigation. Because the reviewer highlights this as a huge issue with this attorney. They point out that Richard doesn’t pursue his clients’ interests properly. So, they only recommend him for menial tasks such as drawing up a contract. 

The complaint also says that the customer service at Richard C Wayne & Associates, P.C. is horrible at best. There is no staff, only him and his assistant working at this firm. Hence, the place handles everything very inefficiently and is certainly not worth the price. 

Richard C Wayne & Associate Reported “Careless” According To An Anonymous Ex-Client

This complaint says that Richard Wayne lacks the experience and skill to run a law firm. The person was in a hurry and needed proper legal research so they hired Richard in haste. They were paying him $250 in consultation fee alone. 

However, the service was terrible. The reports Richard was sending to this person had too many errors and that affected the overall project the reviewer was working on. Their client (the reviewer’s) highlighted various errors in their submitted reports, causing delays in teh legal proceedings. 

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Richard had mentioned a wrong date in one of the most important documents. The reviewer had to redo that entire file. 

Moreover, the Georgia based law firm had billed them $75 extra for a month. He claimed the charges were for his conversations with senior attorneys but never shared any proof of the same. 

Richard represented this person for 3 months and charged them $10,000. But it was all a waste. The person says that they got nowhere because there were many issues with the submitted documents. 

Also, Richard Wayne wasn’t communicating properly with them, making things more difficult. He would promise to send updates but would never send any. 

The reviewer alerts people to avoid hiring this guy. 

The Overall Verdict

Various reviews and complaints highlight that Richard Wayne is an incompetent and greedy attorney. A common complaint against this lawyer is that he doesn’t pursue his clients’ interests properly. 

Because of these reasons, it would be best to look for some other attorney in Atlanta. Richard might be unsuitable for you. 

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Richard C. Wayne & Associates, P.C. is a highly incompetent law firm according to the various reviews available online. The firm is notorious for providing subpar services to its clients which suggests it lacks care for clients.

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  • Caused a client to lose their home
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