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Richard Wagener: Hidden Fees, Disclosures, Lawsuits (New Update 2023)


Who is Richard Wagener (CRD#: 456270)?Everything you need to know about Richard Wagener and their accolades

The Managing Partner at Wagener-Lee, LLC Registered Principal, RJFS is Richard Wagener, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®.

For more than 30 years, Rick has been engaged in complete financial planning. He obtained additional certifications as a Chartered Life Underwriter®, Chartered Financial Consultant®, Certified Retirement Counselor®, and a registered principal with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. before becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in 1981.

He graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree and George Washington University with a master’s degree. Numerous national media, including the Wall Street Journal, Money, The New York Times, and Washington Post, have frequently cited Rick. Rick, a native of Maryland and a founding partner of the Clipper City Brewing Company, resides in Ellicott City with his wife Jay, and pursues his passions for mountain climbing, fishing, and golf.

A successful American example is personified by Rick Wagener. He was the great pitcher chosen by the New York Mets, the son of a blacksmith and a bookkeeper. Rick’s baseball career was cut short by an accident, so he turned to business and assisted countless clients in achieving their wide-ranging financial objectives.

According to Richard, each client benefits from the breadth and depth of our experience thanks to the efforts of his staff. He only needs to go a hundred feet to their office to confer with a team of Chartered Financial Analyst®, Certified Financial Planner™, CPA, and estate attorney professionals. Your purchase is not their responsibility.

In order to help you meet your financial needs, they will work with you to develop a plan. We can do this by providing tax advice on executive benefits and stock option compensation, giving small business owners advice on long-term objectives and succession planning, or offering our expertise in retirement planning and asset management.

In addition to climbing Mount Everest, Mount Cook in New Zealand, and Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, he scaled Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. In Chile’s Patagonia, he had gone hiking. He has gone rock climbing in Courmayeur, Italy, and Chamonix, France.

These encounters serve as a reminder to him that the stock market is not a straight line, like life itself. He discusses with his clients how terrible their financial situations might be, much like Day Six of a trek or climb. You may need to take a day off occasionally, or you may just need to persevere through these difficulties.

In this article, we will go deep into Richard Wagener’s past, discovering hidden disclosures and analyzing the consequences of the lawsuits.


About Wagener Lee Wealth AdvisorsHistory, achievements, leadership, lawsuits, & disputes

Wagener-Lee Wealth Advisors is an investment consulting firm located in Columbia, Maryland, United States in that offers retirement planning and c-suite strategies and benefits services. You might be getting close to retirement, debating executive benefits, selling your company, or contributing to a cause that is dear to your heart. Simple or complex, they’ll develop a tailored strategy to help you maximize your investments, lower your tax bill, and handle unforeseen circumstances like job loss, divorce, or incapacity. They are more than simply financial planners, after all. They have a financial stake in your achievement as your partners.

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Processing of Wagener Lee Wealth Advisors

Wagener Lee, LLC follows its process in the following steps:

  • “You Talk, We Listen”- A Wagener-Lee adviser will call you after you get in touch with them by phone or email to find out more about you, your family, your career, your financial goals, your timeline for investing, your risk tolerance, and other priorities. Their adviser will arrange a discovery meeting in person, over the phone, or via video conference if you think we’re a good fit.
  • “Your Goals, Our Plan”-
  • They will put together your customized team of pros after they have a thorough grasp of your circumstances and can start making plans for your financial future.
  • They’ll design financial planning and investment suggestions that are customized to your requirements and goals by drawing on their understanding of the financial services sector and the rapport they’ve developed with you through their in-depth interactions. They might phone you as they move along to let you know how things are doing or to get any additional information they might need.
  • “Presenting Our Plan”-They will provide their recommendations along with detailed explanations of how we employ sophisticated computer models to take into account all the moving parts of your family’s overall financial “puzzle”.
  • “Tracking Your Success”-
  • They’ll proactively and ongoingly analyze every component of your portfolio and strategy once your financial plan is operational, including:
  • modifications to your aims and objectives or periodic risk assessment
  • updated financial market assumptions to keep optimal asset allocations
  • performance tracking
  • When an asset class outperforms its historical returns, you should rebalance your portfolio to ensure correct allocation.
Age- and stage-appropriate solutions

To know more about this firm you must watch the above video.

21/11/2023 Update
As of now, Richard Wagener has not responded nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Richard Wagener Disclosures: BrokerCheck, FINRA, And SEC ReportsEvery complaint, disclosure, litigation against Richard Wagener

The brokerCheck report of Richard Wagener includes information such as employment history, professional qualification, disciplinary actions, criminal convictions, civil judgment, and arbitration awards as well as disclosure events.

In this case, the broker has been reported along with the notification regarding a customer dispute.

image 215

This type of disclosure event involves:

(1) a consumer-initiated, investment-related arbitration or civil suit containing allegations of sales practice violations against the individual broker that was dismissed, withdrawn, or denied; or

(2) a consumer-initiated, Investment-related written complaint containing allegations that the broker engaged in sales practice violations resulting in compensatory damages of at least $5,000, forgery, theft, or misappropriation, or conversion of funds or securities, which was closed without action, withdrawn, or denied.

Claimants in this action alleged unauthorized trading and inappropriate investments to the broker.

Financial Advisors often remove their client disputes from FINRA’s Public database through Disclosure Expungement. Even law firms provide expungement services to FAs so that they can hide or remove their client disputes and maintain a clean record. So the lack of any disclosures on BrokerCheck doesn’t necessarily mean that the broker hasn’t had any disputes in the past.

FINRA’s BrokerCheck

individual_456270.pdf (

SEC Litigations & Forms

image 214

Source: Richard Wagener – SEC Site Search Search Results


Richard Wagener Lawsuits, Legal Battles, & DisputesActive database of all lawsuit documents (subject to availability) against Richard Wagener

Most court cases filed in the United States of America are archived on CourtListener, UniCourt,, Justia,, and Law360. If Richard Wagener has been involved in any such lawsuits, then you can find the documents using the links down below:

There might be more pending lawsuits against Richard Wagener which are not listed on these directories. Lawsuit files are often deleted from online directories. So if you cannot find any lawsuits against Richard Wagener on these websites, you can contact the local authorities and check if they have a physical copy of any cases.


Richard Wagener Complaints, Class Action Lawsuits & Legal BattlesRead all class action lawsuits and SEC complaints against Richard Wagener (if available)

The following websites/directories are the best sources for finding complaints, litigations, and disputes against finance advisors. You can find all the complaints against Richard Wagener using the websites down below:

You can contact the law firms mentioned above if you are facing issues with Richard Wagener or any financial advisor.


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Manages Assets Worth

  • $714,587,898,072


  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Pension consulting
  • Selection of other advisors
  • Publication of periodicals

Manages Assets Worth

  • $173,418,270,044


  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Portfolio assessment
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