Richard Yu – Scammer Using Religion to Rip Off Others

Richard Yu is a business guru notorious for scamming others through his coaching business. He has received a ton of negative reviews for his unethical business tactics.

He runs The High-Performance Training company and the High-Performance Influencer Programme. 

Furthermore, he claims to teach people about setting up online consultancy businesses. 

But can you trust him?

Not according to his reviews. 

In the following write-up, I have shared some of the numerous Richard Yu reviews available online. They will help you determine whether you should trust his YouTube videos or Instagram posts:

‘Bait & Switch’, ‘Scammer’, ‘Uses Religion to Sell’ – Here’s What Richard Yu’s Students Say:

When I found out about Richard, I looked him up. At first, I didn’t find much information. 

Then, I came across several Reddit posts. 

Most of them are from his past students. 

Before you pay him a single penny, it’s a must for you to read the following reviews:

Is Richard Yu a Fake Guru? Yes

richard yu

Here, a Reddit user asked other forum members if Richard is a fake guru. He watched a few of Yu’s videos showcasing his ‘high-performance’ routine. 

Many people responded to the post. 

richard yu

One user said that he is a fake guru. The user paid him $900 and received cheap “worthless” training materials.

When the user filed a PayPal dispute, Richard vanished. 

The user says Richard Yu knows how to use PayPal and avoid refunds. 

Also, the user points out that Richard targets young college graduates who want to start their own business. 

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Richard makes false promises and leaves them when they stop paying. 

Furthermore, the reviewer says his training is much below par than any free content available on YouTube from actual business trainers. Clearly, the user doesn’t recommend Richard Yu’s training. 

Also, he points out that Richard pays people to write positive reviews on him. Moreover, he uses services to remove his negative reviews from the internet. 

Due to these reasons, the reviewer doesn’t recommend him. 

“It was a Waste of $7,800”

richard yu

Here, the reviewer had spent $7800 on Richard Yu’s course. Their experience was horrible. 

According to the reviewer, Richard mainly sells the accountability aspect of the program. But he never delivers. 

At the time, he had around 900 students but only 2 accountability coaches. 

Certainly, that’s not enough. 

Although Richard Yu claims that accountability coaches respond within 24 hours during weekdays, the reviewer couldn’t get replies for days. 

Moreover, he only received a response when he made a post about it on the Facebook group. 

Once you purchase Richard’s program, he stops communicating with you. He doesn’t respond to messages or any calls either. 

The reviewer reached out to him multiple times. But nothing happened.

Basically, you buy into him but you never get to interact with him. Also, in his marketing Richard claims that his average student makes $10,000 within 30-45 days of joining his program. 

When the reviewer asked his head coach, he told him that it only applies to people who attend every coaching call. Very few people do. 

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Also, the primary point of the course is to post a viral transformation post in 5 FB groups. The reviewer says that many of Richard Yu’s students complain about the ineffectiveness of this tactic. 

It might have been effective before. But it no longer works. 

When Facebook group owners see someone use this tactic, they deelepte the post. 

“He promises 2X ROI returns but you never see those results”

Moreover, the reviewer points out that Richard Yu offers a 2X ROI guarantee. However, that doesn’t happen. 

He contacted several of the other former/current students. All of them had similar experiences. 

In fact, some of them had invested over $40,000 into Richard’s programs. They called him “bait & switch”. 

Richard kept ignoring the reviewer like the rest of the students. Only one student was able to get him to respond. 

She filed a chargeback and Richard started threatening her. He told her to reverse the chargeback within a day. 

The reviewer says Richard Yu never asked her why she was dissatisfied with the course. Moreover, he didn’t even show any compassion. 

Richard was only concerned about the reputation of his PayPal merchant account. Apparently, if a merchant account has a chargeback rate higher than 1%, they shut it down. 

The reviewer doesn’t recommend Richard Yu.

Richard Yu’s Program is a Bait & Switch

richard yu

The above user responded to the review I shared before. 

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He says that he is currently in the program of Richard Yu and feels the same way. 

It’s a complete bait and switch. There is no accountability. 

Here, the reviewer’s accountability coach doesn’t even check in with him after he submits his weekly form every Sunday. 

He has been in the program for 2 months but hasn’t made any money. 

The reviewer says that Richard Yu is terrible. He will file a chargeback and try to get his funds back. 

“Uses Religion to Sell His Useless Course”

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Here’s another Richard Yu review. The above reviewer says he is a fake guru. 

This Reddit use has seen several fitness program sellers and highlights that Richard is exactly like them. 

He offers a free webinar where he asks you several questions you’d find relatable. Then, he does the same for around 90 minutes. 

However, because he promises a few free gifts at the end, you would end up watching it whole. 

During the webinar, Richard demands responses to his questions. Then, you will notice several responses in the chat. However, all of them are bots and respond on cue. 

During the webinar, Richard Yu promotes his productivity course which you’d have to buy. 

Like any other productivity Youtuber, Richard says if you’re serious about changing your life, you will buy the course. 

What’s worse is that he uses his ‘religion’ as his selling point. The reviewer suspects that Richard mainly does this to include Christians in his target audience. 

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“Richard Yu is a Waste of Time”

richard yu

The above reviewer watched one of Richard’s webinars. He noticed that nobody answered his questions. 

Also, he found it to be extremely frustrating that Richard was offering a free webinar only to upsell his product. 

On top of that, he gave the students very limited time to sign up. Richard Yu said the program will cost higher if the reviewer didn’t sign up right then. 

Also, the reviewer is suspicious about how there’s no criticism of his programs available online. 

There’s nothing special in the program as well. It merely tells you to wake up at 5 AM and sleep at 9 PM. 

He Forces His Students to Post Fake Testimonials 

richard yu

Here, the Reddit user talked to a victim of Richard Yu’s scam. The vicitm was at the introductory level of his program and wasn’t getting any help. 

He reached out to Richard to level up. To level up, he needed to make a testimonial video even though he thought the course was horrible. 

Then, he found out that the next level costs $40,000. 


Another reviewer points out that he spent $8000 on his program and didn’t find anything valuable. He has been pursuing a refund for months but Richard keeps contesting it. 

Also, RIchard’s contract says that you’re not allowed to bad mouth him or his program. Moreover, if you ask for a refund, you breach the contract. 

More Information About Richard Yu

Richard Yu is based in Huntsville, Alabama. He was born in August, 1998 and is currently 23 years old. 

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Richard claims to be an ex-student of UCLA. Also, he claims to be the ‘organic’ coach. 

There is no information available on his net worth or parents. 

He started his professional journey by working under Vince Del Monte, another online fitness guru. 


After going through the above reviews, it’s obvious that Richard Yu is not a reliable business coach. 

He sells overpriced courses which provide negligible value to its students. Moreover, he doesn’t communicate properly with his students and uses ‘bait & switch’ tactics. 

Apparently, he forces his students to give fake testimonials for his courses. Using fake reviews to boost one’s credibility is fairly common among online scammers. 

Aaron Sansoni and PointPay use this tactic too.

Due to these reasons, it would be best for you to avoid doing business with him.

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Richard Yu is an online business coach notorious for scamming others. According to his reviews, his courses don’t share much value and you can learn a lot more through free YouTube videos.

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  • Shares no value in his courses
  • Uses bait and switch
  • Employs unethical marketing tactics
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  1. LOL. All of you guys hating on Richard Yu are losers, raised by poor people with a poor mindset ingrained in them. I bet your parents never say $10k irl.
    I was lucky enough to get a course from Richard Yu because when he started his classes for the first time I felt that yes this man can help me out with my hard day. Now I am running my own business online. After reading this article it looks like the quality of his content has depleted or people are trying to demolish his image. It’s obvious that all the people crying in the comments are poor who don’t know what its like to be rich. You guys are doomed to live in poverty. Hating on people better than you won’t help you get anywhere in life.

  2. If you want to learn things you can go through youtube. They are much much better than the videos of Richard Yu’s courses. I felt guilty for buying a course worth $ 900 for the $hit he provided through his video. I would only try to help people not to get trapped into such a fake guru’s crap.

  3. Reply
    Richard Yu scammed me
    September 13, 2022 at 1:40 pm

    Let me tell you that there are so many wolves acting like they want your best because they are a Guru. When in reality, they are always ready to get your money. Never trust them!

  4. He is a complete fraud and fake guru making people suffer because of his bogus coaching schemes. Most of the people who get into his course just get their money lost. My cousin bought a course of his for some business ideas but this guy comes up with low-effort knowledge, which you can get on youtube for free. Stay away from him.

  5. Before starting the course it seemed that it would be fun working and understanding things with Richard YU. But all friendliness is just until you buy the course. I was having an issue with understanding some concepts and dropped a query to Richard YU which was never answered. So stop wasting your money and time on this terrible course/program.

  6. 1.35
    Concern for Clients

    My experience was mediocre as I liked my instructor aka my online guru. However, the problem was how little Richard interacted with the students. I still remember feeling ripped off because he made so many big promises in the ads making it seem like he will remain 24/7 active. I didn’t even want him to stay active for that long. But the least he could have done was respond regularly and make himself seem involved.

    + PROS: some instructors are good
    - CONS: richard yu is never available
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  7. 0.6
    Concern for Clients

    Joining his group was a huge mistake. Richard never talked to the students. He is a ripoff.

    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • Be aware of the fake gurus, in the current times, chances are likely that you will find fake gurus selling their knowledge like supplements on online sites.

  8. 0.6
    Concern for Clients

    Richard is a fake guru and a liar. He claims you will make $10k within a few weeks of joining his program but it’s all lies. I have been a member for weeks and nobody has paid me so far. I attend his classes, do the homework but all of it is a waste of time. When I complained my coach (who I no longer trust btw) told me I should join Richard’s more advanced program. Total scam. Not recommended.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: fraud scammer
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  9. 0.75
    Concern for Clients

    Wayyy too overpriced program with literally nothing new to reach. Richard Yu should be ashamed of using religion’s name to sell such a horrible product.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Using Christianity to promote a horrible product Too expensive
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    • Whenever you are searching for a guru online with paid courses, be aware of the authenticity of the site and investigate a little bit about the guru whether the guru is genuine or just bullshitting in his videos. Be aware!

      Whether it’s Richard Yu or Tai Lopez, you shouldn’t trust any of these fraudsters blindly. They care more about their wallets than your growth.

    • No doubt this boy is a scammer. He looks like he never went to a single class in college and makes so many ridiculous claims about his financial success that it’s disgusting. I mean if you think this guy is legit, you are plain stupid

      • How about learning things for free from youtube without wasting your money on a guru you can search for a variety of people on youtube to learn several things.

      • When it comes to having some knowledge most of us want to converse on the idea with someone, but then we come across fake gurus. My friend’s experience was the worst with a fake guru related to the Crypto market where he used to train people on how to invest and trade. But after some days he realized that he used to ask the new users to comment on his videos and give positive reviews so that more people could join his classes. This got worse when he asked to advertise his classes to more members at a discount, this made me leave the class.

  10. 0.5
    Concern for Clients

    I was a member of his group. He never interacts and charges SO MUCH for joining…it’s purely a scam. I still regret signing up for his course.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Liar False promises Scam
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    • I got myself registered into a course by Richard Yu for understanding some business ideas and how to manage your time but I realized that it would be better to watch a free class on youtube instead of wasting my time and money over here.

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